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  1. outoftheboxagain

    Ernie Washington. Repro or Original?

    That's a bit of good news. Not bad for a 10p purchase. Thanks everyone for your input.
  2. outoftheboxagain

    Ernie Washington. Repro or Original?

    Scratched in CH672-2 X-1596. It is a bad scan. It was done on my old phone a couple of years ago. The colouring is more like the others on this post
  3. outoftheboxagain

    Ernie Washington. Repro or Original?

    Give you a bit of history about how I came about this. It as part of a 10 records for £1 soul pack from Contempo about 72/3/ish. I don't know when it started to get played so the timescale might help.
  4. outoftheboxagain

    Ernie Washington. Repro or Original?

    Can anybody settle an argument. Some people say this scan below is a repro and some say it is a original. In the matrix scratched in is CH673-2 X-1596. Many Thanks
  5. outoftheboxagain

    So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    What I also meant to say is that I don't think it's worth the £300+ that people are asking for it (I pressed send too early, had my mobile, land line going and some non-entity banging on the door)
  6. outoftheboxagain

    So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    Bought my copy about '81/82 for £2 less 10% discount. Still in the sleeve I bought it in. Used to play it around Urmston/Stretford then. Didn't get a lot of response at the time so stopped playing it but still kept it.
  7. outoftheboxagain

    Video: Garland Green - Jealous Kind Of Fella

    'Rediscovered' this a few months ago in a box I had not looked at for years. Play it quite regularly. The other side of 'Jealous kind of fella'
  8. outoftheboxagain

    Bobby Wells Let's Copp A Groove

    Here's a Turkish one. It's got The Showstoppers - Ain't nothing but a house party, on the other side
  9. outoftheboxagain

    I wonder what planet he is from?

    I have a copy of this, although not on a demo. play both side on a regular basis, one of my favorite sounds. £5.89 seems a bargain!!!!!!
  10. outoftheboxagain

    Timothy Wilson Help

    Spot on. Many thanks. you have put me out of my misery, can rest now. Will get it out and play it, along with Sandy Nelson ( might even do the Supremes)
  11. outoftheboxagain

    Timothy Wilson Help

    Did Timothy Wilson release ' Love is like an itching in my heart' on a UK label. I have a feeling it may have been on Mercury some time in the mid to late '70s. I seem to think I have/had a copy but can't find it anywhere. It's been driving me mad. Help please!!!!!
  12. outoftheboxagain



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