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  1. Anyone got a spare of this one? thanks Jack
  2. East St. Louis Gospelettes - Love Is The Key Does anyone have this LP to sell? thanks
  3. SHIRLEY JOHNSON - TRIPPING ON YOU is anyone got one to sell ? thanks Jack
  4. Hi does anyone have this album for sale? would love a copy ! thanks jack
  5. Does anyone have this? Flip of "good guys don't always win" on Alarm. cheers jack
  6. hi, does anyone have a copy of Kool Blues - Can We Try Love Again on Capsoul?
  7. Rare one I know... but anyone willing to part with this for the right price??
  8. hello, I'm looking for MWT Express - Nothing I'd Rather Be on the Forte label but the Red Label version not the Yellow one... anyone willing to sell? thanks
  9. Anyone have a copy of this 7" for sale?? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, I am after... Africano - Open Your Hearts (Hi Records) Pastor T. L. Barrett - Do Not Pass Me By LP (Gospel Roots) Anyone willing to sell or know anyone selling? If so, send me a message - I am willing to pay a fair price! thanks!

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