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    being walked by the Staffy, record collecting, home cooked food, nice craft ales & Italian wines, spending time with close family
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    because of you jackie wilson ovo

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  1. shufflin

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    cables - Chord Clearway Speaker Cable, £10 per metre bloody amazing and award winners, I have them pro s - I have these but don't use them for hi-fi use - they are DJ catridges, I recommend AT95EX for home listening (without killing the bank balance) mixer - they do affect sound - this is my biggest current upgrade concern for the twin deck system - I'm not a pro DJ - like you just want to blend 45's at home, thinking of the Allen and Heath Xone 23
  2. shufflin

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    not true, the "Hanpin" are OEM (Chinese), the Technics are Japanese engineered by Panasonic, I would have expected you to know that (unless you are a troll) i think you misunderstand the quality of the Technics
  3. shufflin

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    amp and speakers are fine imo, so you are set - I'd just get a different turntable when you can afford it, the Reloop 7000 Mk 2 is probably best new DJ table outside technics, for hi fi turnatble maybe look into a Planar or a vintage model in good nick
  4. shufflin

    Features: Worst UK Releases - Pete Smith

    RON GRAINER ORCH - JOE 90 THEME someone offered me a free copy of this haha, must be the absolute worst one?
  5. O'Jays just edges it for me based on vocal performance but it's a close call
  6. shufflin

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    I can imagine that is some 'shed' - sounds like a great place to relax
  7. shufflin

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    go on then what is your set up?
  8. shufflin

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Upstairs: so you need two hi-fi cartridges for under £100? I'd get the Audio Technica AT95EX, people with high end Linn systems use these, sound is amazing for the price For downstairs: A new hi-fi turntable for £200 is a challenge really. At that price point avoid used, buy new. Something like the Rega Plana 1 is a good hi-fi choice, with a good amplifier like the Cambridge Audio TOPAZ AM10 plus some Q Acoustics 3020 speakers - all of that is on or around your budget. Or buy vintage stuff, but be wary of quality and fire safety.
  9. shufflin

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    is this for hi-fi or dj (even home dj) use? big difference in what I'd recommend, also what kind of budget?
  10. shufflin

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Technics SL1210 mk2 (very nice condition with Audio Technica cartridge (I have spare Ortofon concorde but sound is too bright for home set up imo), Cambridge Audio amp, Dali passsive speakers, Chord Company cables (they are excellent) I've also got a Yamaha separates CD player connected Vinyl sounds great to my ears but I'm thinking of upgrades soon (apart from the turntable)
  11. shufflin

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    I'm enjoying this audiophile thread, good stuff. Really interesting. Spent today thinking about cable upgrades and so on, best speakers for soul music, etc. Personally speaking I love my SL1210's, never realised before that I was just 'budget' guy
  12. I'd drop money on a limited edition 45, I like it, Northern scene is quite forgiving of 'off key' vocals if the beat and energy is there
  13. fantastic record Bruv, congrats & enjoy
  14. tricky one Mick, I for one don't know what you don't know, maybe you could post something I don't know?
  15. shufflin

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    uplifting sound, sad lyrics


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