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  1. polyvelts

    Dean Anderson's TNT Soul Show Thursday's at 8.

    Totally agree. Just listened to the Tats Taylor show. absolutely BRILLIANT !!!
  2. polyvelts

    Dean Anderson's TNT Soul Show Thursday's at 8.

    Chalky, thanks so much for the trouble you go to putting these shows up online -your efforts are really appreciated. I never get around to tuning in live but I never miss them later in the week online !!
  3. polyvelts

    Dean Anderson's TNT Soul Show Thursday's at 8.

    What a great show , and great to hear some incredible cheapies that never get the spins these days ! Well done Ian
  4. polyvelts

    Horse and Groom Doncaster Sunday Chillout 10/06/18

    History of great soul music 101 ! Great to see some Teddy P getting spun too !!
  5. polyvelts

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    They look like they’re having fun - good luck to em
  6. polyvelts

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Not to be confused with this very similarily titled film 'Tangerine'
  7. polyvelts

    this is america

    I hear you. I suppose the question is has life got better or worse for Black people in the USA since then ? For some better, worse for a lot though when you look at early death, incarceration figures etc the music is just a mirror of the times I guess , but like a lot on this site I suppose musically I’m more immersed in the past rather than the present but I’ve recently got into some new acts that are damn right joyful (tank & the bangers, Kota the friend, phony people) but theres a really broad range of black music out there since I recently started moving my mouse around
  8. polyvelts

    this is america

    I imagine that’s what a few people thought in 1968 looking back at a golden age in jazz , what goes around comes around etc
  9. polyvelts

    this is america

    Big fan of Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino , he’s a great wriTer , Atlanta his tv series is worth checking out. He’s got lots to say if you want to listen and he’s pretty old school soulful too....
  10. polyvelts

    Rare Compilation Lps

    Such a great comp, played it to death !
  11. polyvelts

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    I still have a scar on the middle of my tounge after entire nights chewing it raw. Ha ha happy days !
  12. polyvelts

    1975 cleethorpes pier allnighter

    Never knew there was super 8 footage of cleethorpes ! Atmospheric ! I wonder if mvps was actual tune - could have been anything I guess.
  13. Soul Source music video feature announcement - Just added to our video feature .... Name: Cubby St Charles May 24, 2017 At The Crab Tavern Category: Video Bites Date Added: 2018-05-09 Submitter: polyvelts Video Description: watch now... Cubby St Charles May 24, 2017 At The Crab Tavern Soul Source Soul Music Video Feature 2018
  14. polyvelts

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    'Lean on Pete' Best film Ive seen this year.


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