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  1. Worst /Best rhyme in soul?

    Not heard before nice x thanks for posting 👍 atb baz
  2. The Last DJ Spot.

  3. Worst /Best rhyme in soul?

  4. Free CDs - only p&p to pay

    Ye nice one 👍 atb baz
  5. C M Lord - Oh Mama

    Cheers dave !!!! See ya at groom 👍
  6. C M Lord - Oh Mama

    Get what ya mean pete ye 👍 incredible voice cant wait for it to land atb baz
  7. C M Lord - Oh Mama

    Lost it oh my god my house would be upside down by now pete never heard it until you mentioned it tother day on this thread but couldn't find a 7" so just had to have it so got one of them off discogs yesterday so thanks to you m8 👍 sublime Xx baz n shelly
  8. C M Lord - Oh Mama

    Some albums on discogs pete atb baz
  9. Great show great bloke you'll definitely learn summat for sure got a couple o shows backed up ready for my winter off work mmmmmm great stuff dave Xx atb baz n shelly
  10. Mine would have to be chuck jackson "hand it over" you can hear his voice at the end of the track, just makes me feel am theer stunnin x atb baz
  11. Incredible atb baz .first time hearin it ta
  12. Della Reese RIP

    Sad sad news really cant beat "my world is empty without you" rip soul girl xx
  13. Please sign this

    Signed 👍 these people need to look at a dictionary and read what the word extinct means atb dave 👍 baz
  14. Never heard this before 👍 thanks for posting. atb baz
  15. Question

    Dj + 1 guest !!!!as for being paid mmmmmmmm I've been offered cash but wont take it I do it cos I love it,plus its an honour to be asked 😘 atb baz