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  1. Hi, Maybe someone can help me with this one ? Cheers, Laura
  2. SHIPPING COST : Europe: 6 € (Regular) / 9 € (Registered) Rest of the world: 8 € (Regular) / 11 € (Registered) Happy to hold for a while and open to easy payments ! ♪ WENDY RENE – AFTER LAUGHTER – STAX EX 110€ https://youtu.be/-JeNhmJYv7I ♪ MARIE « QUEENIE » LYONS – SEE AND DON'T SEE – DELUXE EX 50€ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BjG8krYqBw ♪ BARBARA RANDOLPH – CAN I GET A WITNESS – SOUL EX+ dh 40€ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPMrCz_iI7s ♪ WILLIE ROGERS – WAKE UP – RONN RECORDS PROMO COPY VG++ 40€ https://youtu.be/75_nM1P1X-4 ♪ BETTY LAVETTE – LET ME DOWN EASY – CALLA EX wol 35€ https://youtu.be/4jtLX38iWQ4 ♪ THE JOE TEX BAND – CHOCOLATE CHERRY – DIAL PROMO wol EX 30€ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNG07k6AGYs ♪ JAMES DUNCAN – YOU'VE GOTTA BE STRONG – FEDERAL EX+ 25€ https://soundcloud.com/funkyman62/james-duncan-youve-got-to-be https://youtu.be/wOah5gYOgyQ ♪ THE FLIRTATIONS – NOTHING BUT A HEARTACHE – DERAM VG++ 20€ https://youtu.be/u8NujI8Wi24 ♪ MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS – NOWHERE TO RUN – GORDY VG wol dh 20€ https://youtu.be/17yfqxoSTFM
  3. Ivor Jones, thank you so much for your answer ! Now, I finally know ! Alan T was already pointing at this direction and I was beginning to blame Youtube as well Regards, Laura
  4. Is it possible that there are 2 takes ? A friend of mine has the yellow one and it sounds just like the belgian one ...
  5. TO BE CLEARER ... Is this the same mix as the US red label press ?
  6. Hello, Maybe someone can help me to see things clearer with Tams - This Precious Moment ... I am aware of different presses and versions : I know about a 1982 Supreme belgian press which song I love. Then, there are two different takes on 1978 yellow Sounds South label : one with sax in it, one with violins (the same version as the belgian press). And I am a bit clueless when it comes to the 1978 red Sounds South press ... How many takes are they with this one ? I think part of the answer is in the cat# number : according to discogs, there are two numbers for each press (red and yellow) : S0 14098 and S0 14099. I want to buy the violin version, how the hell should I proceed ?
  7. Well, according to a french website I just read, the yellow and the red one are the same ... So, definitely after the belgian Supreme press. Better and cheaper, the way I love buying records ... Take care Neal !

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