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    being walked by the Staffy, record collecting, home cooked food, nice craft ales & Italian wines, spending time with close family
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    because of you jackie wilson ovo

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  1. shufflin

    Record insurance

    how do you value them? I can see what mine could be worth on discogs, is that a valid yardstick for insurance?
  2. shufflin

    Bazza playlist pure soul weekender

    just to help a little bit cos it hurt my head Della reese – my world is empty Tomorrow's men-who's that lady. Otis jackson-turn out the lights The sequins-someday you'll be mine. Dynamite singletary- I really love you. Sonya spence-let love flow. Bobby hutton- come see whats left of me. Jack montgomery- dont turn your back on me. William hunt- would you believe...
  3. shufflin

    Horse and Groom Doncaster Sunday Chillout 10/06/18

    ooh, very nice
  4. Chalky I was there, your photos are top notch, thanks for posting them, would like to see the review & video if it can be sorted on here
  5. Hi Heikki, well known to me I've bought his record, he has also been discussed on these forums nice article thank you
  6. shufflin

    Cleggy weekender takes "stomping" to a new level ... !

    Willie made a comment in-between songs that he'd been sat up in the gallery watching everyone dance before the live acts were due on(!), and that no one in the US dances like that, hope someone got a video of it , wonder what was going through his mind
  7. right up my street, no nonsense Northern banger isn't it, Oh Yeah!
  8. shufflin

    Cleggy weekender takes "stomping" to a new level ... !

    by 3pm Saturday in the modern room the beer had sold out, had to wait ten minutes for the barrels to be sorted before getting my shandy lol, by midnight in main room not many would have noticed a nuke outside (joke), it was loud and proud - seriously some great records were played, I danced badly, drank well, we had a great time all weekend - friendliest event I've attended recently Willie and Frank were note perfect, stars
  9. shufflin

    whitby northern soul weekend 2018

    I was looking at this but the blurb I found says it's 9-11pm?
  10. shufflin

    supremes stoned love (long version)

    got this long one on the October 1970 LP, were any 45rpm versions released before the album track?
  11. shufflin

    Nuneaton Allnighter Ian Stacey 2/6/2018

    danced to Shoes last night but prefer Yum Yum tree, wonderful soul track innit
  12. shufflin

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    what about those who still love it, attend events, buy the records, find happiness in it - bloody hell chalky that was a depressing post are you talking about soul fans generally or the people running the scene?
  13. JJ has a more dynamic vocal imo
  14. shufflin

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    if they then go on to have a great time on said Friday, and behave, that's fine by me
  15. shufflin

    Ben Sherman at it again ?

    I'll give you a clue..