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  1. Not so Tired Oldies....

    Action packed song with a message.
  2. News: Ron Dunbar RIP

    This advert circa 1971 tells us that 95% of Invictus output hit the charts. Much of that was down to Ron Dunbar. I also liked his D Town releases as artist Ronnie Love. Yet another special person leaves us. RIP.
  3. John Abbey

    A good story from July 1971.
  4. Sam Hawkins

    New to me. Brilliant arrangement by Artie Butler.

    Jimmy did lots of arrangements on the soul scene in the mid sixties too. I’m going to stick my neck out however and say that one of my favs is by blue eyed Johnny Caswell. Just love it. RIP Jimmy.
  6. Impressions Poster

    It might be Arlington in Washington DC. Death is the only equality guaranteed in life.
  7. Temptones Cover Up Complete Version

    is this it?
  8. Tobi Lark (Legend) was in ‘Hair’.
  9. Not quite Playboy but....
  10. Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    If only Jagger had been there. I can just imagine a big WTF rolling out his huge gub. Cracker Gilly.
  11. John Abbey

    B&S was based at 42 Hanway Street. The closed red door in the image. The open red door was a pub back then too. Last time I was there was in 1983, and when I spoke to the bar owner, a Spanish lady, she spoke fondly of John. She said she knew him...
  12. John Abbey

    I was always a fan of John but didn’t know that he worked for Action Records. I could not have functioned without B&S. The A5 issues with the pull out disc reviews were so good. Is he still around?
  13. Aki Aleong featured in a number of movies and record labels. You’ll also find his name as a producer for the Minit label eg The Trensations ‘Soulin and a Rollin’/ ‘Saucy’. Also Prince Philip Mitchell, Bob Relf, Jackie Lee, the Quotations, the T...
  14. Hall of Fame request - The Major

  15. News: Record World US Mag Online Archive

    The Debonaires also released 45’s on GW in June 66 and October 66. It was myself who put together the GW story on SD. Where is the mention of the Debutantes in that article? Or are you finding them in a forum thread? Only asking.

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