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    London born and raised, bought first soul 45 in 1969 the year my family first got something I could play it on, first non compilation album was 'In Session' from Chairmen of The Board. Just carried on listening and collecting through school, university, career, marriage , children and into early retirement. Until children arrived used to spend time in club land about five / six times a month - just loved the music. I moved to the sticks in 1987 so have been Sussex based for most of my life now.

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    The Whispers - Flying High (Soul Clock)

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  1. What an interesting article - many thanks for sharing Pete.
  2. Juno Records have reissue copies available at a tenner as of today - has been fifty quid.
  3. Hi Pete, well done and it'll be interesting to see the new article. Best Greg
  4. Point taken Chalky - You are a wise man. I've recently sent a file of modern plus tunes to a mate in Germany who does a monthly music show . Here's what I sent him. A few left- field but I felt they fitted. Its now on in the background. Some are LP cuts. J.P Rogers - I ain't gonna give my love James Nelson - Mellow, Mellow Me Angelo Bond- He Gained The Whole World Sun - I had a choice Whispers- My, My, My Real Thing - Street Corner Boogie Hudson People - Trip to your mind Ralfi Pagan - Stay Out Of My Life Colors - S.O.S (Love on Sight Lisa Stansfield - So Natural Billy Rigsby - Sweet Funky Love Danny Johnson - Taking My Love For Granted Tom Dick & Harry - Pennies from Heaven Silk - I Can't Stop ( Turning You On) Lou Rawls - Back To You Temptations - That's Why (I Love You So) Ray Parker - Old Pro Mc Boulevard - Quiero hacerte el amor Phylis Hyman - Tonight You & Me Goldie Alexander - Go Back
  5. I agree but then the term 'modern' or at least 'modernism' is a term that refers to an art movement that started in the late Victorian period and probably finished about one hundred years ago!
  6. Hi Pete, I've sent you some information for your consideration. As you know I've circumstantial evidence that Timmy Willis (aka Henry Sapp) spent much of his latter life in Augusta, Georgia where he died in January 2012. His recording career ended forty years ago or so but he remained musically active within Baptist churches as a Director of Music.
  7. Let's be a bit more positive than the worst example of a Motown cut (although I have participated) . How about a thread highlighting hidden Motown gems. Here's one from Jackie Jackson's solo Motown album which is a sweet soul delight.
  8. Bob & Marcia 'Young , Gifted & Black' - Its not that its a terrible record its that Motown is not a reggae label.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jun/03/bob-marley-crystal-palace-park-redemption-song I found this to be of interest to me and thought I'd share . I went several times in the 70s and 80s. It's due a revival apparently but we shall see .....
  10. New Orleans unique musical heritage was largely self contained and there was no national distributor of classic NOLA records during the golden age of the 50s & 60s that was based in Louisiana. There were national break out records but many hugely popular NOLA artists such Tommy Ridgley never had a national hit. The legacy is a myriad of small label releases that to this day have stayed in New Orleans and the environs. I've been collecting them for years and am still finding uncatalogued material. Here are some excellent compilations on silver disc. I'll mention a few that haven't been yet. The 'Gumbo Stew ' set of three mentioned above are outstanding IMO. Orleans Record Story - 90s compilation of contemporary material Orleans label Crescent City Funk - UK Grapevine (2002) Chess New Orleans - classic era from the likes of : Clifton Chenier, Eddie Bo, Edgar Blanchard, Earl King, Frogman Henry. - Double Cd of Chess label releases. Amy/Sansu compilation: Get Low Down: The Soul of New Orleans '65 - 67 Watch records retro inc: Johnny Adams, Tommy Ridgley, Benny Spellman, Professor Longhair, Mardi Gras records (2000) - contains cuts on CD that are difficult to find anywaher. New Orleans Funk 1960 - 1975 "CD collection from UK Soul Jazz Vin label story: New Orleans R&B and Blues; Elton Anderson, Huey Smith, Jimmy Clanton, Dicky Williams Demon 2000 Lanor Records Story 1960-1992: A retro of Louisiana based artists inc: Charles Mann, Hugh Boynton. Zane records Louisiana Gumbo features Charles Sheffield 'It's Your Voodoo Working', Snooks Eaglin, Putumayo (2000) The NOLA greats are very well covered for CD/LP retrospectives (Percy Mayfield, Clifton Chenier, Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint, The Meters, Little Richard et al) but you might also want to become familiar with some of the lesser known artists who are part of the story. I'll highlight the following six: Theryl ' Houseman' de Clouet : The Houseman Cometh (2001) / The Truth is Out (2007) Rounder records John Boutte: You probably need just the one so 'Good Neighbour' album is recommended. It contains the theme song for 'Treme' incidentally. Sam Montel presents The Boogie Kings - A collection of Jin tunes. Not essential but fun Vasti Jackson - New Orleans : Rhythm, Soul, Blues (2013) - New stuff paying homage. There are at least two good Eddie Bo retrospectives easily available C.P.Love - Eponymous LP from 2000 Orleans records /Vivid Sound Japan - short but sweet. So much more I could say and add. Love me some NOLA tunes!
  11. Durand Jones & The Indication from Colemine records have released a superb version of 'Young Americans'. Available on Spotify and on Bandcamp. Download only at the moment. This would make a great 45.
  12. A new one from Nick Corbin, formerly of New Street Adventure. A new album drops in June and he's released a couple of 45s as an introduction. As always its a great song . I got my copies direct from Nick's website on https://www.nickcorbin.co.uk/about
  13. The lead singer on 'Baby I Love You' was Michael Bransford who hailed from Glasgow, Kentucky. He still performs in Glasgow with The Mysts of Tyme. http://mystsoftyme.com/uni/AssocDesc.asp?AssocID=23
  14. According to John Ridley's fantastic website Bobby Long released fifteen singles between 1957 & 1970 but as Sirshambling points out there is virtually no information of note on this singer & musician. He was probably from New Jersey and he used a stage name - it has been suggested that his real name was Sammy Bratcher Does anyone know anything more ? There is surely more to tell. My favourite of his that I have is this one.

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