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  1. adlibsoul

    the Ad-Lib Club.

    50s/60s Original Vinyl Club.early soul,r&b,hammond grooves,jazz flavours,original Jamaican cut off year 1966.The sounds that helped give birth to the original r&b/soul/mod scene of the early 60to mid sixties.Guests Neale Dewey,Lee Parsons,Jake Kirkham.Residents Steve Longworth,Christian Scott,Martin Greene..Suited and Booted.Smart casual.8.00pm to 1.00 am. Tickets £5 each from 07989717043.Limited to 110.Strict door policy.
  2. 50s/60s r&b,early soul,original Jamaican,blues,hammond grooves,jazz flavours,doowop.The early sounds that helped formulate the early to mid sixties original allnighter scene,Played out in an 1823 cellar-bar venueThis.may be the last event at this venue as the property is up for lease.Guest djs Craig Simpson,Neil Youdale,Kev Kus,Steve Yates.Plus all our resident djs.Tickets £4 each.Tel 07989717043
  3. 50s/60s Original Vinyl Only Club. R&B,Early Soul,Original Jamaican,Blues,Jazz flavours,Hammond Grooves,DooWop,Ballads-whatever the djs on the night decide. Cut off year 1966.It's their take on the early sounds that helped to develop the original early to mid 60s soul/r&b/mod underground scene. Tonights guests are Mik Parry and Gav Arno of Sheffields Pow-Wow who will be playing their "Birth of the Cool"clubs take on the scene.Popular regular Colin Brown(London) will be playing a Jamaican set in the chill-out lounge.Colin was a regular in the 60s at The Roaring Twenties Jamaican Club in Londons Carnaby Street.Andrew and Eileen Vasey are selecting a jazzy set for the chill-out lounge (chuffed about this as our cl...ub hasn't really played much of this gendre which was such an important part of the early scenes mod culture). Martin Greene,Steve Longworth,,Christian Scott and Howie Houghton are all playing selections from their exceptional Original Vinyl collections. Tickets bought before the event are £4.00.Tickets otd (if still available on the night of the event )are £5.00. The aim of the club is to be true to the roots of the scene,its many gendres and in recognition of its trail-blazing artists, most of whom never got the rewards or fame at the time that their work deserved.One of the reasons we support rare and underplayed OV is to show recognition to djs/collectors/dealers who have spent hours and £sss sourcing unknown artists and tracks from the early years and have in doing so made the r&b scene so exciting and fresh today. It's Saturday night.It's pure 60's cellar-bar clubland.It's the Flamingo,the Scene !It's hot,sweaty thirsty work.Some of the best djs around play this club and love it !!This isn't a club taking a nostalgic look back to those golden years.It's a club that looks forward with CULT and STYLE but knows that HISTORY plays the biggest part in todays scene. Get "suited and booted",smart casual,dress to impress.This is what a Saturday night out in the 60s is all about. Early doors venue.Doors open 6.45pm then through to 12.15. More ifo.07989717043.
  4. That's a shame Alfie.We break for summer after this event and start again on October 7th with Sheffields Pow Wow Mik Parry and Gav Arno playing their new club "Birth of the Cool"music policy.We do have a strong Sheffield area following so this should be a packer.Hope you can both make it.
  5. The Ad-Lib Club "Back to the Roots" May 13th. Proposed dj set times. Chill-out lounge: Martin Greene/Steve Longworth (Ad-Lib) 7 - 8 Glenn Merrifield (Hull) 8 - 8.45... Roger Banks (Nottingham) 8.45 - 9.30 Howie Houghton (Ad-Lib) 9.30 - 10.15 Andrew/Eileen Vasey (Ad-Lib) 10.15 - 11.00 Allan Swires/Christian Scott (Ad-Lib) 11.00 finish Main Room: Allan Swires/Christian Scott (Ad-Lib) 7 - 8 Howie Houghton (Ad-Lib) 8 - 8.30 Andrew/Eileen Vasey (Ad-Lib) 8.30 - 9.00 Glenn Merrifield (Hull) 9.00 - 10.00 Roger Banks (Nottingham) 10.00 - 11.00 Martin Greene/Steve Longworth (Ad-Lib) 11.00 finish Hope these set times are okay with everyone.
  6. 50s/60s R&B,Early Soul,Original Jamaican,DooWop,Hammond Grooves,Blues,Ballads depending on the nights djs.Cut off year 1966.Guests Roger Banks (Nottingham),Glenn Merrifield (Founder Mojo Club,Hull).Residents Martin Greene,Steve Longworth,Allan Swires,Christian Scott,Andrew and Eileen Vasey,Howie Houghton.Suited and Booted or Smart Casual.Dress to impress.1823 original cellar bar. 2 rooms with music.. Tickets £4 each 07989717043 (Glenn)
  7. Enjoyed chatting to you both.Thanks for the positive feedback and hope to see you both again soon.Glenn.
