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  1. Found this, Record Mirror readers letters page from 1966. Complaints galore about James Brown's RSG special...
  2. A BIOGRAPHY of Jan Bradley published in Billboard March 1963.
  3. Another Billboard chart from March 1963- The R&B Singles, some interesting and surprising records included. This is due to them being bought in stores that provided data for the Billboard chart located in African American neighbourhoods.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I remember Channel 4 broadcasting a short run of RSG shows in 1984/5. The Morown Special being a particular hi light. Dave Clark released a couple of video compilations at the time. Videotape was expensive back in the 60s and TV stations around the world were in the habit of wiping shows after they were broadcast in order to reuse the tape for future episodes. So many great performances and iconic shows have been lost forever. There is always the hope that someone somewhere has a copy in their loft or garden shed and will be uncovered someday soon. The James Brown Show sounds electrifying!
  5. I enjoyed the documentary but was also frustrated by it. Detail seemed to be secondary, for example no mention of when it was first broadcast. It would've been nice to know which artists appeared on the debut show and what songs did they "perform". That kind of detail does matter! Great to see the old clips of the artists in their prime- teenagers and 20 somethings. I wonder how many of them thought they would still be around and enjoying a successful career almost 60 years later? It was great to see a large section of the documentary devoted to R&B/Motown. I was surprised that the Supremes did not feature in the performances documentary that followed- Motown's biggest act!
  6. Thanks for posting this incredible performance. WHAT A VOICE! The power, depth and such a sweet tone. A powerful combination. This gal deserved to be a major star. Yet another sad tale of an African American artist who couldn't overcome the odds stacked against them.
  7. The UK Soul Singles Chart published in Blues & Soul/Record Mirror on 15th March 1975
  8. The first ever UK R&B Singles chart. Published in Record Mirror July 3rd 1965
  9. WOW this is a new find! Great record. Blue Magic never managed to crack the UK charts. Side Show & Three Ring Circus were hits in the UK for reggae star Barry Biggs. Terrible inferior versions to the originals!
  10. Some of the "remedies" I've seen on You Tube fill me with horror. Placing a vinyl disc in the oven. What could possibly go wrong? Cleaning with wood glue, washing up liquid or WD40? If you're daft enough to try these crazy "cures" then I have a cure for Corona Virus, only £50 + pp for a 1litre bottle!
  11. 1966 and the Four Tops make an impression on the Brits!
  12. Interesting contemporary reviews from UK music mag Disc published in late 1966. Do you agree with the reviewer?
  13. You can see that several of the Motown chart entries are re releases issued due to the emerging Northern scene and renewed interest in those early Motown tracks originally released a couple of years earlier.
  14. Dee Dee Sharp released on Action records
  15. Just take a look at the UK singles & albums charts from 1st March 1969. Motown/soul music was making a full on assault on the UK charts. The soul singles/albums are also listed. Fascinating stuff!

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