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  1. Jurgen is bound to blame the Referee...
  2. Independence copy up on Discogs Stewart, if you still happen to be looking, not the best copy but worth a look.
  3. My Red issue copy arrived today, lucky to actually have got it as the Dealer in the States had stopped selling vinyl to the UK because it was taking up to three months for the records to get through.
  4. I have an issue copy on the way from the States Mark, will post a pic when it lands.
  5. Here is my Yellow copy Patto, I got this off Carolina Soul on their ebay auction a couple of years ago. Like your copy it only has L1014A in the run out.
  6. Thank you Gents, it's much appreciated. I will post the single back to the seller and hopefully get a refund. It doesn't help that on Discogs the picture of what should be the original is actually the Laurie reissue.
  7. I have just bought what I was hoping is an original Laurie issue copy of Dean Parrish - I'm on my way, but think it might be the 1970's reissue instead. Matrix for the A side is UK4M-0865 -1-1-1 (p) then a small pr Can someone tell me please if it's original or not.
  8. The Marketts - Stirrin Up Some Soul
  9. Rodney Franklin - The Groove. Played this classic Jazz Funk spin while being the dj at a small garden party last weekend.
  10. East West Connection - Love Music
  11. I think even in 1977 Rick that vandalism was John's winning lottery ticket out the window with the demand at the time for that Spar Classic.
  12. I did feel sorry for John having read his spill on the Herbert Hunter Classic, when back in 1977 while on a Nashville buying trip he came across a box of 100 Herbie Spar originals but unfortunately every last copy he got out of the box had the drill hole put through the playing surface, not even one copy survived this treatment by some moron!
  13. Stampede to the Dancefloor when this Soul Stunner comes on - Mel Britt's - She'll Come Running Back

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