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    London born Irish passport holder who has been based in rural Sussex since the late 80s. Still buying old and new stuff across the soul board. When we can we're still gigging. Occasional trip abroad to Weekender. Met some great mates through this music.

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  1. DJ Rogers RIP - I bought most of his albums back in the day. By way of a tribute here is the title track from his 1976 album 'On the Road Again' . Check the bass line its superb.
  2. Clifton Chenier - Zydeco royalty. I managed to play this once on local radio. There were no complaints but on the other hand there may have been no audience!
  3. Surprised no one has mentioned that the night he lost in three rounds to Hagler , the Minter supporters rioted. They were a disgrace. Minter and his camp used a race element to try to get under Marvelous Marv's skin before the fight. It didn't work and Minter was destroyed by a very riled Hagler.
  4. A 10 - part Ken Burns examination of the music would be fantastic but its never going to happen as this is a minority music. There were old tropes but some of those tropes might actually be true. What was good was it was black voices telling the story including many that were there. Sir - you were negative before you'd seen it, It wasn't perfect but I think you prejudged it wrongly.
  5. A lovely soul record . Sammy Campbell RIP
  6. I’ve just watched Soul America on record and enjoyed it. It plays it pretty safe starting with the influence of gospel and doesn’t challenge the accepted wisdom that Aretha was the greatest soul singer but then its probably a truism. What was excellent was that it used the voices of the few soul survivors from the time: Candi, Mavis, Clarence Carter, Martha Reeves, Otis Williams , Duke Fakir plus musicians like Spooner, Cropper and David Hood to tell their story. Al Bell told a great anecdote though I’m never sure whether to believe him I’m afraid. Carleen Anderson was an excellent choic
  7. I agree with you Mark. I went to Bilbao last year and I couldn't leave my arthritic hip behind. The best set of the whole weekend for me was the double deep two hours by Brian Groucher, to which I drank a deal of beer and just listened intently. The best set (i realise its a personal choice) was by a young DJ Sophie Noble (of Heath and Noble). I enjoyed her set more than about half a dozen others I visited over the three days. On the Saturday night one DJ who is very well known misjudged the crowd completely and played R&B and ska for half his set. Not many Brits dancing during
  8. Hi Pete, well done and it'll be interesting to see the new article. Best Greg
  9. According to John Ridley's fantastic website Bobby Long released fifteen singles between 1957 & 1970 but as Sirshambling points out there is virtually no information of note on this singer & musician. He was probably from New Jersey and he used a stage name - it has been suggested that his real name was Sammy Bratcher Does anyone know anything more ? There is surely more to tell. My favourite of his that I have is this one.
  10. Hamilton Bohannon RIP with the late Liz Sands. A beautiful soul record.
  11. https://eu.freep.com/story/entertainment/music/brian-mccollum/2020/04/19/barney-ales-motown-obituary/5161576002/ Detroit Free Press Obituary April 19

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