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  1. Laura Greene : Moonlight Music In You (RCA 9164) VG+ with very feint marks that cause a few ticks in the quiet intro, after this plays lovely. This YouTube link plays the actual record - so you know exactly what you're getting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezHGoYWqCw4 £100 posted 1st class recorded in the UK.
  2. PM'd you at lunchtime. Sell me that 7 goddammit!!!! ?
  3. Craig Douglas - Don't Mind If I CryHighly sought after popcorn / beat balladEX+ sol Indian Stateside in a VG+ sol pic sleeve £40 + £3 P&P soldPics or soundfiles available on request
  4. There seems to be a steady supply on eBay.... £25-£40ish ought to get you (and me) a decent copy
  5. Great tune! This is my copy on YouTube - 99p charity shop special
  6. a few more; 1. Jeanette Baby Washington - Let Love Go By (ABC issue) VG+++ £75 2. Lonzine Cannon - Quit While I'm Ahead / Cold at Night (Phillips) EX+ £130 3. Rufus Lumley - Minneap'lis, Minnesota (Afford) EX+ £75 4. The Voids - I'm in a Fix / Come on Out (Polydor) VG+ (transplanted middle) £50 5. The Cavaliers - I've Gotta Find Her / I Really Love You (RCA demo) EX £40 6. Percy Sledge - Baby Help Me (Atlantic test press) EX £20 7. The Ad Libs - Johnny My Boy (Blue Cat demo) EX xol £60 8. Ray Scott & The Scottsmen - Love Piled On Top Of Love (Decca demo) VG £75 9. Carolyn Cooke - I Don't Mind (RCA demo) EX £50 10. The Little Bits - The Feeling of Love (Dynovoice demo) EX £60 11. Rozetta Johnson - Chained & Bound (Clintone demo) EX £20 12. Charles Mintz - Since I Found You Girl (Uplook) EX £30 13. Jewel Akens - I've Arrived (Canadian Era) EX £50 14. The Trends - You Sure Know How To Hurt a Guy (ABC demo) EX £30 15. Chubby Checker - Karate Monkey (Parkway) EX dh £35 16. Kenny Carter - I've Gotta Find Her (RCA demo) EX+ sol £60 17. Alan Price Set - French Decca EP (Includes Getting Mighty Crowded) Ex / Ex £30
  7. A short list of originals, only looking to sell a few cos I need to fund another purchase... PayPal / bank transfer. UK post £3.50 or £7 special delivery Photos supplied on request 1. Thelma Houston - Baby Mine (Capitol demo) EX (tiny, tiny ew nap & feint mark nap) plays M- £200 2. Laura Green - Moonlight Music In You (RCA demo) VG+ £100 3. Willie Kendrick - You Can't By Pass Love / Give Me Lots of Lovin' (RCA demo) EX+ radio station stamp £45 4. Turley Richards - I Just Can't Take It Any Longer (Columbia demo) EX £30 5. Lesley Richards - (You Got a Way of) Bringing Out My Tears (RCA demo) EX £30 6. The Action - Never Ever/Twentyfourth Hour (US Capitol demo) EX £40 7. Sounds Inc - On The Brink (Liberty demo) EX £25 8. Baby Washington - It'll Never Be Over For Me (Sue) EX £25 sold 9. W Williams & Sonny Wash - Don't Lie To Me Lover (Little Lynn) EX £25 10. Lou Johnson - A Message to Martha (UK London test press) EX £25 11. The Hesitations - The Impossible Dream (UK London demo) EX £20 12. The Skatalites - Willow Weep (JA Studio1) VG £25 13. Soulmates - Them a Laugh and a Ki Ki (Amalagamated blank) VG £25 14. Ezz Reco - King of Kings (Columbia demo) EX £25
  8. Delorise Berry - No Other Girl - Gator - swol - EX £85 rare local first label - great 2 sider https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGDi2jnoRgc Jean Wells - Don't Come Running To Me - ABC demo - EX £65 sold killer mid tempo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwr0bHowaZ4 The Radiants - One Day I'll Show You - Chess - VG £30 lovely early northern / popcorn sound - their debut I think...? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6axsyACS9eA Ray Pollard - Wanderlust - Decca demo - VG++ £35 on hold underplayed stomper from this legendary vocalist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyaGijfP0GQ The Snowmen - Sugar Daddy - VG+ £35 forgotten mid tempo vocal harmony gem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1F1z-l_WX0 The Sammy Bryant Group - Grapevine - Roulette white demo VG £45 strong popcorn/soul two sider https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgam68MnYHQ Sounds Inc - On The Brink - Liberty demo - EX £30 cracking version of Mike Vickers (aka Boogaloo Investigator). Spotless copy in company bag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzCSH4iv3h8 Doc & The Interns - Baby I Know - Now demo EX £25 sold floor filling old school stomper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04WPWzjB7w0 Menard Rogers - Good Food I Am For You - Margaret - EX £25 stonking R&B The Pallbearers - Gettin' Fired Up / Every Man Needs - Fontana - EX+ £20 great blue eyed two sider Artie Lews - Falling (In Love With You) - Loma demo VG++ £20 underplayed classy dancer Gene Pitney - Quando Vedrai La Mia Ragazza - UA (Italy) with pic sleeve EX / EX £20 Groovy popcorn dancer! The Federals - The Climb - Parlophone demo - EX £25 cracking beat version of the Coasters on a clean rare GB demo Rodge Martin - Lovin' Machine - Bragg - EX (scuff nap) £25 R&B classic Scatman Crothers - Golly Zonk! - HBR - EX+ £25 floorfilling Mod / R&B shaker... spotless copy in company bag T.I.M. Love - The Lively One - Ascot demo - EX £20 underplayed blue eyed dancer Dejah Ahres - Let Me Be Your Girl / Real Jive Guy - Verve demo EX £15 two cracking instrumentals for the money Lee Charles - Then Would You Love Me - Dakar - EX £25 superbly produced dancer with pleading vocal... Tony Diamond - I Don't Want To Lose You - Capitol demo - EX £25 superb dancer that's due its day in the sun Check the clips if you don't know the tunes - there are some nice 7s here. UK P&P is £3 recorded. The Youtube clips are mostly borrowed for reference. Money back if not delighted. The VG stuff still plays nice and is priced accordingly. Haggles on multiples welcome. Thanks for looking, Steve

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