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  1. JamesP

    nolan porter with stone foundation

    Friday 25th July The Globe, Cardiff Tickets £12 Mojo King 02920 499968
  2. JamesP

    Nolan Porter with Stone Foundation

    After a 30 year absence the legendary Nolan Porter returned to record with British Soul boys Stone Foundation and is featured on a cd Live at the 100 club..After a hugely successful short tour with Stone Foundation 2 years ago, Nolan returns for a few select UK dates with the band. Stone Foundation being firm favourites here in Cardiff returning for the 6th time! Having supported the likes of The Specials, The Beat, Madness, Blow Monkeys amongst others and due to headline at Rob Baileys Modstock weekender at Easter. This year they have also been on a sell out tour to Tokyo. With the new album featuring Nolan, Carleen Anderson and Andy Fairweather Low getting rave reviews, heading up the charts and lots of National radio airplay including The Craig Charles show and Radio 2, this looks like being a fantastic year for them. Tickets now on sale at just £12 plus booking fee at Plus Cafe A Go Go DJs
  3. JamesP

    New Street Adventure at Cafe A Go Go Cardiff

  4. JamesP

    Myron & E with The Soul Investigators-Cardiff

  5. JamesP

    Oldest Established 60S/soul Club

    I meant established as in founded or set up and not in the sense of longest running, ok didnt know 6ts Rhythm and Soul Society formed in 79, so you have answered my question. Havent said we were a soul club just used that in title along with 60s. Also the posting was just giving a bit of background and publicity on our club, sometimes its nice to know the roots and history of a place. The post was a bit tongue in cheek. As in all po..
  6. Not the longest running but wonder if any one can beat Cafe A Go Go for the oldest ESTABLISHED club. We started Cafe in Cardiff originally in march 1982. Off the back of the mod revival we strayed into psychadelia. On the opening night in Duke Street Arcade we had nearly 400 people turn up. from all over country Had to turn loads away, most waited in arcade and took their chances on a one in one out. Ran for about year and a half. St..
  7. JamesP

    The Geography Of Northernsoul

    Very healthy scene down here in Cardiff and South Wales. Attracting new people to the club every month, loads of youngsters late teens early 20s hear the music outside, come in and dance til the end of night. Loads of comments like what the f...k is this music, never heard anything like it b4 but its brilliant. The good thing is they keep coming back and bringing more people with them. Also loads of older people that were in to it wh..
  8. JamesP

    Could This Be The Next Big Thing?

    Played this at Cafe quite a bit, great mover and always has dancefloor buzzing. Quite a lot of latin is popular at mo.
  9. Wade Flemons-Jeanette. always tops never get bored with this Wynder K Frog- I`m a man . Fast and furious. luverly
  10. JamesP

    Only Dancing To What You Know

    Love to dance to stuff that I dont know, great buzz trying to work out the beat and then when you have cracked it, awesome. I find that with exception of some tunes, i get a bit bored with the ones that I know from time to time. Also helps if there is good atmosphere on the floor, with loads of puzzled faces thinking, whats this, how the f...k can i dance to it. Always a danger of getting stuck in your comfort zone but if thats what ..
  11. Saturday 24th July 2010 Upstairs at The Promised Land Cafe A Go Go returns with another slab of music to get you groovin and moovin. Rhythm and Blues, Northern Soul, Mod and Ska, with a bit of Funk and Boogaloo thrown in for fun Back to our normal 2am finish. Last months 4am, although pretty succesful, was a lot of hard work. Next 4am probably December Our special guest this month is South Wales' Lee Davies. Lee ha..
  12. JamesP

    Hip Hug Her

    Just returned from a brill night at Hip Hug Her Weston, great to catch up with loads of people not seen in ages. Brill music from all the DJs. Thanks to all the guys that put it on, one of the Souths top nights and venue. Great atmosphere and dancing crowd.
  13. JamesP

    Hiphugher, Weston-Super-Mare: July 10Th

    All sorted! Bring it on Weston!
  14. JamesP

    Hiphugher, Weston-Super-Mare: July 10Th

    Always a brilliant night in Weston, hope to get over if I can get a lift . Anyone going over from South Wales who has room? James
  15. Anyone going over to Hip Hug Her in Weston this Sat from South Wales? Looking for lift Cheers James