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  1. a funky garage soul piece from 1968..I'd get up and dance to it (badly), saw one for sale but in only G condition so added to wants
  2. this was a floor packer a few weeks ago also Elvis - Any Day Now
  3. is that a scam then? error? shouldn't be allowed bloody hell imagine clicking buy now then getting the shock of your life
  4. Lee Fields & Expressions - Make the world (Big Crown) love that record! thanks for sharing the play list
  5. Hi Rick, if it's not too much trouble which Cleethorpes/Pier/Winter Gardens records do you think are long forgotten and worth reactivating today? intrigued by those venues and the innovative spirit
  6. I would never leave the floor if that set was played, thanks for posting the pics, appreciated, wish more people did the same
  7. great track, bought the single, love it
  8. Well, according to iTunes my most played Motown track is The Velvelettes - Let Love Live (A Little Bit Longer) But I would say my current fave is Willie Hutch - Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold (Tamla LP 11247)
  9. new to me, cracking record - love the shoes on the label, what are they?
  10. "make sure you have someone who loves you, yeah, YEAH!!" The mighty Dells, what vocals
  11. so I bought one of my 'kids' (who is into the music) a record box and literally gave away a stack of original Northern to get 'em started, they come to events with us and so it's really just keeping it in the family...most of us on here probably own an awful lot of 45's and LP's so it's not a big hardship to donate some cheapies to the younger crew in our lives
  12. cliffhanger!!
  13. I honestly thought this was an LP only tune, and not cheap either, that 45 looks like a mock up label doesn't it?
  14. meeting with family and friends on a bank holiday always gets people talking about topical records, their favs etc plus those sounds that suit this time of year, here are my five for this weekend...
  15. I can't wait for loads of people to start selling up, please do it guys! in the meantime prices continue to rocket...