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  1. Don’t know if it was a repeat or not but great images of sixties Britain when teenage girls had class and style that has never been repeated since. Sadly no Soul Music in it but some great UK stuff from the likes of The Kinks who were my first pop heroes. I became embroiled in Soul in July 67 and never looked back but must say that I enjoyed most of the music on the programme. It’s well worth a watch and please don't take offence at my opening gambit ladies, I think the images speak for themselves.
  2. Thanks for finding this thread which I missed. I can undertand the need to find the Haystack Bros 45 but what a bland song! Found the yellow one on youtube and I like it a lot.
  3. Thanks for identifying the Goodloe brothers properly. Cheers also for Joe Jones of the Jones Brothers. I wonder if Minnie Jones was related to Joe Jones as Ken wrote for both. Love Jones Brothers “Good Old Days” too.
  4. Ken Goodloe was in the Pentagons, The Shields, The Chesterfields, The Themes, 21st Century, Soul Patrol and The Corduroys. He wrote two of my fav NS records in The Themes-No Explanation Needed and Minnie Jones “Shadow of a Memory”. I think he is far left on this photo with his brother Ted standing next to him.
  5. I’ve been listening to this on and off for nearly 51 years. Incredible slab of Northern Soul that always delivers.
  6. “Groovy Generation” will always make my Top 20. I was lucky get the chance to play a digital copy on a cd player in United Sound Systems. Later that day I headed to Clay McMurray’s studio on Livernois where we discussed Thelma Records in some detail. Clay wrote down the backing group information on this sheet of paper and tried to sketch his memories of the interior of 6519 Grand River Avenue. You can see “Mr. C” noted at a table by the door. That was Thelma (Coleman) Gordy’s Father, who ran the business.
  7. I’ve watched this video many times not only because I love the song but also because I love the dee jays passion playing it. I met Mitch Ryder in Detroit’s Casino in 2004 and “bored” him to death about his garage music impact on our scene. The dee jay is someone I don't know but the credit says Glenn Walker-Foster. Well done Glenn (with thanks to Jud for capturing it). https://youtu.be/MSTjE1tfNAQ
  8. Thanks for the tip Seano. This wasn't just about the pain that Teddy went through, it was also a reminder of the dangers of making music in those halcyon days. Enjoy your vinyl people but don't forget the pain.
  9. JMM told Graham Finch that she relied on Danny Dallas for her early recordings. In those days he was working at Special Recording Studios which was at 138 Duffield It was owned by Fred Flowerday and my notes on Special show it as being there between 1960 to 1964. It moved next to Mike Hanks building on East Grand Boulevard in 1966. JMM also used facilities at WCHB radio station in Inkster for her Northern Recordings. It looks like it was one or the other. Can't be more specific but Graham was a regular visitor to her house on Santa Barbara when he lived in Windsor.
  10. Edward sketched La Beat’s premises for me almost twenty years ago. RIP Edward, latterly known as Ahmad Abdulaziz.
  11. I like some of this Latin stuff too. Try this excellent thread.
  12. Hi Pip Enjoyed that! What do you recall about Garnet Mimms? Did you back him on “I’ll take good care of you”? How long did you get to learn the songs? Was this in London? etc etc.
  13. Can anyone please tell me what this is circa 9 minutes. Sounds like the punchline is “Help me“ but I haven’t got a clue. Anyway sounds amazing to me.
  14. My own favourite from The Blue Album. RIP Sharon.

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