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    because of you jackie wilson ovo

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  1. ^^ would that not be more of the same though? they'd just use the usual suspects?
  2. A person can enjoy the music wherever they come from, i wouldn't worry about it - go to events and dance, buy original vinyl (it's not all dead expensive) and do your own thing - my experience is most people at soul events are really nice - it's the handbagge...
  3. so is this the 2nd run of vinyl 45?
  4. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    would finding this impact the value of the other copies in any way? what is a likely final price (stupid question I guess)
  5. it was, the other one is a cover, both are champion though
  6. Rugby 10th Nov 2017

    really appreciate you all posting these play lists
  7. What's your favourite End of Night finisher

    I've long thought that Dionne Warwick's "who is gonna love me" would make a good ender, it's a bit sad maybe and not rare but the lyrics certainly fit, always loved it Who is gonna love me, ? Not you, You will be gone. And here I'll stay, all alone a...
  8. Trying to identify this track...............

    evening all, it's "I'm Just your YO-YO Honey" by Bobby Blakney, on CHANG'N TIMES label - not cheap to own
  9. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    I heard one of his new songs yesterday on radio while driving, bloody painful, had to turn over the station Not gonna say all new soul is bad, buy my fair share of soul vinyl off of Bandcamp and so on
  10. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    wasn't being funny with you, no need to be snarky - I just saw a repro for same price on ebay
  11. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    bit confused what you are saying- manship one is original? sorry to be thick they are different? ebay has new repros?
  12. those "sad" records you play late at night

    possibly this, as the mountains are crumbling down I'm crying for my baby...ohhhhh - heard this played out recently got good reaction