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    London born Irish passport holder who has been based in rural Sussex since the late 80s. Still buying old and new stuff across the soul board. When we can we're still gigging. Occasional trip abroad to Weekender. Met some great mates through this music.

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  1. He's excellent live. His 'Sweet Escape' album was full of fabulous tunes. Easily my favourite new album of 2020.
  2. Favourite house revival - there were many but for the first time in awhile from the record store I listened to and enjoyed: Sam Fletcher 'More Today Than Yesterday' (Vault) Blues Bros # 1 'Letter of Regret' (eclipse) Betty Everett 'In Your Arms' (ABC) Bobby Long 'Station Hurt' (Cub) I went to town (well not literally) on new stuff and reissues. Praise be to labels like Izipho and Colemine. If I had to pick one 45 it would be Trish Toledo 'The Only One' (Mango Hill). It's been in my current section for months. Album wise I've been playing The Pockets three LPs th
  3. No doubt many records will be more expensive not least because in some countries postage rates for non-EU countries are higher and there will be up to 20% VAT on some goods. I suspect that I will now buy less vinyl which will help the finances. I don't use UK dealers much as they are too expensive. The EU deal is seriously flawed if you look at it dispassionately.
  4. I'm wondering if Amnon Feldman was associated with Rotary Connection? Was he the A Feldman who wrote some tracks on their 'Peace' album on the Chess associated label Cadet Concept. 'Peace at Least' was released as a 45. Discogs has an entry for him and his Chess single has one copy at sale for just under £2 Grand. An amazing price.
  5. Hello Winsford Soul, Cerys Matthews actually played 'Back Door Santa' this very morning on her BBC Six show. It was a version by the Black Crows (not known to me) and clearly got the the innuendo. A very fine Christmas record.
  6. Gwen Guthrie: This Christmas Eve
  7. Craig Charles featured this new release on his Soul / Funk show last weekend. I've ordered a 7". Great melody and delivery.
  8. Paul Sarahs at Four Four Two has published his list of the fifty greatest footballers. Its highly subjective , not to say a bit contentious but few would disagree with the Top Five of: 1. Maradona, 2. Messi, 3.Pele, 4, Cruyff, 5. Christiano Ronaldo Next ten are : 6. Di Stefano, 7. Beckenbauer, 8. Zidane, 9. Pushkas, 10.Ronaldo, 11. Gorrincha, 12.Platini, 13,Van Basten, 14.Best, 15. Baresi Top fifty also includes: Xavi, Maldini , Charlton, Muller, Netzer, Dalglish, Buffon, Laudrup, Matthaus. List is weighted to traditional football powers so the like of: Roy Keane, Denya, Nedved
  9. Chalky has a point. How often were opposition players instructed to kick Maradona out of the game- there's even a You Tube compilation to wince at. I rather think If you want to be the best you have to compete harder than anyone else and sometimes that involves highly dubious practices. Sure Maradona got away with the 'hand of God' but so did Thierry Henry when he handballed into the net against my country Ireland . Lester Piggott was known to snatch away the whip of a rival jockey whilst race riding, Tyson bit Hollyfield's ear to try to gain an advantage, Steve smith told his bowlers to
  10. Followers of Lowrider soul will love this 45''. It's a gorgeous Chicana ballad that is a treasure to play. The 45 is slightly longer than the video. Available on Bandcamp from Mango Hill records in various pressings.
  11. A special player but a troubled soul. Those of us that love football as something more than just a mundane game surely feel touched by Maradona's passing. It's not been a good week has it? For those of us who also love Rugby (both codes) the passing of another small but perfect pocket rocket in Christophe Dominici at just forty-eight was also really sad. Depression seems to have played a big part in both their lives. Elite sportsmen / women provide us , mere mortals, with memories and tales to tell but once their moment is gone some seem to get lost in melancholia.
  12. Sandy Anderson, bass player with Unlimited Touch and on numerous sessions in the 70s and 80s died earlier this year from Covid-19. One of the best bass players of his time. R.I.P.
  13. Many will have this and all know it. It always raises my spirits and is so romantic.
  14. For what it's worth which ain't much I like Ms Noble's voice and think it's a pretty decent record. She's part of the DJ unit Noble & Heath who entertained us royally last year. Oh and harrythedog I never rated Duffy.

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