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  1. News: Ebay Auction Soul High Flyers - Results December 2017

    I look at this list every month and wonder what happens to the one at the top of the pile. Does the buyer get a massive high when he opens the packet and touches this ultra rare record?.....I would hope so. Does he or she stick it on the record play...
  2. Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Ya Dancer!
  3. Pendulum Club

    I’m sure I met everyone in Ricks 8th January 2012 post.....last image....except for Alf Billingham. Does anyone know what happened to them all? Good to know that Zan reached his 60th!
  4. News: Discatron Revisited!

    Thanks guys. Pretty sure mine never had a cassette facility in it and it was certainly called a discatron. Can’t remember where I bought it but it would have been in Glasgow. Model wise, maybe it was post 1970? But no later than ‘72 IMO. Like P...
  5. News: Discatron Revisited!

    I bought one in 1970 and probably pawned it in 1972. I am looking at above image and don’t recall it looking like that. It was square I think? No handle? Please help! I can recall slotting “A Quitter Never Wins” into It. Loved that record.
  6. Betty Willis murdered New Year’s Day 2018

    This is a truly tragic and horrific incident. I’ve been in 15 States and you don’t have to travel far to find extreme poverty. When I was young we were fed Hollywood movies and sitcom which portrayed a different America. Betty Willis RIP.
  7. the old Joanna

    Could have been a tidy instrumental? No doubt one will exist?! A prosperous and Happy New Year when it finally reaches us.
  8. Al Kent Book

    Thanks Robb and respect to you for para 2 as I know you were around then. Have a good one. David ,
  9. Al Kent Book

    Perhaps you couldn’t see the Teroshima bit as tongue in cheek? Labaron Taylor my ass. Only joking Robb. This book IS well worth the money. But if this extremely good read is seen as gospel then Ed Wingate’s obituary is possibly in tatters. ...
  10. Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Underrated, but brilliant as ever from James Carmichael.
  11. Al Kent Book

    I ended up buying the book which arrived today. At first glance I am excited about the detail but I wish he had done a bit of proof reading on the spelling of names and places. When I saw “Teroshima”, for example, I thought he had been recording i...
  12. News: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018

    Thanks to Mike and the web team for this excellent platform. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all forum members. Not forgetting those wonderful Arrangers, Producers, Songwriters, Musicians, Studio Owners, Singers and Background Singers. It ...
  13. Alexander Patton’s “A Lil Lovin Sometimes” The epitome of our scene IMO.
  14. Al Kent Book

    I wonder if Al kept the RicTic cap he’s sporting in the OP?
  15. How the hell is this not massive??

    What would we have done without James Carmichael ......