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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Wigan Casino Top 20 - Compiled by Russ Winstanley & Richard Searling. This chart was published in Record Mirror weekly for several months during 1975 From the Mecca of British Soul.... View full article
  2. Wigan Casino Top 20 Compiled by Russ Winstanley & Richard Searling. This chart was published in Record Mirror weekly for several months during 1975 From the Mecca of British Soul You've Come A Long Way Baby - Flower Shoppe Let Me Do It - The Bells Going To A Go·Go -The Sharonettes The Day My Heart Stood Still - Ollie Jackson I'm comlng home in The Morning - Lou Pride Cracking Up Over You - Tommy Hunt Get Out -Tommy Hunt Zola - King Errisson I Can't Help Myself - Johnny Ross and The Soul Explosion Send him Back -= The Pointer Sisters The Trip -Dave Mitchell and the screamers Runaway - The Chantells Spellbound - Tamiko .Jones Mine Exclusively - Fred Orchestra You Touched me - Judy Clay Can't Chance a breakup - Ike and Tina Trner Groovy Feeling -Tobbi Bowe She'll Come Running back - Mel Brittt Set My Heart At Ease - Nikki Farrow Breakaway (vocal and instrumental ) - Ernie Bush HOTTIPS Long Gone -Debbie Fleming Thumb A Ride - Earl Wright
  3. I'm certain all vinyl records in the BBC Library will now be transferred to digital files for easier access. It seems unlikely that the BBC would sell such an important cultural asset. The BBC Library is one of the largest most complete collections on the planet. It's a bit like saying the Louvre has digital copies of all the great art treasures such as the Mona Lisa and are now selling the originals in a Parisienne flea market!
  4. Sad news indeed. Thank you for the music and all the great memories associated with hearing those songs.
  5. I managed to get the DVD from AmazonPrime for £10.99. Watched it on Saturday night. Gotta say it was nicely filmed, stylish graphics. I found it really annoying to continually hear that phaser effect on the music sections throughout the film. The producers also chose to dub some of the original live vocals on a number of the film clips with the studio recording, depriving viewers the opportunity to see & hear our idols performing at the peak of their powers. I could do without the appearances by "current" artists & 5 minute wonders like Sam Smith- totally unnecessary, adds nothing to the film and will quickly date the documentary! At the end of the 2hrs I came away feeling disappointed. I expected a lot more from 120 minutes. The "wonderful friendship" between Gordy & Smokey was sold within the first 10 minutes, it didn't need to be reinforced for the remainder of the film. The "never before seen" footage was all too brief and there just wasn't enough of it to satisfy. Some glaring omissions- Barrett Strong's "Money" being just one. Diana Ross, Motown's biggest star- nothing of her solo super stardom. The documentary was good. Did I learn anything new? Maybe a couple of things but no ground breaking revelations. It felt more like the opening episode, a preview for an indepth multi part TV documentary series similar to those amazing Ken Burns classics.
  6. While we're all losing our s**t over a 2hr Motown documentary over in the States famous US documentary filmmaker Ken Burns has being doing lots of press conferences to promote his multi part series on the history of COUNTRY MUSIC... need I say more?
  7. It's gonna be available on NETFLIX. The DVD is already listed on Amazon.co.uk will be available later this month.
  8. I often wonder what might have been had Mary renewed her contract with Motown in 1964. What tracks would she have recorded? Would the Supremes have still have become the No1 act at the label? The "alternative history" is an interesting topic for discussion. Mary might have recorded "Where Did Our Love Go" or "Baby Love" although Smokey had just provided her with the biggest hit of her career with "My Guy" it's more likely he would've been first choice for any future songs/production duties. There is no doubt that Mary's limited success after leaving Motown must've played in Gordy's favour as he could point to her "failure" as leverage against any of his young acts who might attempt to "push back" against the complete control of the company over their careers.
  9. A great series of rare soul compilations. Sound quality is always great too
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Hitsville The Making Of Motown - The much heralded documentary "Hitsville The Making Of Motown" will be available from the 9th October on Blu Ray & DVD. View full article
  11. The much heralded documentary "Hitsville The Making Of Motown" will be available from the 9th October on Blu Ray & DVD. Added by site Directed by Gabe and Ben Turner, Hitsville: The Making of Motown focuses on the period beginning with the birth of the company in Detroit in 1958 until its relocation to Los Angeles in the early 1970s. The story of Motown is told through interviews with the label's visionary founder, Berry Gordy, and many of its superstar artists and creative figures, as well as rare performances and behind-the-scenes footage unearthed from Motown s vaults and Gordy's personal archives.The doc is the first documentary about the iconic label with Gordy's participation.
  12. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The Story of Motown Songwriting Team Holland Dozier Holland. Available in Hardback 10th October 2019 View full article
  13. The Story of Motown Songwriting Team Holland Dozier Holland. Available in Hardback 10th October 2019 Brian Holland, Edward Holland, and Lamont Dozier, known as Holland-Dozier-Holland or H-D-H, were the greatest songwriting team in American pop music history. Seventy of the songs they wrote reached the Billboard Top 40, with 15 of these reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart. No other songwriting team or individual has come close to equaling, let alone surpassing, this record. They've been inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. As tunesmiths for the legendary Motown Record Corporation, and for their own corporations, Invictus Records and Hot Wax Records, they wrote and produced hits for Diana Ross and the Supremes, including Baby Love, Stop! In the Name of Love, Where Did Our Love Go, You Keep Me Hangin' On, You Can't Hurry Love, I Hear a Symphony, Come See About Me, Back in My Arms Again and Reflections. Now the legendary composers are ready to reveal the inspirations and stories behind their chart-topping hits, providing millions of fans with the first complete history of their songwriting process, and detail the real-life experiences that led them to write each of their most famous tunes. They will also reveal their creative and intimate relationships with Motown's biggest stars. added by site Product details Hardcover: 336 pages Publisher: Omnibus Press (10 Oct. 2019) Language: English DAVE THOMPSON is the author of over 150 books, including co-written memoirs with New York Doll Sylvain Sylvain, Motown legends Brian and Eddie Holland (forthcoming), Hawkwind s Nik Turner, the Yardbirds Jim McCarty, Fairport Convention s Judy Dyble and more. A columnist for Goldmine magazine, his work has also appeared in Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, Mojo, Record Collector and many other major publications. He has contributed to music documentaries produced by VH-1, A&E, the BBC and others. Born in the UK, Thompson is now a resident of Delaware, USA.

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