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    being walked by the Staffy, record collecting, home cooked food, nice craft ales & Italian wines, spending time with close family
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    because of you jackie wilson ovo

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  1. never heard that one before, I like how it builds and builds as it goes along, nice one
  2. shufflin

    I've found a box of Frank Wilsons...

    so is that your expectation for this one - given you know it was digitally re-recorded?? I was only thinking of getting one on the basis it would sound superior (more 'analog') to the UK re-issues
  3. shufflin

    The Belgium Popcorn Oldies Top 100 for 2018

    back in late nineties (?) there were some Belgian northern soul cd's released, got featured on the RS Jazz fm show, where popcorn as a scene was discussed, think one or two of the guys from Beatin' Rhythm were guests (?), CD was called Stomptown and is real...
  4. Royal Mail "lost" one of mine recently - they tried to deliver it, so they had it, I was out, tried getting it re-delivered - never arrived, went to the local office, they searched for it, no sign of it but promised to get back to me. Never did. Waited anothe...
  5. shufflin

    Soul sessions, Negrito, Valencia

    love that record, thanks for posting the list
  6. shufflin

    The Belgium Popcorn Oldies Top 100 for 2018

    Sam Fletcher’s ‘I’d Think it Over’ & Johnny Maestro’s ‘I’m Stepping Out of The Picture’ - first played on the popcorn scene in Belgium lots of northern stuff got played on the popcorn scene apparently, the Traits, High Keys, Shep, Buster & Eddie...
  7. shufflin

    Best invention ever

    I tried to fix my own boiler about fifteen years ago, opened up the electrics, fiddled a bit and was promptly thrown to the floor, luckily the wife was there to administer the necessary tellings off - never attempted a single job involving electrics ever agai...
  8. shufflin

    Come on, own up!

    How does it sound/look etc - a good repro?
  9. shufflin

    Come on, own up!

    ^^ seems to be 2 records though, doesn't change the point overall though all predictable, RSD is a scalper paradise
  10. shufflin

    New releases 2018

    SPEEDOMETER 'We Gave Up Too Soon#' amazing track, limited 300 copies https://www.juno.co.uk/products/speedometer-we-gave-up-too-soon/686144-01/
  11. shufflin

    Best invention ever

    Some would say the Technics 1200 Mk 2
  12. shufflin

    I've found a box of Frank Wilsons...

    so how many are in the UK?
  13. shufflin

    Come on, own up!

    the thing is some of these may very well pop up on Juno or similar in a week or so for a tenner or less - why are some so desperate to own a re-issue?
  14. shufflin

    Come on, own up!

    none on discogs, some on ebay, £40 or so

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