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  1. Anyone going from st helens or near to it who could give me a lift to this event i would be grateful will contribute to petrol x
  2. I have only just seen your very kind offer as I have been unwell since posting this, but is it ok if I contact you again in the future Winstanley I am guessing your name maybe Jordan cheers
  3. so that would be Northern Soul Dancing Firstly carried out by richard Searling in 1974 but the casino opened in 73 and other well established clubs before that
  4. mike how do i delete photos i have posted please mate 

    1. Mike


      you have to 'report' them at  the moment Brian

      on the duplicates here have just deleted


    2. Brian1955


      thank you Mike 

  5. There are a lot of rumours flying round at the moment, but the true reason will be revealed I have no doubt about that' my advice to everyone is Dont say anything other than it is down, I know at one time John was in a partnership buying and selling records I don't know if that as had a bearing on it but as I say rumours all rumours at this moment, enjoy your Weekend people and stay safe
  6. Superb venue friendly people cheap bar large fantastic dance floor, this venue is now in my opinion is up there with the very best, the music by the resident DJs and guest DJs is second to none, my advice is if you get the chance to pay a visit do so you will not be disappointed
    we have attended the last 2 Friday night events, it's a superb venue the people are so friendly and it's only £4 on the door which these days is pretty good, the club is easy to find and the bar prices are very affordable and the bar staff are tremendously helpful, the DJs are superb and the dance floor was busy all night the guest DJs last week were the soul twins of Wigan casino and Mr Ms fame' all in all we had a superb night and we shall be attending the venue on a regular basis long may this venue survive if the first two are anything to go by congratulations to the organisers for prod

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