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  1. Glad to make you laugh pal. I,ve always felt Fergie’s European record could have been better. Just two European cups in twenty five years wasn’t it?
  2. If you look at his record Mourinho is unquestionably one of the great football managers up there with the likes of Ferguson, Hitzfeld, Guttman & Michels. Two European cups with Porto & Internationale, league championships in Portugal, Spain , Italy & England. Even at Manc Utd he finished runners up & won a European trophy and a League Cup. Ollie has won nothing for the second season running. You can bet Spurs would have looked more competitive at this seasons League Cup final but for the frankly ludicrous sacking of Mourinho days before the final.
  3. Stylistics _Heavy LP - Herb Murrell lead vocal
  4. The Deep City compilation # 007 was full of quality especially the Paul Kelly Lloyd cuts that included:
  5. I enjoyed this version but IMO the arrangement is a tad tame when compared to Motown.
  6. A fine article that I can relate to as I was an occasional funkster at George Power’s Crackers gigs. Later he took a regular gig at The Flamingo on Hackney Marshes. They were great nights out. Many of the records sounded great in a club as the bass-lines used to really get in your head. Also went out to see Chris Hill a couple of times on Canvey. He was an acquired taste for sure rather like a vaudeville showman. He’d been influenced by some of the Jamaican toasters from the previous decade.He was over the top but people loved him and The Goldmine was always rammed.
  7. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Vintage-Soul/release/4128163 I have this issue on an EP that came out I think around 2000. Pressing is reasonably good and as you can see it turns up quite regularly.
  8. Eliza Doolittle with Lloyd Wade, the English gospel singer ‘Pack Up’ - it was a decent sized hit a few years back
  9. Thanks for the efforts lads - what a fantastic amount of knowledge there is on this site. I agree that the the photos do appear to show the same person thus confirming a possible link to The Blue Notes.
  10. I am indeed confused between Wilson & Williams for which I apologise. I recently came across a UK LP of the duo Blues Brothers no 1 ‘Live in London’ on Nereida. I found one reference of a connexion to The Blue Notes. Anyone know if it’s true or speculation?
  11. https://www.inquirer.com/philly/obituaries/20101228_Bernie_Wilson__baritone_with_Blue_Notes__dies_at_64.html Another sad passing from the golden era. I have a question about Bernard Williams. Was he part of the duo Blues Bros No.1 who recorded 'Letter of Regret' for the Eclipse / Quadrant labels in the mid 70s? I've only just realised that this is not current news. I was confused by the date in the left hand corner.
  12. I think Tomangoes is on the button. If you look at the fate of doo-wop where prices continue to tumble as the collectors die then it does look likely that a similar scenario will happen to soul and R&B. There will be a market for the seriously rare records but for the majority there will be a much reduced market. As to whether this bothers people largely depends I suspect on the reasons that you buy and collect records. Personally I don't buy records as an investment. In the future I can't see many people being prepared to store bulky records when much of it will be downloaded onto l
  13. You can find this cut on an 80s UK LP from the Soul Supply label: Finger Snappers - Fourteen Rare Soul Sounds Of The 60's / 70's ‎
  14. Thanks for the posts. The Goodway group information is especially interesting. I would like to know why Milton Wolk called his son Beryl! https://latenighttales.co.uk/products/aln37 This relatively recent compilation called ‘Late Night Tales’ came with an additional 45 by Carrie Cleveland ‘Love Will Set You Free’ which immediately became highly collectible. I was lucky but virtually all the original pressings appear for sale now without the 45. Discogs banned the sale of the 45 separately making it even more difficult to find.

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