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  1. Intensive Heat "Keep an eye on your close friend" (Soul Mate SM 001) Ex £60 (+p&p) I believe this is what is commonly known as a Firme Rola ! Not to be confused with The Newcomers blinding 70s tune "Keep an eye on your close friends" nor the 80s Fun...
  2. Lee Williams and the Cymbals "Girl from a country Town" (Rapda) VG++ has a couple of slight scuffs that dont affect play - sounds great ! £125 + p&p No need to introduce this one - The smoothest of the smooth crossover !
  3. My MonuMental Soul Weekender playlist

    Anyone that plays "I want you" is alright by me ! Stunning choice.
  4. Unsung Tv One : The Dramatics

    Really interesting, loads of stuff I never knew ! Great to see Lj Reynolds getting his props - great singer !!
  5. Baby Sister & the Gospel Echoettes -"Up above my head" (Su-Ann) VG. £75 (+ p&p) Condition is I would say conservatively graded, plays fine as a DJ copy. If you want a soundclip then please PM me. (attached youtube clip is not mine) A great versi...
  6. Daryl Pediford - "Summer comes along" (Kryptonyte) Ex. £200 (+p & p) They don't make them like this anymore. Ultimate RARE independent 80s soul of the highest, highest order. *Please note, label displayed is random youtube clip, labels on m...
  7. Tom Green 'Endless Confusion'

    Tom Green "Endless Confusion" (Action UK) VG++ Few sleeve scuffs - but plays great. Faint rubber stamp mark on flip. £80 (+p&p)
  8. People still read books ?

    Just read his latest 'Convlave' , really enjoyed it.
  9. People still read books ?

    That is a great series I'm currently looking at the one on Rouben Mamoulian
  10. Mary Hunt 'I want to love and be loved' (Soulmate) Ex. £50 +p&p Quite rare independent label soul (same as Soul Intensions release) coming at ya direct from Jamaica NY ! Once you get past the crazy gypsy violin solo and Mary's searing vocals kick in ...

    Great flipside on this too !
  12. Seen Any Good Films Recently

    The new Spider-Man movie is good !
  13. Les Watson -"No peace, no rest" / "Soul man Blues

    Ooops ! Well spotted !