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  2. Hinckley leisure centre

    Yes that was a good night, remember not getting to one nighter there till 3am for some reason :-) will have to ask a few mates if they can remember why,great times
  3. Free Windows 10

    Had a pop up from my anti virus program that the program isn't ready to run on windows 10 yet,another reason why I'm not taking the option up if you could burn it to a disc maybe I would then.

    Been to a few football matches (when it was all standing) where people have peed in the terrace :-)
  5. Whitby Weekender

    The Robert Parker track "caught you in a lie" was very nice to hear Andy (Met Bar)
  6. virgin rail tickets sale £10 to london etc

    I've been using xcountry travel for about two years now for London best deal I got was £10 each way (Nott'm/London) most expensive was £14 to London return was £18 still very cheap,can book upto three months in advance.
  7. Favourite football shirts

    We wont see many better shirts then these :-)
  8. Favourite football shirts

  9. Other Hobbies Other Than Soul

    Some of those original early Airfix kits go for a few £'s
  10. Other Hobbies Other Than Soul

    Model building pretty cheap hobby really, find it very relaxing.
  11. World Cup Cricket

    I watched Ireland V Windies yesterday as a nautral what a game, sums up what a cup game is all about IMO.
  12. Trainline

    I use cross country trains often no booking fees or anything Nottingham/London £10 each way think it my have go up a bit now though still a bargain if you book in advance.
  13. Linda Jones - My heart needs a break - Reflections - Supreams
  14. Announcing New Northern Soul Website

    Looking good Pete, liked reading the Grapevine label bit.
  15. Venues Value For Money

    Brilliant mate :-) :-)
  16. At The Dark End Of The Street

    Had my suspicion's when I saw Pete's post, thanks for the heads up
  17. At The Dark End Of The Street

    Like this version, http://youtu.be/Ic6Ic2MwL7c
  18. Notts Pally Allniters

    Typical Nottingham lads
  19. Notts Pally Allniters

    Wasn't this a big play at the Pally Allniters http://youtu.be/1cfRUnXGHVE
  20. Notts Pally Allniters

    Think that minibus might of been the start of my paranoia episodes :-) that or a mini crashing into a police car coming out of Cleethorpes winter gardens :-)
  21. Notts Pally Allniters

    I was smiling to myself Pete, crazy but great times, yes I'm good mate
  22. Soul Source Favourite Motown Song

    Brenda Holloway - Just look what you've done Just tells a heart wrenching story.
  23. Jnr Murvin

    Reading that Jnr Murvin has passed away. http://go-jamaica.com/news/read_article.php?id=49654