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    All round music fan, big lover of soul and mod sounds. Do a million jobs including - DJ, promoter, radio show host, music writer, lecturer, social media manager, marketing & events manager. I don't follow any scene rules, I just love music, take me as I am or not at all 

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    Music & Films
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    I Love You, Yes I Do (The Independents)

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  1. Looking forward to my pal Zoe's birthday BBQ today then DJing for a bit then heading to the Northern Soul allnight at Moseley Dance Centre is anyone going?

    1. Billywhizz


      nice one ,what r u playing Maryam,just asking,billy

    2. Maryam Snape

      Maryam Snape

      Hi Billy sorry I missed this! Busy few days. My bar/pub sets are usually a mix of genres to be accessible to all. Usually soul, northern, funk, disco, indie, ska etc...

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