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    I like Soul music !!!

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    German Romantic painting.
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  1. Hi Mike, A sad loss indeed, can you remember any of the Soul - Northern tunes he played ? Hope all is good Dude ! EDIT Actually I just found it on Mixcloud, its mainly old rockin numbers, not massively my thing but does show how flexible and wide his tastes and influences were !
  2. Yes, it’s very good and deserving winner.
  3. co written and produced by legendary Joey Jefferson ! I remember Ian used to play it at the 100 club, at 7 in the morning it would just about crack you up !
  4. Does anyone know what Archie Williams went for ?
  5. Great interview !!! what a woman !!!! https://open.spotify.com/episode/6xRAe2xJx4NqMTQa8BWx30?si=OufG_4W7R_eR62Z8UJYiHQ
  6. I went to what seemed like a closing down sale of a record shop in Leytonstone round about 1980-81 ?? Lots of very cheap 45s, 20p each loads of 70s soul whites demos, remember picking up Chaumonts 'When you love somebody', Jackie Wilson 'its all over', Ethics 'look at me now', Singing Sam 'Move it Baby' etc all decent stuff, wish I;d more cash at the time haha !!!
  7. Yes, just saw 1917 it was good but horrifying.

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