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  1. I met the guy on the right of another Godin image in London Euston. We were all sleeping rough and I noticed him and his mate carrying some imports. His preferred shirt was a pink checked effort. Never had it off his back and he’s wearing it here. His name was Mike Curtis and I think he lived in Moss-side. Worked in a Durex factory which was a bid laugh back then. His mate was Dave Hall who I met many years later at the latter day version of the Wheel. Dave said he approached Mike about coming down for Wheel reunions but he virtually slammed the door in his face LOL. Nobody was into the scene as much as Mike was and I met him in Catacombs after the Wheel closed. I guess Mike was the one who got away. The boy with the sideburns got his pic on front of a Goldmine cd doing a backflip.
  2. Dave Godin took this photograph and Dave/Keith is at the back with his favourite shirt on. We were poor but we had the time of our lives. I don’t think a day has passed without me thinking about the Twisted Wheel. I spoke to most of these guys but most names are lost in the sands of time. I’d Still love to know their names again. Francisco O’Brien is centre with moustache.
  3. W.....It’s thanks to Dean Anderson/Chalky. I just blew it up from the radio show image because I knew Marissa when she was young.
  4. Nice to hear Val mentioning Marissa too.
  5. I started listening to the show on December 7th 1969. Here’s a reminder of the intro and also my notes for the rest of that year then onto 1970.
  6. This is one of John’s early lists when he lived in Glasgow. Craigbank was between Pollok and Nitshill. Newfield Square has been demolished.
  7. Hopefully the Twisted Wheel will be mentioned in your book! This photograph was shot inside the building and includes some of the real pioneers of our scene. Not only that but one of our greatest dancers, Frank “Booper” New [dark blue shirt]. It is not my photograph but the owner should be easy enough to find.
  8. Apologies this should have been a quote in relation to above.
  9. {See the message this is responding to in next post) I remember Dean, Charlie. Going through a tough time financially I took a suitcase of mint UK Motown albums to sell after a meeting in Manchester in the mid eighties. I thought John might be interested and I made my way to Expansion on Corporation Street. I used to frequent Ralph’s records in the early seventies and I’m sure Expansion was in the same premises. Dean was on the desk and was really excited with what I handed over the counter. He picked up the telephone and called John for a price. John had no idea it was on behalf of me and Dean said “I’ve got someone here from Glasgow with a mint collection of Motown LP’s.” The response was quick and low. Even Dean was surprised and I wonder if he recalls this? (Edit- Apologies, I had no idea that Dean had passed-RIP) So I left the shop with my optimism in tatters. John sold thousands of records at fair prices but jeez he knew a bit about procurement too. It wasn’t long before I got my price when I sold most of the albums to Pete Lawson at his home in Ormskirk. Sadly Pete was murdered sometime later. Two legends of the scene but for today we remember John. RIP.

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