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  1. SSS International, must be minimum VG+ (preferably E/VG++) Would prefer if you had a price in mind rather than what's your offer (I do have a limit). Anyway, thanks for looking Steve
  2. Etoy Bogart & Kavetts sorted Still on the look out for Vivian Jones
  3. Hi, Vivian Jones - Money Can't Buy My Love (Lark) Etoy Bogart - This Maybe The Last Time (Philwood) The Kavetts - I've Got A Story To Tell You (Len Dre) Prefer VG+ condition but comfortable with VG (visual) if the price is right... Thanks for looking Steve
  4. Looking for VG+ minimum of ETOY BOGART AND BOGART BROS. - This maybe the last time - PHILWOOD Thanks for looking Steve
  5. Just missed one for sale on FB, looking for minimum VG+ on Twinight Thanks for looking Steve
  6. Looking on popsike it looks like it went for twice what it sold for in the past, but the condition was reasonable. Would I pay £1k for it? Not really sure how rare it is and how much it has swapped hands for in private sales... I'd have to think about that one...
  7. Had this on my Ebay search list for ages and no emails that it was up for sale - bet I've missed out on it now What is it listed as Frank Hutton or Frank Hutson and as Big Man or Old Man Me? Tried all permutations...
  8. What did chick chick go for? Last update I saw 30 mins before it ended was £813
  9. Anybody have this for sale on Lark - cash waiting Thanks for looking Steve
  10. El Corols now sorted. Still after the other two, particularly Vivian Jones
  11. looking for vg+ of the following 3 records el corols - chick chick (preferably on tiny) vivian jones - money cant buy my love (lark) etoy bogart - this maybe the last time (philwood) thanks for looking Steve

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