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    being walked by the Staffy, record collecting, home cooked food, nice craft ales & Italian wines, spending time with close family
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    because of you jackie wilson ovo

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  1. shufflin

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    nice one same here
  2. shufflin

    5 Favourite Books

    I get a lot of books on Audible, great for listening to when walking the doggo
  3. shufflin

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    this is a great double sider
  4. shufflin

    Do you play your records at home

    it would be great if you (and others) would contribute to this topic then! Living Room DJ
  5. shufflin

    Living Room DJ

    I have a 1973 copy which had Clean Up Your Own Yard as B side, that track sounds really good in 2019 imo great list as always Gogs some I don't know, cheap or expensive who cares, thanks
  6. shufflin

    Do you play your records at home

    yes I play mine at home, I guess this thread has explained to me why so few members post in the home DJ topic! it takes quite a lot to knacker a record just play em and enjoy
  7. shufflin

    Felt tip remover

    you could try thew hairspray method, seen it recoomended by a few https://www.discogs.com/group/thread/490326 please don't blame me if it doesn't work though, personally I'd not mess with a label in case it blisters
  8. shufflin

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    managed to get one. Really nice production, the problem with some new releases is that the vocals can be a bit off key, not the case here though
  9. shufflin

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    so the original 45 release was the Buddah international 45 in 1971 ?? the Curtom 1972 release/promo was basically following/after the international interest?
  10. shufflin

    Birthday Peter99

    happy birthday Peter
  11. shufflin

    Northern soul collecting!! Is it a con?

    So true, buy within your means from decent sellers it's a hobby, and relatively cheap (gasp) compared to some hobbies A £300 record I've been after for ages arrived today, not cheap, not mega bucks either, but enjoyed playing it after work to friends we had round, and now it's in my box, happy days
  12. shufflin

    Previously unreleased tracks on Goldmine Sevens ?

    Mr Manship has the cheapest copy on Discogs, £30 is pretty good, some of the re-issues cost more than that, it's near mint too
  13. shufflin

    Previously unreleased tracks on Goldmine Sevens ?

    hope this helps http://www.45cat.com/label/goldmine-soul-supply-connoisseurs http://www.45cat.com/label/goldmine-sevens
  14. shufflin

    Return of the playlist forum - Event plays

    thanks a lot for doing this Mike


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