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    All round music fan, big lover of soul and mod sounds. Do a million jobs including - DJ, promoter, radio show host, music writer, lecturer, social media manager, marketing & events manager. I don't follow any scene rules, I just love music, take me as I am or not at all 

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  1. Check the comments/discussion people have been posting saying 'can't make it got xx tickets for sale' There were definitely two people at least
  2. People are selling tickets who can't make it in the facebook event here - https://www.facebook.com/events/1423536127694046/
  3. Hi Mary It includes a link to the website which tells you if it's sold out or not, I've just edited it so it says sold out now, we direct everything via the website which has said sold out for some days. I'm sorry to hear you booked hotels, I personally would never do that without buying tickets for an event, for example Blackpool would buy tickets first then hotel. There are a lot of good soul events on in the Midlands tonight, I would recommend Tony Reynolds' event in Birmingham, I've attached the flyer below. Hope you have a good night and make sure you get tickets next
  4. Hi Maryam,

    We are looking for 2 tickets for tonights Big Soul Night but there doesn't appear to be any left.  We booked a hotel a while back but didn't realise that it was a ticket only event.

    Its a bit of a long shot but do you know of anyone who cannot attend and is looking to sell their tickets?




    1. Maryam Snape

      Maryam Snape

      Hi people who can't make it are selling tickets in the facebook event, have a look here:


      God luck :)

  5. This might be of interest if you're thinking of coming along, The Soul Hole radio show hosted by PEP with a little help from me, a special for The Big Birmingham Soul Night https://www.mixcloud.com/BrumRadio/the-soul-hole-with-special-guest-host-pep-23012018/
  6. The Night Owl Northern Soul, Mod & Motown Allnighter Saturday 31st December The Night Owl DJs do it best so we're back again for another corker! You will dance until you drop! 9:00pm - 6:00am DJ's Sonny & Spare Mazzy Snape Richard Priest Josh Pye Joel Webster Richard Buckley Complimentary nibbles & bubbles 9-10.30pm* TICKETS Super early bird - £8 Early bird - £10 Standard advance - £13 *while stocks last
  7. The Big Birmingham Soul Night returns 24 February 2018 Only just over two years old, the intimate The Night Owl has become renowned as the UK’s premier soul & retro club. Last April they teamed up with the prestigious Town Hall for the biggest soul night Birmingham has seen in over 30 years. The Big Birmingham Soul Night harked back to soul nights of the 60s and 70s, was programmed by The Night Owl and held at Town Hall, Birmingham. This beautiful listed building boasts a giant wooden floor, perfect for Northern Soul and Mod style dancing, with an elegant balcony for those who wo
  8. Haha that he has! Doesn't look like a stable situation to me
  9. Haha makes me laugh how different people's opinions are, everyone likes what they like... Just wondered if there was a historical reason or anything, maybe I've got it wrong anyway. Shit nights ha ha oh dear here we go again, I do wonder why I disappear off here for months and months on end. Now back to the advert...
  10. Thanks Rick, might be a bit heavy do you think? I do have a pal who's a great carpenter though so will investigate!
  11. Does anyone know where I can get some double/large 45 record boxes like those jazzman ones? Looks like they sold out at the time but I've been looking for ages for something similar with no luck I can't seem to find anything that isn't either really ugly or really impractical Love my vintage small 45's boxes, but it's hard to carry more than a couple at a time due to awkward handles. Has anyone seen any reproduction / vintage larger record boxes (like double or triple size of normal boxes)? Either in a shop or online? I don't like the modern looking metal ones Any hel
  12. No it's not tongue in cheek haha Just when I've been outside of Brum and heard it play it's not been as much of a dance-floor filler although obviously it's a really well known song I just wondered if there was any reason or if it's just random
  13. Does anyone know where I can get some double/large 45 record boxes like these jazzman ones? Looks like they sold out at the time but I've been looking for ages for something similar with no luck
  14. What they've done is use inspiration from a few things and pulled it together - so there is something from Africa I think combined with Northern Soul - it's not strictly a Northern Soul influenced thing. The clothes and production of it all does seem more Soul Train than Northern but it still looks fun and vibrant, good music etc. I doubt anyone is going to be so affected by it that they turn up dressed like that to an all nighter haha It's not like anything else I think that's their idea? Fashion draws from cultures old and new to make something unique or that's the idea? On another
  15. I don't know how to delete this post but I've got the info now

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