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  • Birthday 05/07/1969

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    thomas o'gorman
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    60's soul and r n b. drum n bass. reading newspapers and articles on this site.
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    smokey robinson - the tracks of my tears

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  1. thomas ogorman

    Cleethorpes Northern & Rare Soul 6TS 25th Event


    where else can you dance in your pants and not get kicked out? top banana.
  2. thomas ogorman

    Which Artist is / was the best dancer ?

    artist: james brown best ever by far: the nicholas brothers
  3. thomas ogorman

    bars in detroit

    Thanks very much for that tom
  4. thomas ogorman

    bars in detroit

    I am going to Detroit for the first time at the end of the month. I'm hoping to go to the Motown musuem. Can anyone recommend bars/record shops/anything else? Thank you.
  5. temptations - papa was a rolling stone?
  6. thomas ogorman

    "UNIQUE" film release referencing NS

    showing my ignorance - what's the tune?
  7. thomas ogorman

    who will replace us?

    the best art lives on? classical, blues, jazz etc.
  8. thomas ogorman

    thomas ogorman

  9. thomas ogorman

    any nights in glasgow?

    blacktrackin it is. thanks for the info.
  10. thomas ogorman

    any nights in glasgow?

    thanks - much appreciated
  11. thomas ogorman

    any nights in glasgow?

    i can't see any events listed in the glasgow area. are there any? thanks.
  12. thomas ogorman

    thats a p*ss poor attitude

    sounds like your son has a housing disrepair claim. i do not know where he is based but McGrath and Co solicitors in Birmingham specialise in this area and may be able to help.
  13. thomas ogorman

    BBC News: new Northern club opens

    turn the lights down and ditch the disco?


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