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  1. Thinking of calling in on way to Bury nighter to pay respects
  2. Wishing you guys every success with this superb looking venue
  3. Really enjoyed last night having decades away from scene great tunes I personally hadn't heard refreshing to my lug holes Thanks guys great !!
  4. Looking forward to original vinyl being played by great lads who know classic and rare stuff being played on the NIGHTER circuit at present
  5. masterb

    Pure Soul Hartshill Nuneaton

    Bonfire night special ? I wouldn't let Les loose with a sparkler ha ha See you all on night
  6. Northants posse haven't lost interest as said before great tunes,venue and to top it great people ATB Dave Mark and Kimbo
  7. Thanks guys for notifying ATB Dave Bates /Mark Woodfine
  8. masterb

    Northampton Spinners

    Wording spot on kev great night really enjoyed You played some crackers as well
  9. masterb

    PURE SOUL Hartshill, Nuneaton

    Looking forward to this one with Dazz spinning tunes.As always you make us welcome, lovely people,fantastic tunes friendly atmosphere ATB Kimbo,Mark and Dave (Northants nomadic nutters ?)
  10. Picking up Mick from hargrave hopefully Kimbo as well not to forget the whelk sucking geezer from pottersbury Looking forward to a good night
  11. masterb


  12. until

    Hats off to you Gem and Len . Great venue music for all tastes really enjoyed.Wouldn't hesitate to come to next one . I think I speak for all those that went. ATB Dave Bates P.S.We will have to winkle Kimbo & Lisa out of there mud hut round house next time ??
  13. Buggar we are in trouble Kimbo travel to Hartshill via Luton to prove it does take 3 hrs. Or we are in it deep deep deep . Looking forward to this one may the sounds keep my sanity intact Jesus thought of Les Manus and Kimbo on night worse than waterboarding I'm only giving you my name rank and number ha ha
  14. Marvellous and magical script Manus . A combination to having a great night followed by nighter may us older night owls re-kindle our youth and have a cracker mate
  15. Good to hear your reappearing out of that tardis Manus you are the time lord . Be great to see you again . Atb Irchester Dave
  16. Lovely venue, friendly atmosphere ,top it all great sounds. What more can you ask .
  17. masterb

    PURE SOUL Hartshill Sports Club

    Looking forward to this one for a excellent cause . Good sounds and company Kimbos using sniffer dog sat nav its got a scent of Mr Normans socks down hear in Northants.
  18. masterb

    Soul In The Bowl

    Danny look forward to hearing your tunes Heh Heh Heh !!
  19. Ha ha Paul I'm the one see you sat mate
  20. Paul I'm Kims mate with the belly of a Buddha ( no nipple piercings )you gave me a lift back from Lenny's
  21. Paul you definitely need a jacket as a keen fisherman have you ever came across these dodgy fish as for lobsters n crabs they have all been washed up on the west coast of America due to the Japanese tsunami (crushedasians) Is this a soul night coming up or a Nutters convention lol
  22. Ha ha this is like a magical mystery trip around Billingsgate on acid .Good reading Kimbo tailor me a strait jacket sounds like I'm gunna need one lol
  23. The git never offered a mini Mars bar to think I gave him my last Rolo n all . They were good days mannus good to see its still going strong its good to meet Kimbo again and meet his mates always thought I was ready for that sanatorium ha ha I will catch up with you on night for a verbal
  24. Thanks for the advice on the fashion issue guys.Knowing Kimbo is a bespoke tailor and caters for everybody's needs I won't need any mittens I ain't got one left in me lol sides nights like these I need my fingers to thumble around to find it
  25. Looking forward to coming to this one with Kimbo Having just started back on the scene it amuses me what attire i should wear .You guys would make Lady Ga Ga feel normal Gotta bring that grease gun up for kimbos jaw tho lol

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