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  1. baz1

    I won!!

    I'm with you tempest keep the new one and sell the old one still should be plenty o vinyl in it well done too.atb baz
  2. baz1

    Non Vinyl

    Hi grahame c,if you dont go and listen to other tunes apart from the ones that are familiar to you then I'm afraid you might aswell stop going nowmy advise would be :if you hear an unfamiliar tune but its got a beat that you can dance to then get up there and go for it,get a note pad and write the tunes you like down and search for them I'm sure in 12 months time you will be chattin different words m8, welcome to ss and atb. Baz
  3. No sorry not for me I'm afraid,it's the social side of it for me avin a beer atb in your venture baz
  4. Want a nice copy please atlantic issue/demo must be one out there. Pm baz thanks
  5. baz1

    Bluetooth to analogue Amp device

    Top man ♥
  6. baz1


    Doris troy "he dont belong to me" nice copy please ♥ pm ta
  7. baz1


    Darren brown got one up f sale now phil but its a bit more than your offer atb baz
  8. baz1

    Prisoner Soul

    Google : prisoner soul the huntsville penitentiary band. There is a write about them. Atb baz
  9. baz1

    A couple of VG+

    Pm sent
  10. baz1

    Ain't No Big Thing - Scotty Todd

    Same ere ♥ baz
  11. baz1

    Many happy returns Joey!

    Av a gooden joey atb baz
  12. baz1

    Gobbing Snotting And Diving

    Young players today should be made to watch the genius that was george best when he got the ball there was only one place he was heading for no matter how many tackles came his way did see him spit a few times though just wonder when these pro's are takin there wife out in armani suit and she dressed up to the knackers if they flob on there front doorstep or on the street in alderly edge .baz
  13. baz1

    Banned Xmas ad

  14. Top man be good love to lou. Baz n shelly Xx


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