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  1. David Meikle


    I don’t think any Dore records were played at TW. Thanks for mentioning BofA and Little Hank. Special times and simple tunes played at high volume. Heaven.
  2. David Meikle


    “Scratchy” was loved at the Twisted Wheel. So was “You’re Ready Now” and “Kick That Little Foot Sally Ann”. I recall telling John Anderson about the latter in his Mother’s home in Glasgow in 1970. He couldn’t believe it. But John never made it to the TW. He missed the incredible youth culture of the Wheel and dozens hitting the floor whenever these three pieces of “shit” played out on the turntable. ..
  3. David Meikle

    Blues and Soul magazine

    309 mags within numbers 106 to 588. mostly excellent condition. can deliver FOC within Glasgow area. otherwise postage to be advised after I take boxes to post office. £60.
  4. If you still need fanzines let me know. I will be selling many hundreds within next 2 weeks. regards david
  5. David Meikle

    (Black) Echoes Magazine

    Hi Chalky I’ve got an A3 box full. Need to dig it out tomorrow. If you need anymore let me know. I’ve also got many hundreds of other fanzines which I want to sell at reasonable prices. Regards David
  6. David Meikle

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    If you’re not happy after listening to this you need help. The flip is an awesome deep soul ballad.
  7. David Meikle

    Poll: Overseas Weekenders?

    Just returned from an exhausting week at the Benidorm ISF. Great weather, great people, superb Northern Soul. Eddie Holman was sensational.
  8. At the rear of the Roostertail on the banks of the beautiful Detroit River.
  9. David Meikle


    Great arrangement on a beautiful song. One of our greatest tracks.
  10. David Meikle

    Jackie Lee - Let your conscience be your guide

    One of the greats. Top 3 on our scene IMO.
  11. David Meikle

    Poll: Version Battle - Not My Girl

    The Kent 45 correctly dates the Platters recording year as 1966. It is worth reading the history of the recording studio as told by co-owner Ralph Terrana. They all came. Harry Balk, Ollie McLaughlin, Ed Wingate, Clay McMurray, Theo-Coff, Don Juan Mancha, Popcorn Wylie, John Rhys Eddins, Mike Terry, Jack Ashford, George McGregor, Holland/ Dozier/Holland, Mike Valvano, ArmenBoladian, Bob Babbit, Columbia Records, Elektra Rec..
  12. “You’re Ready Now” at the Twisted Wheel.
  13. David Meikle

    Not so Tired Oldies....

    Action packed song with a message.
  14. David Meikle

    News: Ron Dunbar RIP

    This advert circa 1971 tells us that 95% of Invictus output hit the charts. Much of that was down to Ron Dunbar. I also liked his D Town releases as artist Ronnie Love. Yet another special person leaves us. RIP.
  15. David Meikle

    John Abbey

    A good story from July 1971.