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  1. Hi there Big Tony, I have a friend here who has one in VG+ (going through Ex) that plays an looks well. Would you be willing to make an offer or even a trade (he would prefer i think) I would let him know. Cheers, Tim

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    2. Tlscapital


      He said no ! Too low... But maybe try offer trade ?

    3. Big Tony

      Big Tony


       ill send  a list  that I have for trades.


        thank you  

    4. Big Tony

      Big Tony

      records for trade /sale 

      Nancy Wilcox "More than a memory"--- NM-£65

      Lou Johnson " If i ever get to love you" --  VG++ £25

      Johnny Jones   "Soul Poppin"                   VG++ £30

      ZZ Hill   " You were wrong"                        VG++£20

      Joe Tex " Old time lover "                           VG++ £90

      Rose St John "Mend my broken heart"       VG++ £70

      Benny Curtis  "Make it now "                        Ex £150

      Ruby Winters  "Sweetheart Things"              VG+£20

      Dolly "The right one"                                    VG++£25

      Willie Williams   "Have you ever been played for a fool"  GV++£100 

      Ted Taylor "Mercy have pity"                           VG++ £20 


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