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    German Romantic painting.
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    Joseph Cotton - "Day by day"

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  1. I love the raucous arrangement of JB
  2. polyvelts

    News: Ace Records - The November 2018 Line Up

    Our love is dying ! Incredible !!
  3. polyvelts

    Luther (Vandross' group before going solo) on AVCO?

    Great track !!!
  4. polyvelts

    Horse and Groom Doncaster Sunday Chillout 14/10/18

    Opening your set with Teddy P and following up with Rick James !!! Respect !
  5. polyvelts

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    I know what you mean, I did really enjoy it tho, but it being a prequel to breaking bad kills any real surprises. What I’d really like is a spin-off prequel of Mike’s early life.
  6. polyvelts

    The blurred line...

    Always loved this disco tune by Val Simpson’s brother Ray aka ‘the policeman’ in the Village People
  7. polyvelts

    The blurred line...

    When we first got into Northern (1980) the most memorable sounds at our local venue Brum Locarno were ‘Casanova’ by Coffee, ‘Janice’ , ‘keys to the city’ by Omni , ‘your song’ by the Dells all played alongside classic northern oldies. I remember ‘Casanova’ was in the charts at the time and was played next door in the Bali Hai !
  8. polyvelts

    The blurred line...

    You mean this ?
  9. polyvelts

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Yes ! I thought last chance lawyer was brilliant ! Fascinating stuff !
  10. polyvelts

    Two for now

    Someone please buy ‘soul strut’ for ‘getting nowhere fast’ on the flip side - one of the greatest ever deep soul tunes !!!!
  11. polyvelts

    The Greatest Record Finds Of All Time

    I could read these stories all day long !
  12. polyvelts

    What is your genre?

    Ha ! Walked into that one Rob ! What a tune ! Hope all’s good.
  13. polyvelts

    What is your genre?

    Soul records relating to the 1969 moon landing especially if they’re dissing it. Soul records that reference the “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” Alka Seltzer advert. Soul records that refer to Richard Nixon. Soul records that include spoken telephone conversations.
  14. polyvelts

    ‘Wishing well’ Chuck Ray ?

    Mystery solved !! Cheers John !


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