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    London born and raised, bought first soul 45 in 1969 the year my family first got something I could play it on, first non compilation album was 'In Session' from Chairmen of The Board. Just carried on listening and collecting through school, university, career, marriage , children and into early retirement. Until children arrived used to spend time in club land about five / six times a month - just loved the music. I moved to the sticks in 1987 so have been Sussex based for most of my life now.

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    The Whispers - Flying High (Soul Clock)

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  1. Robert Parker R I P - We all know 'Barefootin' and there is nothing wrong with it but this is the one for me.
  2. The first 12" I remember owning was Blue Magic ' Magic of the Blue' c 1975. I didn't have it long. It got pilfered when I took it to a dance in Leyton . I have also seen an Alton Ellis Jamaican 45 on 12" from about 1971.
  3. The world has finally caught up with me then! So hearing aides ready lets hear it for the dysfunctional OAPs .
  4. The guy seemed genuine mate. Since many of the scene are now in their 60s and collecting years why all the distain? Its only dancing after all and I like a person whose able to laugh at himself and be vulnerable. Go Giovanni - you made your muissus happy by the looks of it.
  5. This one illustrates how close two step soul is to lovers' rock.
  6. A rich vein indeed . Thanks to those of you thatr have put up some favourite cuts as there are many I don't know or don't know well. Here's my tuppence worth.
  7. I think the lead singer on 'I Want To Make Love To You' might be Genya Ravan, formerly with Ten Wheel Drive. She does a very fine version of Lorraine Ellison 'Stay With Me' on Polydor. I used to own an LP of her's called 'Night Owl'. I seem to recall she was Mick Ronson's girlfriend. (Don't take any of this as fact 'cos it's from a muddled memory about a record I owned over forty years ago)
  8. A different dance scene for this cut and one that I felt should have had some prominence. The man had class Kenny Lynch RIP
  9. It is an LP only track as others have said. The UK release had a different title 'When you get right down to it' and a slightly different track listing from the US issue. It's full of covers 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' Band of Gold' etc some of which work better than others. It's decent enough but he needed Thom Bell on his next album to really shine.
  10. Yes! - A Ronnie Dyson thread. I rated him highly and you're right his star has waned. Favourite album is 'Love In all Flavours' from which these two come -fantastic melodies and those sweet strings - so lovely.
  11. Curtis Mayfield - 'If there's a hell below, we're all gonna go' and from a personal view a message to politicians Ralfi Pagan = 'Stay Out Of My Life'

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