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  1. Afron Dimensions

    Will PM you
  2. Afron Dimensions

    yep !
  3. Afron Dimensions

    Afro Dimensions "Just because" (Jayboy) UK M- £20 One of those UK only releases we know and love. This is a fine example of the genre now commonly known as 'sweet with a beat' !! Ambassadors "Good love, gone bad" (Atlantic) DJ (single sided) M- £20 ...
  4. Messiahs of Glory - "Thank You" (Sky Hero Productions) M- £75 SOLD Great little Disco, Funky Gospel number. Jimmy Mack - "A woman is hard to understand" (Hamster) M- £75 SOLD Ok, there are repros out there - but this is the real deal. Smashing...
  5. Frank Wilson On Uk Tamla Motown

    I remember it coming out in 1979 at the same time as Barbara Randolph ‘I got a feeling’
  6. Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    I think you get the general idea !!!
  7. Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

  8. Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

  9. Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    Jerry Butler “Power of Love” ’Whatever goes around comes around’
  10. Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Yes - Agreed, I enjoyed Rogue 1
  11. Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Ok, I’m putting my head on the block here. latest Star Wars ...... big yawn !!
  12. best under priced record under 20 pound

    Great call !! And what about 'these hands(small but mighty)' spun by Ady many a time !
  13. best under priced record under 20 pound

    There’s so so many ..... but this is my pick
  14. Happy Days And Looking Back Regrets

    Short of cash and unaware that records go up in price took a 50 box to Norfolk village in mid 90s , sold some nice 70s for 3 - 4 pounds each, cc & co, life tell me why, Marvin Holmes etc. For some reason they all went very quickly !!