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  1. Do you have Seville yet? Nice one ere
  2. Rip sue you were such a lovely person Xx baz n shelly
  3. Yes all good Steve thanks, my heart is in the music and still beating too so onwards and upward sometimes atb n see ya soon Xx
  4. Maybe Steve yes, need to get out and dance, not Goin out and dancing is starting to piss me off, it's about the dance for me and the places we're Goin it's just a chill out. C ya soon pal X big love to Lou x
  5. Blue one I've got that's my girl flip come closer
  6. Would like to know what giavani is gonna do next, apart from changing the record and Doin it all over again!!!! My missus said we should find loads of real deal soul dancers and filter them on, then we can show what it's really all about!!!!!! Back him up.!!!!!! Just an idea, I'll put Mi hard hat on and wait for the stones to be thrown.
  7. Won't be there very long at that price!!!!! I salute you
  8. Omg Matt just sold ours and we gave it away. So sorry. baz
  9. We have a ex copy if you are still after it mate. Atb Baz n shelly
  10. Jack Montgomery "don't turn your back on me" ex no hiss pops or crackles £600 all in pms only thanks.
  11. dave pinches has one up or goin up

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