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  1. please help me find this!!

    Got one at whitchurch about 5 months ago n/m £15 seems like a bargain I got

    First visit to the wharf and wont be the last carib soul up north again is a draw for us and they never disappoint thanks guys 👍residents playing fabulous tunes allday so thanks to you all for a top afternoon c ya all again soon 👋 baz n shelly Xx
  3. Local car boot find

    Just got this £00.10 local car boot vg few light scratches!!!!anyone know the value ? Baz
  4. Frankie newsom "taunting love" just going to get the rope just puts you in that place you dont wanna be
  5. A few Motown floorfillers from the lists...

    Just buy it ady its £15 ex
  6. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Thats just beautiful steve the early autumn colour is here atb baz
  7. Mopsey

    Happy birthday and congratulations don ✊ atb soulman👋 baz n shelly Xx
  8. Glad you got tickets ,Thats great news 👍 enjoy it xx a special place ✊
  9. 3 to go

    Is the festivals still available ted ? Will have it if it is atb baz
  10. The Chapells

    What price do ya have on it if he's sorted m8 ?asuming you have one for sale ? atb baz please pm ta
  11. rueben howell- price please

    Mark has one for sale on ere at £70 think thats cheap wont have a problem selling it good price great record .baz
  12. One for sal on ere yesterday andy £45 ex I wo gonna get it but my missus stamped on mi atb baz

    Cant wait for this one just love our jaunts here and so honoured to be asked to play a few tunes and with errol too 👍 just dont get no better for me 😛 c ya soon . Baz