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    Hello, I'm Mark. I have exquisite taste in music. So if I like a record it's gonna be good, and if I don't then it's gonna be anything from"not my taste" to absolute screaming shite. Example Holly st James "That's not love" is without doubt the worst record ever pressed in America. Absolutely nothing about this crass pop/country bit of aural torture has any merit whatsoever. Fact. You get my drift. Just writing about it  has made my computer throw a wobbly!!     That's my intro. GOODBYE.

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    mark goodman
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    willie kendrick change your ways

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  1. Yeah; You!! If you really think she is one of the best "blue eyed" soul singers ever. Firstly skin colour has nothing to do with how "soulful" a singer is, secondly, lets be real here, not putting her down but she is a very average covers/karaoke type singer. Call a spade a spade.
  2. Curtis wasn't just a REAL man, he was a real musician. The cat was a genius.
  3. Thank you Russell, We are both also hardcore nappers. As we explained in our first post We both find it hard to stay awake after The Archers, hence the napping before The Archers. From the memories of our allnighter days we know we are going to have problems staying awake. Hence the request for advice.
  4. We are often mistaken for late thirties to mid forties. From a young age our quest for knowledge and the understanding of great writers such as De Quincy and Coleridge (the great opium eaters). And the great amphetamine fuelled philosopher Arthur Koestler. We came on this site hoping for some friendly advice from people who are sophisticated enough to have given up emoji's in their teens.
  5. My pal and I (now in our 60's) are contemplating returning to the "northern soul" allnighter scene. As we both have trouble staying awake much after the Archers. We would like to know, now that it is impossible to access SKF drinamyl, dexedrine. Riker durophet, durophet m. How are we supposed to stay awake all night without any stimulants, like the the good ol' days?
  6. Rare soul is almost as bad. This fetish with how few copies a record sold is ridiculous. Every week I trawl through a certain dealer's list only to be told how rare this or that is. In a lot of cases I can see why. The record/s in question didn't sell because they are complete and utter shite. What is wrong with Soul or R&B ?
  7. Thank GOD. Somebody out there is talking some sense on this subject, at last.
  8. It's pure greed, plain and simple. Look at the prices that geezer in Leicester puts on crappy ol' early 70s pressings. If he can get away with it others will follow. And don't even get me started on "Limited edition Test Pressings" (v. Rare Demos, every one). I've always said it, but i'll say it again, Record dealers are FAR WORSE CROOKS than drug dealers.If they can fleece their customers unnoticed, they will. There are exceptions, but they are pretty scarce.
  9. what year did you start going to allnighters, and what year did you stop?
  10. You tell 'em mate. The way some of these people carry on you'd think it was a W.I. circular! I think you are picturing things a little on the skew. These guys didn't see themselves as "hard men" and they didn't just pick "young lads" as their victims. Anyone was fair game. You have to remember most people don't want to spend the night in A&E getting their back / front / face sewn up just 'cos they didn't hand over a few measly blues or a couple of quid. They were predators who mostly used an area not too far from their home town to ply their trade. And they worked by using their reputation and,or outnumbering their victims. When you say you wouldn't have come across them, even if you never went for a pee all night and never carried gear, chances are you would have come across them.They didn't hand out calling cards at the start of the evening!
  11. Cheers mate, That's probably the best piece of advice I've had in a long time. The 2nd and 3rd rules are absolutely on the money. I think the others are too, but it's hard to keep your sense of humour when dealing with this level of wilful stupidity. (Lets just misunderstand everything he says on purpose).
  12. The "So what? Since when has this been a cause for comment from the mods". Was NOT posted by me (DOGSSBODY)
  13. Ok, so this is roughly what happened. You or your mate/s want to go for a slash, or use a quiet corner of the venue to take some gear/ share out the gear you've scored earlier, and you would either find yourself surrounded by a bunch of guys (or two or three, depending on how many of you and your pals there were) then you would feel a sharp piece of metal poking you in the back. Generally this was followed by an offer you couldn't (or wouldn't if you had any sense) refuse, which went along the lines of "give us your fuckin' gear/money/watch and or anything else we want or we'll cut you the fuck up"
  14. I wasn't a victim, but I notice that this particular gang (who were notorious in my day) were known by almost everybody, yet they seem to have been airbrushed out of the history of allnighters in the 70s. as I have explained I can't come right out and say what they were known as because their "nick name" would, today be considered racially derogative, and the pc police among you would go nuts.
  15. Do they really still have Mods where you live? I remember them when I was about 9 or 10, but they were few and far between. the Hippies and Skinheads had become the fashion by then.

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