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  1. Hi Pip Enjoyed that! What do you recall about Garnet Mimms? Did you back him on “I’ll take good care of you”? How long did you get to learn the songs? Was this in London? etc etc.
  2. Can anyone please tell me what this is circa 9 minutes. Sounds like the punchline is “Help me“ but I haven’t got a clue. Anyway sounds amazing to me.
  3. My own favourite from The Blue Album. RIP Sharon.
  4. Our scene was very special in those early days thanks to guys like Tony. It’s terrible to hear of his passing. RIP Tony Jebb.
  5. Both Labron Smith of Nightchill and Ken Sands Magic City’s Sound Engineer told me that Ernest Burt was shot in his premises in the seventies. Ken told me that Ernest staggered into the street and into his car which was across the other side of the road. With the door ajar and the hand brake off he passed away leaving the car to drift slowly down Grand River Avenue. I found this clip from the 1981 edition of the Detroit Free Press which appears to have been some kind of inquest outcomes for fatal killings in the city.
  6. I asked Robert Bateman if he would draw me a sketch of the Magic City studio layout. He duly obliged and signed it for me. The stairwell leading from the image’s front right hand door is shown on the left. The word window is scribbled above and below the word Studio. The control room is at the foot of the sketch. I know it’s rough but hopefully someone finds it interesting. Robert Bateman R.I.P.
  7. I reckon there were at least a dozen quality sides issued on the Magic City label. From so called Northern Soul to Ballads and the Funk of Butch Cheatham’s Mad Dogs. Remember this operation was primarily a recording studio, not a record label. The studio was above the shop/office and the entrance to it can be seen at the right hand side of the above image. Despite comments on this site a number of years ago about Popcorn Wylie not using the studio, I can reveal that he told me he did. Not only him but Revilot, Ric-Tic (post Golden World) and MAH’s. There is no record of who else used the studio during 1967-68 but it was probably significant as there were many labels without proper studios. Ernest Burt bought Wilbur Golden’s Correc-tone studio in 1966 and it was established in 1967. Proof is in this extract from a 1975 listing of recording facilities In Michigan. The turnover is poor but a lot had changed in the previous nine years in Detroit. From Billboard......April 1968.
  8. Interesting read. https://www.soundonsound.com/people/marvin-gaye-whats-going I was watching an old Detroit Riots video last night when this image flashed across the screen. Thank goodness for the rewind and pause buttons. In the window the word Delrick can be seen which was the publishing arm of Magic City. The words painted on the window, ‘Soul Bro’, was an attempt to save the building from looting. 8912 Grand River Avenue, long gone, but never forgotten.
  9. Never under estimate the role that this man played in the success of the Motown Corporation There would be no Northern Soul Scene if it wasn't for this company. Please ask whatever god is yours to save the African Americans in the amazing city which was and still is Detroit.
  10. Carl Piper from one minute in if necessary
  11. For Blackpoolsoul https://youtu.be/j6rDT4qnBHU
  12. Interesting extract confirms his views on much of what he sold.

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