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  1. After a couple of nights of bad frosts three weeks ago the garden is making a real come back just ready for the summer alldayer nighter cant wait its gonna look amazing by then outside dancefloor looks cushti tonight,fingers crossed the new drinks shelves hold up been hot tday an not bent yet
  2. Eup m8 !!!!because of your name does anyone know if you can still get original polys ????my wife would love a pair to dance in I'm sure,she wasn't around when we had um yeeeears ago thanks baz
  3. Came from u.s m8 !!!!my wife friend gave it her when we finnished building the sun room
  4. Where do you live suz ? Heaven looks stunning x
  5. Yes dave we found out yesterday it was a euphorbia but on looking we found that there is a list as long my arm and some ,thanks for the ingens m8
  6. Conservatory plants lookin good this evening someone gave us the cactus about four years ago a foot tall but now near six foot but dont know the species anyone here any ideas steve ???ta baz
  7. 20th anniversary coming soon wow I find that incredible going ,6 years before I found the scene and only been a member a year maybe less,what a dummy congratulations now to all concerned i love it and its members xx awesome knowledge
  8. until

    Was free two years ago but the council pulled funding so now there's a charge,we paid last year great weekend
  9. Sorted now thanks to you all for your offers x
  10. Not for me m8 but thanks for heads up hope your well bro
  11. You were all wanabe djs at one time really winds me up the wanabe dj tag sorry
  12. Some old school djs are like that too chalky or they just swing tits about
  13. Anybody please big cash waiting thanks for looking baz
  14. Cant wait for sunday playing some tunes down the mulberry tav with a soul legend mr barry holland great crowd always a laugh c soon baz