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    I like Soul music !!!

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    German Romantic painting.
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  1. Rees vocal is so incredible I can hardly listen to the other one, definitely an all time top 10 record for me ! Truly brilliant - wish I had one !!!!
  2. Slightly off topic but Louis Theroux chose this as one of his tracks recently for Desert Island Discs. My respect for him increased 1000 fold !!!!
  3. Happy All I Need Is Love / Shake A Leg BELL: 45124 DJ
  4. great, more room on the dancefloor for real fans.
  5. Just saw loads of Dutch copies of this in Amsterdam - fiver on average
  6. As if postage of precious vinyl from the states wasn’t expensive enough already -Trump is threatening to pull out of the Global postal union !! https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/sep/24/universal-postal-union-disruption-trump-us-pullout whatever political side you’re on this is serious !!!
  7. She’s in the right age range and vocal range, seems highly possible.
  8. L-O-V-E used to sort out the men from the boys on the dancefloor !
  9. I remember the design for the 500th all niter patch was an open competition advertised in Black Echoes
  10. I mean with Willie Hutch, Jerry Butler, David Ruffin, Lamont Dozier etc its really like shooting fish in a barrel ! From his 'Concert in Blues' LP
  11. Didnt realise that. To be honest I was viewing the question from the POV that there wasnt a current 45 issue of a track at the time of release (or at least within a year) rather than 39 years later.

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