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  1. Hi, those of you that have left an Email address will be sent the lists this evening, thanks for your interest so far. Regards, Roger.
  2. Hi Everyone, sitting in my attic is my record collection dating back to the 70's/80's which is for sale, either the whole lot or individual records. I have advertised it on here in the past so be aware of that if you have requested the collection list, the list consists of over 30 pages which gives the artist, the songs (both sides), the record number, the price per record and a condition rating. If anyone is seriously interested i will need a Name and Email Address so i can forward the lists..............No Time wasters (Dealers) with silly offers please. Regards, Roger in Staffordshire.
  3. Hi Folks, i have for sale over a thousand Northern Soul / Soul records (45's) from the 70's and 80's when i was really into the scene, they have sat in attics for a long time and as i am approaching 60 its time they found a new home. I have contacted local record shops that state they want these kinds of records but as dealers they are only prepared to pay peanuts when i value the entire collection at around £10K. There are far too many for me to list here but i have produced over 30 pages of A4 as the list which contains the Artist/s, the Tracks, the Record Number, its Condition and a Price for each one. I have used Brown & Koppel's Northern Soul Price Guide to help me determine what each one is worth these days and I am happy to forward the lists to any SERIOUS COLLECTORS who may be interested however i will need an EMAIL ADDRESS. I advertised them early last year on here and whilst there was a lot of interest only a handful of people bought any so if you requested the list last and didn't buy it may not be worth you getting the lists again? Regards, Roger in Staffordshire
  4. Hi Everyone, thank you to those who have purchased records from my 1000+ Northern Soul / Soul records, please bare in mind that the record list will have around 50+ that are now sold but it is not shown on the lists apart from the last few pages. There are deals to be done for anyone wanting 5 or more but for 'cherry picking' one or two there is no discount. Email address needed..........also have some Northern Soul / Soul patches from the 70's and 80's if anyone is interested i can send a pic/s. Dodger58, Staffordshire.
  5. Hi, sorry for the delay in forwarding the record lists, will be sending out to you all shortly. Regards, Dodger58.
  6. Hi All, many thanks to those of you who have bought from my 1000+ Northern Soul/Soul record collection, many are cherry picking ones and twos and paying full listed price however i am prepared to to deals on purchases of five or more records if anyone is interested. Dodger58.
  7. Message for joelloyd1958@hotmail.com. Tried sending you my lists Joe but it wouldn't work? Is the above email address correct or have you got a different email i could use? Regards, Roger (Dodger58).
  8. Message for Chris, i tried sending the lists to the email you gave me (chris@cool45.wanado.co.uk) and it failed, do you have a different email i could try for you? Regards, Roger (Dodger58).
  9. Hi All, many thanks to those who have shown an interest in the sale of my 1000+ Northern Soul/Soul Records and particularly to those who have bought records, i would appreciate those who i have emailed the lists to please pass the lists onto all their friends who may also be interested. The records must be sold as they have sat in my attic for decades, I also have some Northern Soul/Soul patches from the 70's/80's for sale if anyone is interested in those too? Regards, Dodger58.
  10. Hi All, i have made a note of everyone's email address (19 so far!!) that has requested a list of my 1000+ Northern Soul 45's that are for sale to genuine collectors (i hope?), there are 30 pages of A4 that are scanned into my mac-book so will work through the 19 emails that have been left over the next few days. Regards, Dodger58.
  11. Hi, i am new to this site and have my entire collection of Northern Soul & Soul 45's for sale. Most date back to the 70's and 80's when i was a keen member of the cult. I have a detailed list of all records and prices which i have researched on Manship etc and would be happy to email true collectors NOT DEALERS the full lists. I will need an email address to send the lists, cherry picking is allowed but there will be no discount............the total value of my life's collection is around £10+K. Regards, Dodger58. Ps, UPDATE on 09/03/16. chris@cool45.wanado.co.uk and joelloyd1958@hotmail.com i sent my lists to these email addresses but it didn't work, any other email address i could use?

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