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  1. I'm certainly not inferring that this is better than the original but I think this guy is such a wonderful singer and I loved some of his Motown covers.
  2. Firecrest


    Tina Britt's 'Blue All The Way' retrospective Cd of her 60s recordings issued in 2006 has some information that is relevant to your query. Henry 'Juggy' Murray , the manager of Tina Britt received a demo of the 'Real Thing' in autumn 1964. There was an issue over its provenance and indeed early pressings give Chicago-based Ed Silvers as the writer. Silvers appears to have renamed the song originally called 'Baby Take Me Baby' written by Ashford-Simpson- Armstead, a song recorded by Chuck Brown and Maxine Brown for their album 'Sayin' Something'. It was also the b-side to 'Sayin' Something' on Scepter released in February 1965. Murray who may not have known of the song's previous title hired former Drifter Jimmy Oliver and Jerome 'JJ' Jackson as arrangers and cut 'Real Thing' with Tina Britt is February 1965 and released it on Eastern 604. This was released in mid-March 1965. London -America released 'The Real Thing' in June 1965 in the UK and in France. There's a twist as Scepter recalled Chuck Jackson and Maxine Brown back to the studio to re-cut 'Baby Take Me' as 'The Real Thing'. According to the notes the recut version appears on 'Hold On, We're Coming' LP . In fact this is wrong information as 'The Real Thing' appears as the final track on 1965's 'Saying Something' LP. It's the same backing track as 'Baby Take Me.' I have the 'Saying Something' LP in my hand and the majority of cuts are by Ashford-Simpson-Armstead so I suggest that the song was originally intended for Jackson-Brown. How Murray got the demo is an ever-lasting mystery. The doyen of British soul writing David Cole interviewed Tina Britt for his wonderful 'In The Basement' magazine # 55 for Autumn 2009. Tina was very much the protegee of Murray. She remained based in new York and when Murray sold his labels in 1968 her contract was transferred to United Artists. She rarely toured because of her children and most of her working life has been as a nurse.
  3. Firecrest

    Masters on Crimson - real test press or boot

    The Masters ' I Need Your Love' on Crimson CR1008 is on a Daryl Hall & John Oates anthology that came out five years ago. Oates conveniently talks about the track in the sleeve notes ......We were called The Soul Sound Continentals and we changed our name to The Masters because on the the little yellow label recording pressing at the time it said 'master' so we figured that was good enough ..... I wrote 'I need your love' with the bass player Pat Collins and I sang it. the song had a lot of harmonies. It was very much like the music that was going on in 1966 in Philadelphia ..... We recorded it at Virtue studios on Broad street; Frank Virtue engineered it; Bobby Martin did the horn arrangement and my sister Diane sang background with our band manager Nevin Harper .....
  4. Firecrest

    Donald Height

    Donald Height passed on July 2nd 1999 at the age of 59 years . He'd been living in Kinston, North Carolina There was a full article on him in issue # 34 of David Cole's marvelous magazine 'In The Basement'. Cole interviewed his sister in 2004. It seems his final years whilst spent near his family were quite difficult. He left New York in 1975 and returned in North Carolina where he worked as a plasterer for some years. He had children who stayed in New York. In the late 90s he laid down a few unissued tracks in Nashville. One thing that you have omitted to mention was that he also recorded as Don Day Curtis on ABC-Paramount. This is Height leading on a 45 on Goldie by Dave Ford & The Hollywood Flames.
  5. Firecrest

    Rudy Love: UK Releases

    All in John Lias' 'A History of The Soul LP' volume 2.
  6. Firecrest

    European 60's soul

    Tages were a fine pop band out of Sweden. This version of 'Dancing In The Street' will, no doubt, divide people but I like it.
  7. Firecrest

    Books of The Year 2018?

    John Lias' second volume on The History of The Soul LP was outstanding. A major peice of work and very well thumbed all ready.
  8. Firecrest

    The Rise And Fall Of HMV

    Whilst its sad to see HMV disappear its death knell has been ringing for years. It failed to invest in an efficent, comprehensive on-line system. I still buy the ocassional CD but never from HMV. Their demise is part of inexorably rise of economic globalisation. The last two Cds I bought came from New Orleans and Bremen neither of which have I visited. Therein lies HMVs major business plan problem. I do have nostalgic yearnings for the far away record shops of my youth and HMV's passing is a regret. I forsee less real soul releases as a result mainly because manufacturers will not have a large organisation to which to sell. Whereas HMV might take fifty copies, smaller shops are more likely to take just a handful. It's going to be harder to get minority music distributed without larger businesses. As for how music is now consumed. I admit to having Spotify on two portable systems. I am able to listen to new music at will. Most gets discarded but some such as The Stone Foundation's latest album becomes a favourite. I bought a physical copy as a consequence.
  9. Firecrest

    Low Rider Scene

    Sir Shambling's website has an interesting article on Latin Soul that mentions the Low Rider scene. The author knew his stuff. It includes some fabulous music links. http://www.sirshambling.com/articles/latin_soul/index.php Chicano's loved a ballad. Here is a genuine Chicano cut (as opposed to a record played on the scene by an R&B artist)
  10. Firecrest

    Felice Taylor @ Chess

    Two of us have just sorted out the Wikidepia entry for Felice Taylor, Here real name was Florine Corella Flanaghan. Taylor was her married name and she was four years older than her record company stated. She passed on in June 2017 completely unheralded.
  11. Firecrest

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Fortitude - it's the third series. The scenery is fantastic and boy are there some nasty ways to kill people off.
  12. Firecrest

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    Hi Mark S, It is true that Lee Dorsey boxed as an amateur but it seems his record company somewhat over estimated the extent of his boxing career. He had just one professional fight in 1953 and suffered a 1st Round K O and that was his professional career over. However he certainly boxed as an amateur in New Orleans and this gives an excuse to load up this fantastic piece of old video.
  13. Firecrest

    All Our Yesterdays * Cutting Edge Comedy Heroes

    I 've enjoyed this thread. Here's my Grandad's relative entertaining the troops in Fogia during the War. It was always a highlight when our paths crossed. Last time was around 1976 at Fulham FC.
  14. Firecrest

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    It didn't work out for Ernie on this ocassion.
  15. Firecrest

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    Lee Maye doubled as a Major League Baseball players for The Atlanta Braves. Another from Atlanta's Gaye label.


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