  8. Hi Alfie,doors open 6.40pm and as soon as we're in the djs get playing.(officially start at 7.oopm).Pre -gig meet in the Tap and Spile pub,Hungate(2 mins from the venue where tracks from our music policy are played between 5 and 7pm).
  9. Anyone coming to the Ad-Lib this Saturday it's Free Lincoln Weekend. https://www.visitlincoln.com/whats-on/discover-lincolnshire-weekend-2017
  10. The Ad-Lib Club "Back to the Roots". March 18th Dj set times. Chill-out Lounge: Allan Swires/Christian Scott(Ad-Lib) 7.00 - 8.00 ALI BONGO GOBY (London) 8.00 - 8.45... TONY CRAMPTON (Kent) 8.45 - 9.30 Andrew/Eileen Vasey(Ad-Lib) 9.30 - 10.15 Howie Houghton (Ad-Lib) 10.15 - 11.00 Martin Greene/Kev Kus (Ad-Lib) 11.00 - finish. Main Room : Andrew/Eileen Vasey (Ad-Lib) 7.00 - 7.45 Howie Houghton (Ad-Lib) 7.45 - 8.15 Martin Greene/Kev Kus(Ad-Lib) 8.15 - 9.15 ALI BONGO GOBY (London) 9.15 - 10.15 TONY CRAMPTON (Kent) 10.15 - 11.15 Allan Swires/Christian Scott (Ad-Lib) 11.15 - finish. Hope these times suit all the djs. Tickets £4.00 each.07989717043 Thanks The Ad-Lib Team
  11. Original Vinyl Only.50s/60s rare underplayed r&b,early soul,Original Jamaican,blues,Hammond,DooWop,Ballads cut off year '66.All the sounds that morphed into the original early sixties allnighter scene frequented by the disciples from the r&b,mod,soul scene.Dress to impress,suited and booted or smart casual.Original 1824 cellar bar with a warren of rooms (two with decks).Guests Tony Crampton (Kent),Ali Bongo Goby (London).Residents Martin Greene,Allan Swires,Kev Kus,Christian Scott,Andrew/Eileen Vasey,Howie Houghton.Tickets £4 by arrangement 07989717043.Pre gig meet at the Tap and Spile,Hungate,Lincoln (2 mins from the venue ).Council carpark at the venue (small evening charge)These nights reflect the STYLE-CULT-HISTORY of the original scene. This is an early start venue.Doors open 6.40pm.Djs straight on in both rooms through until 12.15am.
  12. Martin Greene is unavailable for this event so we have KEV KUS (Sheffield) filling in for him.
  13. 50s/60s R&B,Early Soul,Original Jamaican,Blues,DooWop,Hammond Grooves,Ballads.The sounds that helped evolve the original mod/soul/r&b allnighter scene of the mid-sixties. A night of CULT-STYLE-HISTORY played in an 1823 2-roomed cellar-bar venue.underneath Lord Beaumonts Manor House.All ticket event because of the many who travel and make a weekend of it in Lincoln. Guest djs Andrew Miller (Manchester).Chris Reilly (Cleethorpes),Residents Martin Greene,Steve Longworth,Allan Swires,Andrew and Eileen Vasey,Christian Scott,Howie Houghton.Chill-out lounge and main room. A night to get "Suited and Booted",Smart Casual.Dress to impress.Rare video projections. Tickets £4.00 each 07989 717 043 Paypal as friend/family adlibsoul@yahoo.co.uk Early start venue.Doors open 6.40pm then through until 12.15am. Pre-gig meet at The Tap and Spile pub between 5 and 7(2 mins from the venue.2 mins from all the eateries you could wish for.)Council carpark directly behind the venue (small evening charge)
  14. Proposed dj set times for Ad-Lib November 26th 2016. Chill-out lounge. Allan Swires/Christian Scott 7.00 - 8.00 CLIVE READ 8.00 - 8.45 MARTIN ANNIS 8.45 - 9.30... KATY TAYLOR 9.30 - 10.00 Howie Houghton 10.00-10.30 Andrew/Eileen Vasey 10.30-11.00 Steve Longworth/Martin Greene 11.00 finish Main room. Steve Longworth/Martin Greene 7.00- 8.00 Andrew/Eileen Vasey 8.00 - 8.30 Howie Houghton 8.30 - 9.00 CLIVE READ 9.00 - 10.00 MARK ANNIS 10.00-11.00 Allan Swires/Christian Scott 11.00 - finish
  15. 50s/60s.Early Soul,R&B,Hammond Grooves,Jamaican R&B,Ska,Shuffles.DooWop,Blues,Ballads.All in the music policy depending on the djs.The sounds that helped evolve the original soul/mod/r&b allnighter scene of the early 60's.Chill-out room decks plus main dance room.1823 original stone- walled cellar- bar beneath Lord Beaumonts Manor House.A warren of underground rooms. Resident djs Martin Greene,Steve Longworth,Allan Swires,Christian Scott,Andrew and Eileen Vasey,Howie Houghton. Guest djs Mark Annis (Worcester),Clive Read(Federal Club Crewe),Katy Taylor(Shake it Loose-Newark). Council car park to the rear of venue(small evening charge) 2 mins from bars/restaurents.Pre-gig meet at the Tap and Spile between 5.00 and 7.00 (2 mins from venue). Early start venue.Doors open 6.45.Finish 12.15am. More information/tickets 07989 717 043 .adlibsoul&yahoo.co.uk. Also we have an FB Ad-Lib page. All ticket event £4.00 each.

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