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    Unusually into uptempo rnb n soul.since I got some tapes from a kind member,starting to listen and like some more modern stuff.best nights are the ones where you hear tunes you don’t know yet.not a big fan of listening to same tunes all the time.pineaple Greenock.cally soul ,glasgow.tailor made glasgow current fave nights but starting to find some a little closer to home.

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    Things ain’t what they used to be

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  1. Received mine two days ago, version is very impressive but the woman who sits next to me in the car prefers the other side and I’m not foolish enough to disagree, we were listening to early chuck Jackson and the marathons at the time so that may have influenced us Delighted with the record though, had to break my promise (alledged) to stop buying after a very small lotto win..... geo
  2. Interesting show. No point in comparing it to anything else as I reckon there are a lot of folk into jazz funk and soul and some similarities between music/dance scenes should be expected.Tried a couple of jazz funk alnighters when I lived in England in the early eighties,not for me but if we were all the same the world would be a boring place.
  3. Better than a lot of ill people. Plus top tunes help things seem not as bad and folk feel better. And as it’s free it’s a service for the public. Plus in lockdown who can complain....
  4. Most reports reckon that’s how it spread in Italy so fast with folk carrying on regardless.Current thinking is 1% of those infected could perish. So as I have a wife with no immune system and Asmara I can’t afford to take the risk . I think the Irish are being sensible.no soul night this weekend just means my neighbours and son get to hear my soul night in house and I can get drunk on good bourbon instead of beer then soft drinks that are my usual fare when out. Stay in for a week or so to see how it pans out or take a chance of being one of the sadly missed people we see posted on here too regularly as it is. Is it worth risking it even for a chcocolate biscuit...? Now to find records to get with the money saved this weekend..... If you do go out take lots of photos..... geo
  5. Hangins to good got to be the full braveheart death for such behaviour. Always remember going off Kevin Rowland for about twenty years when I found out he had stolen someone’s guitar.
  6. Ditto no problems with previous orders and it arrives when it arrives. Have waited for months for previous orders from elsewhere but once you have hands on record only gratitude for those that made it happen and always reluctant to add more stress to others who S stress cup is running over.
  7. Totally off topic but couldn’t help noticing Martyn’s take on it’s not unusual listed. Version I have heard he says “I’m gonna kill this” at the start, he didn’t.
  8. Great shout ordered thanks andy geo
  9. Pinapple soul in Greenock on tenth sadly and Caledonia soul is 31 aug another pity as guest dj is a rather popular chap. Taylor made is 2nd sat as well. try Scottish soul calendar then Facebook for nights mentioned on soul gossip on site that don’t have nights on the dates page. Not trying to be vague about caladonia soul but on hols so jackets with flyers in them not handy.. good record stores. Good luck geo
  10. So glad I asked for advice typical soul source veers off to facinating advice and gives advice about equipment I can only drool about. must be connected to how much time I enjoy “wasting,(my mrs) on soul source. geo thanks to all who replied,it’s what makes soul source what it is..
  11. Thanks for the replies, will read previous posts on the subject and keep up the lotto buying.... Geo
  12. Hi there, after reading about alleged upgrades of records after getting a pva glue "clean" I decided to carry out an attempt on one of my car boot discs. found it took hours for the glue to dry and when it had depth of glue wasn't even and some clear and some still white.removal was nor a success as I reckon scraping with my nails to try and get glue off caused more damage than was there at start. checked pva used and its supposed to be created for decking so may not be same as used in the reports iv read previously.Obviously the loss of a side of a record for my granddaughter to play with isn't the cause of sleep loss but I cant help wondering if pva cleaning exists or is an urban myth..?

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