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  1. We clear out a lot of closed record stores, and among our latest finds is this one out of a NC store. Never played, stone mint US original Ain't Nothing But Something To Do/ Half of Seven Minutes of Funk by The Whole Darn Family Label: Soul Int'l 105Year: 1976 Condition: M $100.00 From a warehouse find, this is a new, unplayed stock copy. This fantastic slice of mid-1970s Funk was the group's only chart record, but man is it a great one! Can't say enough great things about it, and the instrumental flip is a keeper, too! Both tracks are edited from longer album cuts of 5:41 and 7:00, respectively. Note: This beautiful copy has no notable flaws, grading Mint across the board (Labels, Vinyl, Audio).
  2. You're My Life/ Gonna Find A True Love by Bottom & Company Play mp3: Side A | Side B Label: Motown 1291Year: 1974 Condition: M-$300.00 Here's a beautiful, Near Mint copy of this impossible-to-find, yet simply gorgeous 45 with two outstanding sides. Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" of the B side and you'll hear why it fetches such a high price. Note: This copy grades very close to Mint in all respects (Labels, Vinyl, Audio).
  3. Ending in 8 hours at 5 pm eastern us
  4. High Bid now $2,973 USD closing at 5:00 pm Eastern US
  5. We just put up a Bobby Kline for auction (privately)...if you are still in need: http://www.classic45s.com/textpage.php?page=nealpreview
  6. Classic45s

    After some Oldies

    Hi there, We just put up a Bobby Kline--mintish--for private auction, closing in a few days. HEre is a link with pics and clips: http://www.classic45s.com/textpage.php?page=nealpreview
  7. Current high bid is $2,850 USD | Auction closes at 5:00 pm Eastern US October 18; 10 pm UK
  8. October 2016 From the vaults of classic45s.com we offer this beautiful Bobby Kline for auction. I'm also attaching sound files and pictures...please view both. Bidding is in US dollars and will close five days from the first verified bid. Winning bidder to pay for insured post. Audio files here: http://www.classic45s.com/jukebox/Say_Something_Nice_To_Me.mp3 http://www.classic45s.com/jukebox/Taking_Care_Of_Business.mp3 Bobby Kline, MB 1001, 1967. "Say Something Nice To Me / Taking Care of Business" | M- (M|M|M-) Here's an extremely rare Northern Soul single that can command eye-popping values when it's offered. Both sides are dynamite dancers, but frankly I put my money on the B side with its powerful rhythm section. This copy has beautiful Mint labels and untouched-looking vinyl. The audio grades Near Mint, reflecting very light native surface noise audible mainly early on the A side. (Have a listen to the mp3 "snippets" to hear what I mean.) MB: $2,000
  9. Classic45s

    Price Please: Autumn Leaves - Ricardo Sebastian

    Thanks Robert, I can't say I disagree with any that you say. In addition to the one sale point posted for EX, there was a minter that went for $360! Almost sounds a bit like a show tune to me.
  10. Is anyone familiar with this record and appropriate pricing? I've seen a few sale points, very wide ranging. I am not even sure what to call it...leaning towards popcorn, but would appreciate any thoughts from this group on genre classification and pricing. My copy is new and unplayed. Thanks!
  11. Crazy/ Sweetie Pie by Lorraine (Iris) Washington Label: J-V 1032 Year: 1966 Condition: M- $300.00 This is a new, unplayed promo stock from the Louise Neal 45 Collection. This obscure, rarely seen single has two terrific Northern Soul numbers definitely worth seeking out. "Sweetie Pie" is up on our page atwww.classic45s.com if you care to have a listen! Note: This beautiful 45 has Near Mint labels, with a couple of penciled "x"s and a hint of ringwear on the A side; the B label is nearly pristine. The vinyl looks untouched, and the grooves preserve pristine Mint audio!
  12. Closing today, current high offer is $840
  13. Classic45s


  14. This will be closing come Monday...current high bid is $775
  15. This special rarity from the Louise Neal collection was such a treat to find. I've been told this is a Frankie and the Classic's C/U, but whatever it maybe, it is a huge piece of tune! We are taking offers above $700 USD, and reserve the right to end offers at our discretion. Paypal friends and family or 4% fees added, along with shipping. Linda and the Pretenders, Assault 1879, 1963. "Believe Me/ It's Not My Will" Near Mint appearance, with some very light shadow printing on the A label (see scan). The record looks hardly touched, but the A side audio has audible noise near the beginning, and by the time the vocals kick in (about 8 spins), is all tune. The B side audio is Near Mint. Sound clips of the actual record are here, please listen before offering: Believe Me: http://www.classic45s.com/jukebox/Believe_Me.mp3 It's Not My Will: http://www.classic45s.com/jukebox/Its_Not_My_Will.mp3


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