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  1. gibber

    Peterborough - Caliente - Carl Fortnum

    yeh 5 weeks now mate. leading a very peaceful single life. . b good to see you and have a few. john & wendy are kindly picking me up on the way.
  2. gibber

    Peterborough - Caliente - Carl Fortnum

    make it 5 ray . see you all then.
  3. gibber

    Peterboro' Caliente Birthday bash - Carl Fortnum

    c u there.
  4. gibber

    Soul Cocktail

    yes mate & maybe 1 or 2 more
  5. gibber

    Soul Cocktail

    see ya there
  6. gibber

    How Often Does This Happen?

    Sometimes you think why bother being honest . Sent a 45 in the post to someone on here who was asking about the condition . Happy then paypal if not send it back . Nothing . Its not the money, giving away many it’s the principal of it.
  7. gibber

    Willie Mitchell & Adele

    wow this will fly if put up for sale on ebay.......i bet theres a few who will be playing this in the near future with a rammed dancefloor of pristine dressed baggy trouser/full circle brigade showing how crap they are at shuffling to it...... how fookin sad roll on 2014 You think Russ is joking Remember the time Russ played a great set to a empty floor when the guy following him filled it with Duffy’s Mercy .
  8. gibber

    Bettye & Bobby W On Bbc Now

    Bettye just sang "Let Me Down Easy" .... adam ant superb show . love this . Ruby Turner & Bobby womack to come . hello just coming on . speak laters , happy new year
  9. Like the Janice Cooke Russ . Marva Josie is another Quality mid tempo. Both on you tube .
  10. gibber

    Mr Peter Gent

    Alright mate . Sending a letter / Christmas card soon. Lost the last one lol. Should get this print out ,, proper nice folk on hear . Shame it was just us on the night before. So funny when me & sully left. You. Got pulled over by arm police soon after . Such a Shame their breathalyser `s battery had gone flat . lol. Take care gibber
  11. gibber

    Dave Wooley.. Rip

  12. gibber


    Dave is on the right
  13. gibber

    Dave Wooley.. Rip

    So sad. Had some great chats & banter with Dave. He gave me so much encouragement with LEL . Man u fan & was in the SS fantasy league . RIP Dave
  14. gibber

    7Th Avenue Aviators Vs. Frankie Carl

    Thanks for the reply Steve Sorry meant what label,. Did RS play it on Congress and someone realises got the same on Philtown So what’s the story about different labels?
  15. Which one is the hardest to pick up & what got played first ?


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