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  1. Thanks for responding and sorry for the slow response - I was away for a few days. I've managed to pick up a Cap copy m- for £90. Its really difficult at the moment to try and establish where prices are, hence my caution.
  2. Thanks for the info - I've seen the one on discogs but its VG+. From a previous discussion on soul source I think it looks like the Part 111 may have ben the local release and the Cap City, probably released at a similar time had a wider distribution. It amazing just how much information people have about relatively obscure tracks.
  3. Hope someone might be able to assist me in finding a copy - either Part III or cap city Looking for at least VG ++ Many thanks, Mitch
  4. I've got both singles and have always been intrigued to understand what the connection was. A fantastic piece of work - many thanks Mitch
  5. mitch1


  6. Hi -- have you sold the Icemen yet?





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