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  1. maybe this is why some DJ's arrive just before their set and leave soon after they've finished
  2. found this interesting thought I'd share
  3. the OVO thing is getting stupid, I'd honestly just appreciate hearing it played and dancing to it, which I have (to a white carver probably, as were lots of these unreleased ones) if worried - buy a CDJ and play the original cheap CD and mix with that, it ain't difficult this scene
  4. not keen on the sound, what boggles though is paying big bucks for lower condition (VG) records, the description would have put me off
  5. been into this for years but only recently aquired it, I love the accent to the vocals, cracking backing vocals too, this stomper is my fav by them (still cheap even though not many about in decent condition)
  6. there's also this re-edit one from last December (no idea what licensing status these have)
  7. "I Get Better Looking Everyday" sounds an awful lot like a Gladys Knight track
  8. someone needs to get this on a carver and play it out
  9. wonder if the 2nd press will be any different / is this another Ernest Ernie situation
  10. used to be a cheapie but one sold for $223 in 2016 and one sold for £273 on discogs last year
  11. This is now going for around £40!

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