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  1. Geoff Pickles

    Cullen Knight-Looking Up lp

    Cash waiting..
  2. Geoff Pickles

    Cullen Knight-Looking Up lp

    Searching for a nice copy of this lp..cash waiting thx or checking it out Cheers Geoff
  3. Geoff Pickles

    Cullen Knight - Looking up lp

    Looking for a clean copy...cash waiting thx geoff
  4. Geoff Pickles

    Cullen Knight- Looking Up lp

    Looking for a copy..cash waiting hit me back thx for checking it Geoff
  5. Geoff Pickles

    Cleo McNett Wanted

    Looking for a nice copy of any of his 3 lp's cheers geoff
  6. Geoff Pickles

    Geoff Pickles

  7. Searching for this 12''..Trades or very healthy $$$ waiting...Cheers Geoff
  8. Geoff Pickles

    Wanted Fabriano Fuzion – Cosmik Sindika

    bump it
  9. Geoff Pickles

    Wanted Fabriano Fuzion – Cosmik Sindika

    Bump it..EZ
  10. Hi all... I am after a VG= or better copy of this lp or his Caresse- Demain lp..hitme back cash is waiting thx for checking it out Geoff
  11. Geoff Pickles

    WANTED - Moods LP

    https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/283916370?ev=bp_det also the reissue actually sounds good as well...also some for sale in Japan but they allready at 50000Yen.. hit me back if you need any more info.. cheers geoff
  12. Geoff Pickles

    Melvonne – Be Still

    bump it
  13. ANyone have a copy for sale/trade? please hit me bck a...thanks and cheers geoff
  14. Geoff Pickles

    Spice Of Ice – Does Anybody Know? / Joy To The World

    please anyone?? cheers
  15. Been looking for this for ages..anyone who has a copy to sell or trade please let me know...appreciate time and effort ...best geoff


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