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    Since turning 50 last year I've constantly been listening to Northern again re-capturing memories of my teen years when I was enjoying the scene in Scotland ('78 - '82).

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    Dave Clarkson
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    Music and cars.
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    Billy Hambric - She Said Goodbye

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  1. This is always pretty much always going to be the case with auctions. I sell a few things on eBay, not records, and recently I got more for a second hand item than a new one would have cost and the item is freely available. As a seller it's great news because there are buyers who are so desperate to own something they rightly or wrongly go OTT with their bidding amounts. Whenever I bid at any auction I have a self imposed limit that I will not go above under any circumstances, right now particularly with records, there are lots of people who just want it regardless of price. Where I really struggle is that some people think a high auction sale price for a record means that it is instantly worth that and they reflect that auction price in their fixed price sales.
  2. Only dealt with John a few times but he was always a top bloke. RIP John
  3. Dave65

    BLACKPOOL TOWER Weekender.


    Hi Andy, I want to hear the tunes in the main rooms/big halls, getting the benefit of a massive sound system and the incredible natural reverb that the big rooms have. The Walkway was just like me playing my own tunes in my living room but louder, with the carpet and the people soaking up lots of the sound. I caught your set on the Saturday night at Whitby (September) in the Northern Room and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  4. Dave65

    BLACKPOOL TOWER Weekender.


    I never caught your spot Mark because I didn't go on the Saturday night as Friday night polarised my view of the event. If I had gone on the Saturday, I probably wouldn't have caught it either due to the time you were on and it is sad that I missed hearing different tunes because you were on so late. I'm realistic enough to know you can't please everyone all of the time, what disappoints me is that some "top" DJs haven't got the balls to play lesser played out tunes in their sets amongst the stock classics to cater for the likes of me.
  5. until

    My first time at this event and have to say I was disappointed. Lengthy queues for everything, music was too predictable on the Friday night with a couple of the DJs in particular not doing it for me at all, so much so that I gave Saturday night a miss. They kept the dance floor busy so the big crowd were obviously happy but there are so many great tunes out there that just don't get played. Saving grace was Richard Searling, Mick Taylor and Danny Clegg on the Sunday afternoon who dared to play tunes that are rarely heard out these days. Huge respect from me for being brave guys.
  6. First of all, hope it's ok to post for a cd. Hi, looking for a copy of the above cd. PM me.
  7. All the best on reaching the Big 50 Chalky
  8. Managed to pick up the CD still looking for a vinyl copy. The entire album is superb
  9. Very sad news and only 66. Some of my favourites he wrote were Stomp,Yah Mo Be There and Sweet Freedom. RIP
  10. Lol, the title is amazing and must describe how Cosby feels just now "Little Ole Man Uptight" - at the thought of going to prison!
  11. Not sure if this is a comedy sale or just plain old bad taste! http://www.ebay.ca/itm/BILL-COSBY-7-PS-Little-Ole-Man-Uptight-NORTHERN-SOUL-Mega-RARE-Ed-1967-DANCER-/381783775845?hash=item58e4161a65
  12. Since I was 13, Ian was 4 years older than me and he got me into it at that young age. He did some DJing in Scotland and had lots of top sounds at the time. Was actually 3 months shy of my 17th birthday when the Casino closed. Back then I looked much older than I was but unfortunately that's not an advantage any more

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