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  1. SoulShakers Bamberg weekender #13

    Susu & Malayka proudly present the 13th edition of the weekender. Two allnighters, Saturday Session and the incredible Sunday Soul'n'Sausage Session. Line up to be announced in January 2018. check: www.soul-shakers.de facebook: #soulshakersbamberg be good & join us in april!
  2. SoulShakers Bamberg Weekender #12

    save the date :-) Malayka & Susu
  3. malayka

  4. SoulShakers weekender ~11


    Very happy to announce that Ruben Molina (Southern Soulspinners L.A.) has accepted our invitation and will play at the weekender. Further information on our website, or contact me on here! http://www.soul-shakers.de/ Malayka
  5. Can anyone tell me something about this record..? I am unable to find anything (other than what is written on the label)... Malayka
  6. The Triplett Twins - Pretty Please

    http://www.discogs.com/sell/release/2610569?ev=rb schau da mal... :-)
  7. Ted Rabb

    there are two on yellow label....
  8. SoulShakers weekender ~11


    closest airport is Nuremberg. (Ryan Air direct flights from Stansted) Alternatively Frankfurt or Munich Airport. It is easy to catch the train from these two airports to Bamberg. Please let me know if you need assistance - I am here to help! Malayka
  9. Dry Bread - Words To My Song (GBI)

    welcome in the queue ;-)
  10. SoulShakers weekender ~11


    the line up!
  11. SoulShakers weekender ~11

    60s, 70s, 80s soul, northern, modern funk, disco, boogie with an international Line Up. Two rooms. Friday & Saturday Allnighters.Saturday Afternoon session. Sunday Soul'N'Sausage Session Location: Bamberg, Germany Please contact me for further information or check out SoulShakers_Bamberg on Facebook. See you on the floor ;-)
  12. The rare soul scene in Europe and beyond

    spot on, Steve!
  13. Dry Bread 45

    Anyone a spare - original - copy of: Dry bread - words to my song - BGI Thank you, Malayka
  14. 'crossing The Tracks' - Weekly Show On Gfm

    Friends, don't forget to tune in tomorrow night...I just returned from Oslo Soul with lots of inspiration
  15. Special Feeling - Now Is The Time 45

    ...and you're not the only one... ;-)

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