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    London born and raised, bought first soul 45 in 1969 the year my family first got something I could play it on, first non compilation album was 'In Session' from Chairmen of The Board. Just carried on listening and collecting through school, university, career, marriage , children and into early retirement. Until children arrived used to spend time in club land about five / six times a month - just loved the music. I moved to the sticks in 1987 so have been Sussex based for most of my life now.

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    The Whispers - Flying High (Soul Clock)

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  1. The councils have had their budgets from Central Government cut severely since the crash. Here in Sussex the services were outsourced to a private company. They are currently short of carts and staff . A bit tough to blame our kids and grandchildren (or 'snowflakes' as someone called them). It's our generation that are a leaving the legacy of: lower wages combined with high housing costs, pollution on a worldwide scale, an aging population that resents paying for care in old age or can't afford care in their old age and also expect the younger generation to look after them.
  2. https://www.soultracks.com/story-clay-mcmurray-dies
  3. One of the great Southern soul session musicians has passed on . His distinctive guitar sound must have featured on hundreds of tracks in his long career. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/06/arts/music/jimmy-johnson-studio-staple-of-southern-soul-and-pop-dies-at-76.html?searchResultPosition=1
  4. This superior version never even made it to an album. The singer also recorded as Reuben James Richards and as Reuben Richards. Three Cds to date but this was his finest moment by some way.
  5. Bettye Swann's with an interesting arrangement of the Robinson co-written 'Ain't that Peculiar'.
  6. This is a great thread for me. I'd like to contribute with a non Motown cover that is a firm favourite on the Sweet Soul front. Latin Soul perfection.
  7. Donnie Fritts who passed away in Birmingham, Alabama last Tuesday was an ace songwriter in the southern tradition. Many soul artists covered his songs. He was surely one of the great songwriters of the 60s/70s. I invite Soul Source to check out these beauties and to add their own tributes. Donnie Fritts RIP. And this one written with Eddie Hinton
  8. Quite possibly the greatest record of all time
  9. I was borassic lint back in the late 80s after a business deal went kaput and I sold a large reggae collection to a very well known person who paid me a good price. It was a case of needs must but I still miss those records and I try to enjoy my soul & r&b records to the max. Many are digitised so the vinyl is more or less redundant but I don't want to sell. The question of what to do with collections crops up regularly amongst my music mates. I have some seriously well endowed vinyl friends and they are starting to make provision for passing on the collections. We are leaving our records to each other. A couple of other mates have named trusted friends as executors just to oversee their record collections. I suggest hiring a lock-up and storing them for awhile to see if you miss them. I wouldn't sell the rare ones individually unless you think they are going to drop in price. Otherwise you'll be left with low value records If you sell I'd recommend Craig Moerer in Portland. I've been buying from him since the early 80s and the service is excellent. I believe he bought much of Soulbowl's stock.
  10. I read the latest financial and economic news most weeks and the majority view is that the world economy is slowing dramatically so it may be that buying records might not be a priority. I note that Trump having taken credit for the good growth in the USA economy (it was underway before he was elected), is now throwing barbs at the Head of The Federal Reserve as their economy is slowing quite dramatically. The central banks will probably need to cut interest rates but there isn't much slack particularly in Europe. There is an anomaly in Europe and particularly in the UK. Manufacturing declined 3% last year but spending on goods in the UK rose. At some point soon you would expect this to balance out which usually means an economic hit. The German economy is stagnating so unless the Germany Govt decides to borrow more (Inflation concerns suggest otherwise) European growth is likely to be poor for the foreseeable future. The other major economy China is showing low growth and trade wars don't help. The Chinese Govt are also taking more control over the economy. Their authoritarian approach may well spell disaster for that bastion of capitalism Hong Kong. More economic uncertainty. Brexit and its effects are, of course uncertain and open to conjecture. A no deal Brexit is likely to see the pound decline against other currencies. It's down 20% since the referendum against some currencies. I believe sterling was previously too high but clearly if it drops further it will make buying records more expensive and a lot else besides. A No Deal Brexit is a dangerous game .It's also a bit of a con as this is merely a withdrawal procedure. The British will have to reach a trade deal with the EU . It'll happen quite quickly if /when the anticipated downturn happens. Sorry if I was a bit long winded but the question raised deserved a thoughtful reply if I was to contribute.
  11. I believe it is Richard Parker of 'You're all I need' fame.

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