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  1. Pinapple soul in Greenock on tenth sadly and Caledonia soul is 31 aug another pity as guest dj is a rather popular chap. Taylor made is 2nd sat as well. try Scottish soul calendar then Facebook for nights mentioned on soul gossip on site that don’t have nights on the dates page. Not trying to be vague about caladonia soul but on hols so jackets with flyers in them not handy.. good record stores. Good luck geo
  2. So glad I asked for advice typical soul source veers off to facinating advice and gives advice about equipment I can only drool about. must be connected to how much time I enjoy “wasting,(my mrs) on soul source. geo thanks to all who replied,it’s what makes soul source what it is..
  3. Thanks for the replies, will read previous posts on the subject and keep up the lotto buying.... Geo
  4. Hi there, after reading about alleged upgrades of records after getting a pva glue "clean" I decided to carry out an attempt on one of my car boot discs. found it took hours for the glue to dry and when it had depth of glue wasn't even and some clear and some still white.removal was nor a success as I reckon scraping with my nails to try and get glue off caused more damage than was there at start. checked pva used and its supposed to be created for decking so may not be same as used in the reports iv read previously.Obviously the loss of a side of a record for my granddaughter to play with isn't the cause of sleep loss but I cant help wondering if pva cleaning exists or is an urban myth..?
  5. thanks for the helpful info. budget is what I can get away with lol.but will seek out mentioned hardwear when I get back to Glasgow as there are a few places that will have vintage gear . geo.
  6. Looking for some advice on non expensive turntable/amp/speakers. Old unit packed in after decades of service and realised cheap tat wont extend the life of cherished 45s. so looking for advice on reliable non damaging gear that wont break the already creaking bank.have looked at gumtree etc and realised I am a complete luddite on this. I inherited my old set up from a brother in law. any advice gratefully accepted. Geo.
  7. Aretha franklin the weight miracles I like it like that radiants book of love miracles I gotta dance to keep from crying Robert parker secret service platters washed ashore ad libs nothing worse than being alone bob Cuban and the in-men the cheater billy hawks oh baby little Milton lets get together jimmy lomax in gonna love you percy sledge baby help me rufus Thomas all night worker joe tex the letter song showmen country fool showstoppers aint nothing but a house party fantastic johhny c hitch it to the horse dells wear it on our face Jackie dat long as I got my baby kurtis scott no no baby swamp dogg total destruction of your mind
  8. Chuck Jackson id be a millionaire Lilly Fields Changes Otis Redding Loving by the pound. imposible to stop listening to them as they are so uplifting Geo Merry xmas
  9. My granddaughters are 8 and six and after doing them a cd I now have "their mix " on my phone. Current fav is backstreets closely followed by ride your pony and tainted love and ghost in my house with handclaps. Showing them records the oldest asked how come you can turn those black cds over........ new big big fav is I don't love you no more .... they love the intro to bits..
  10. Nothing this weekend.Most soul nights are ALL on the last Saturday of the month.Pineapple soul is generally the 2nd Saturday of the month in Greenock but wasn't on this month but is having a night on 23rd of this month I think a charity night in support of a regular. 1st sat of month ad lib in Glasgow,third sat of the month liquor shack in shawlands.every 2nd month sowl bowl is on in the west end on the last sat of of the personal favourite is pineapple soul in Greenock which always has records iv never heard before and has a really friendly vibe.also southside soul and blacktracking on alternate last sat of the month and I think magic roundabout in Bellshill on last sat of the month.also blackfriers and devine both in Glasgow and also last sat of the month.Hope this is of some help to you in the future.i believe there are a couple more soul nights in Glasgow . all the best. geo.
  11. Both his books are now in fop at £3 each or both for £5. You should be wearing a mask getting them for that price. I think the " uninformed" broadcaster may have his finger on a pulse somewhere, what with the Detroit movie coming out. Looking forward to his next book which is a bit of a first for me regarding non fiction. I did get the Little Richard biography recently if anyone is keen on paying the ebay price for Geo
  12. got the last one in the paisley branch and after twenty pages,learned a lot of things I never knew and enjoying doing so. job done. well done that ill informed off the ball chap.
  13. At least she didnt pretend to do a motown song and she ignores the guy that gets everyone else to dance out of time. She will eventually do some urban type song and not many people can stand about out of time.. Is she related to ali g ? Il just keep hunting for some cricket to watch..
  14. Paul calf put it best " Bag a shite ! " Reckon that covers it so far.(have to watch with grandkids)

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