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  1. anything early in CD history, ie CD's first released in the 80's, David Bowie, stuff like that, I inherited a load of CD's I'm not really into and was amazed at the value of them check out your CD's on Discogs
  2. just stylus or whole cartridge? Reloop Concorde Vibe or Ortofon Concorde MKII Club ? both have high end elliptical stylus for sound quality
  3. damn, will stay in the cold then, too much fun for me
  4. this is great for people in bands who just want to get a record made, or vanity projects, but yep it could be a bootlegger's dream unfortunately wonder if it allows matrix stamping lol
  5. uplifting soul from one of my fav purple LP's of 2019
  6. To get us off to a good start, this We Coast label limited 45 from the US is sublime Some may recall We Coast as the home of the Grace Love 'Fire' 45 https://fysahthegetdownunderground.bandcamp.com/album/there-comes-a-time
  7. very nice set, lots of good stuff there Judy Clay a current fav of mine
  8. been after a clean version for a while, fav of mine for a long time
  9. this has happened to me more than I like this year, my postie told me it's random but I do wonder if we are on some kind of US soul record buyer customs list :-)
  10. will the Manship 'glue to the edge' method not work on any of 'em?

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