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  1. baz1

    Mexbrough athletic club

    Thanks to steve john an andy for the invite to play some tunes really lookin forward to it c ya tmoz. Baz
  2. Hope you and the lurvly eileen are good m8 ? Xx baz n shelly
  3. baz1

    Pictures of Us

    Hope he's getting well we had only been on the scene 7 months when we met pete and viv qnd they wer soooo good to us Xx baz
  4. baz1

    Pictures of Us

    Yes steve top bloke he was my best man when I married shell but he dint get there on time but we know what his time keepins like he's just real deal X miss him on the scene,went over to see him summer last year proper Xx atb baz .will get over soon steve/lou Xx let us know where ya goin ? We at whitchurch soon
  5. baz1

    Pictures of Us

    Me shell n pete ibizagogo 2002 Xx
  6. baz1

    Pictures of Us

    Me n shell at ibiza gogo wi dick john what a week baz n shelly
  7. baz1

    Pictures of Us

    You chewin a wasp patto or ????? baz n shelly remember you from early Sheffield years great thread top stuff X
  8. baz1

    Pictures of Us

    Omg steve remember you n lou from our early days over manc !!always got a nod of the head from you and my shelly remembers lou too atb baz n shelly Xx great stuff and lovely people x
  9. Can still get old jamaica choc morrisons I think baz
  10. baz1

    Pictures of Us

    Great stuff john your missus is fiona as we remember ?c ya at horti soon m8 tek care. Baz n shelly
  11. baz1

    Pictures of Us

    Eup john hope ya well ? Just realised who you are used t chat wi you and ya missus atb baz n shelly
  12. baz1

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Two young starlings jumped the nest and wer struggling to get back into the sky managed to get close enough to take this pic on mi head son
  13. baz1

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    The smallest of the two had fallen off this morning dave

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