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  1. The Valley Walker

    Lyrics - Id Please

    Hi, met a very old mate today - haven't seen him in 15-20 years. He said I did him a tape many years ago and his daughter taped over the thing...there was a song on there that he would like to get hold of but can't recall who it was..... these are the bits he recalled - can yone help as I am hopless at these things? Spoken intro he said...slow song with words like or similar to::: "not enough time in the day to say som..
  2. The Valley Walker

    For Sale - 7"

    *Bump* Have been contacted about the E Lampkins on here and thought I would see if any of the other records are looking for homes?
  3. The Valley Walker

    For Sale - 7"

    Hi, Been away from the forum for a good while and if anyone is interested I still have a fair few of the above list for sale...get in touch for details. TVW
  4. The Valley Walker

    For Sale

    Davida Lynn Jenkins - Consider Me 7" (G Group) £40 + p&p
  5. The Valley Walker

    Help Wanted - Sean Oliver Track

    Cheers all, Ye, must be thinking about Drizabone...just had this thought it was an "earlier" sample of summat. Nope, playing it again it deffo drizabone thingy and nowt else. Great toon though.
  6. The Valley Walker

    Help Wanted - Sean Oliver Track

    Good Evening, Anyone know the above mentioned record by Sean Oliver? If so I am trying to find out what the back beat that is used in this record...its something I know very well (I think) but I have a complete blank on it? Can anyone help? cheers TVW
  7. The Valley Walker

    For Sale - 7"

    Email: (leaving out the 2 @'s) Hi, to go with the above 7" here are a couple of LP's that you might be interested in - get in touch. They are all in excellent+ condition I would say? Thanks to those kind people who have given me some idea of prices for records I have - not all rip off merchants out there, nice to know. 1. Jesse James - Looking Back (TTED) Incs "Love Affair" 2. Terr..
  8. The Valley Walker

    For Sale - 7"

    Hello All, If anyone is interested in any of the following records please email me. I have quickly put this list together and apart from a few items I have no idea on prices so I will leave it to you. After collecting stuff until about 10 yaers ago I now have no place for vinyl. I have lots more 7's 12's and LP's but will do more later. Hope they go to good homes. Email: (leaving out the..
  9. The Valley Walker

    Will Hatcher

    I have the green copy if you still want it ?
  10. The Valley Walker

    Donnel Pitman - Your Love Is Dynamite

    Thanks for the reply
  11. The Valley Walker

    Donnel Pitman - Your Love Is Dynamite

    Hello All, I am new to this forum so exuce me if this is in the wrong thread. I have a copy of the above mentioned track on 7" vinyl but wondered if this has ever been available on CD? Thanks TVW PS: Anyone got any idea how much the 7" sells for these days?