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  1. 75 as best I can remember when the alldayers ran
  2. that was it in the 60s then Tony..I was on about it in the mid 70s....apparantly after a night there in the sixties they would go on to the twisted wheel later
  3. I put this post on originaly i'm Roger Metcalf....I remember DJ Derek Sheldon from Rotherham Djing at one of the soulnights...He was smashed out his head on gear and while Djing was jumping down onto the dancefloor to dance and making the records jump at the same time lol
  4. do the pearl girl is still a great sound to my ears...one just gone on ebay for around £170
  5. I remember taking some on the way to wigan casino...when I got out of the car I went all wobbly and dizzy and fell onto the car bonnet
  6. My names Roger Metcalf and I lived at Gainsborough in them days, I put the original letter on here under the name roger riker...I knew Eddie and Pat very well...went to allnighters and alldayers with them...bought records round at their flat...only just seen his reply from 8 yrs ago!

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