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    We love northern soul with the r n b vibe to it can dance all night long to that not a fan of disco music but will listen to a few at a time 

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    stuart homer
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    Soul sister Sam Dees & lonely for you baby Sam dees

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  1. How do we get tickets ????
  2. Hi all we went to the driving beat for the first time Saturday it was great friendly people great music and a great dance floor thank you for a great night.
  3. welovesoul

    Rugby Soul Club

    just thought I needeneeded to leave a comment bout last night the night was great until 11pm and trill ruined the atmosphere with what steamed as he played 1 disco record for what steamed like 5 hours he killed any atmosphere that was there we were all ready to leave but Ken who was on next saved the day when trill came off stage he had the smallest collection of records I've ever seen I think the only person to enjoy trills set was trill I wouldn't play his set to my budgie
  4. Hi Jimmy could you tell me if there are anymore tickets available as we don't do face book cheers
    A great night and we'll organised you could see that the had made a lot of effort for the first one really enjoyed it.
    My wife and i attended friday night id like to say the music and dance floor was great yes there was teathing trouble with the bar but i dont go for drinking or id go to the pub im there to listen music and dance which is what we did can't wait til next one.
    Was a good night great tunes got told by kev Roberts when I asked for a request that the track could only be played in the allnighter room as it was northern soul and not motown although the dance had been advertised as a northern soul and motown room so was a bit mift he needs to remove that stick from you know we're must say ginger Taylor followed on after asked him for same record he played it straight away go figure
  5. welovesoul


    We went to this fabulous night great music great dance floor and grear soulies running the event such a friendly crowd
    Great night, fab music, Ted Massey there also, brilliant dancefloor, would definitely revisit even tho travelled from hednesford cannock, see you all on the dance floor, 12/02/2016

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