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    Northern Soul (of course)<br /><br />Travelling<br /><br />Country Sports<br /><br />My two Black Labs
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    Packing Up-Damon Fox-Fairmount
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  2. soulatsouthlodge

    First Showing Of The Movie "soulboy"

    So............you were one of the employed original dancers eh......why the flip didn't you make subjective remarks then or pass on valuable knowledge, when you probably had everyones ears on set and could actually show the moves etc., so you walked out? When you've walked don't put the blame elsewhere when you had the chance to influence the outcome. As an ex- Wiganer I would have loved to be given the chance for any input to this film, yes there are inaccuracies but remember, it isn't a flippin' documentary it's a piece of fiction. Can you imagine what the internet would have been like following WW2 if people took every film made as gospel? Grow up!
  3. soulatsouthlodge

    Soulboy - The Movie. You've Seen It So . .

    On the SoulBoy theme I have two spare tickets for next Saturday 26th at Edinburgh Filmhouse 4.15pm. Only want face value. Special delivery postage or collect from Coldstream. Paypal or COD. Either message me or email to elang@fsmail.net
  4. soulatsouthlodge

    First Showing Of The Movie "soulboy"

    Yeah there were tears due to the fact we had to drive back down to God's hallowed (England) without a drink and couldn't go to Russ's party, though had some Uncle Joe's in the car out of respect! Told the wife were out in the car tomorrow afternoon for a bit of Alan and Jane for Father's Day (remember this post when you see the film!)
  5. soulatsouthlodge

    First Showing Of The Movie "soulboy"

    Just got back from the SoulBoy premiere in Edinburgh.....really enjoyed it. It was not a bio on Wigan and nor was it meant to be. I got goosebumps a few times from memories of the smells, noise and heat as you went up the stairs through those double doors into the main room and comedown on Sundays in your bedroom. Hit the period perfectly, soundtrack was good, yeah we can all pick our own favourite sounds no-ones going to agree with everything. Nothing will ever capture what Wigan meant to all of us who went many times over the years but this film at least left me with those fond memories stirred. The "dance-off" was a little contrived and would never have happened but was part of the film not real life. I recommend it as an entertaining film, my wife who wasn't a soulie enjoyed it, just remember it's not a documentary.
  6. soulatsouthlodge

    Brid N Whitby Why So Different?

    Quite agree, none of us know the true costs. The Whitby venue is certainly more upmarket. Personally I love it and have done since 2005. If someone doesn't think it is good value then there is only one answer, there are obviously plenty of us that do. Keep up the good work Kev!
  7. soulatsouthlodge

    Soultrip Usa Chicago Live Show Photos

    Yep I have got to agree with you, it was bloody good. Kev really came up with the goods. Hotel artists, DJ's, venues and location were all great
  8. soulatsouthlodge

    Book Wanted

    Anyone want to sell a copy of Dave Rimmer's A-Z book? Have exhausted every avenue so far. Thanks Ian


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