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  1. Where Did The Dreaded Snake First Hiss

    Oh No, You stupid woman.....
  2. Had this great R&B spin arrive over the weekend. Erma & The Fascinators - Lost Love
  3. Always enjoyed hearing this one over the years from the first time I heard it. Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr - You Don't Have To Be A Star
  4. Where Did The Dreaded Snake First Hiss

    Amazing what you can find on ebay, mine's a large one....
  5. Had the Bobby Paris - I Walked Away land today on the door mat picked it up for a good price as it's warped, infact it's like a flying saucer going round but plays through well.
  6. Mike. Birthday

    Happy Birthday Mike, have a great day young man, and Thank You for keeping the ship running smoothly and putting up with us all.
  7. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Great pictures Dave, thanks for sharing.
  8. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Yes, I had a good time at the Nats, first time I have been able to get there for a couple of years so really enjoyed it. Couple of pictures here from the gig of Dodge Challenger's and two Winged cars that were there, best wishes Baz.
  9. Thank you very much George for taking the time to post that list up, best compliment I can give you is to say I wish I was there with you all to hear that lot played out.
  10. I have this Brilliant beat ballad in the box now. Deena Johnson (Jo Armstead) - The Breaking Point
  11. I am after an original Okeh first issue of the Major's - You Don't Want Me No More. If someone happens to have a good playable copy they would like to sell for a fair price can you pm me please.
  12. the epitome of soul [sandbag]

    Brilliant Carl thank you very much for posting, that's what is so good about this site you learn something every day about these Great Sounds.
  13. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    It would be nice to see one of your playlists please George, I am sure the regulars on this site would really appreciate it.
  14. I bought it for the instrumental Rick I have grown to really like it as it's one of my favourites on the Cleethorpes Story cd, but the vocal isn't bad having played it a few times now.