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    Unusually into uptempo rnb n soul.since I got some tapes from a kind member,starting to listen and like some more modern stuff.best nights are the ones where you hear tunes you don’t know yet.not a big fan of listening to same tunes all the time.pineaple Greenock.cally soul ,glasgow.tailor made glasgow current fave nights but starting to find some a little closer to home.

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    Things ain’t what they used to be

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  1. I know this is a non soul topic but at Johnstone winning both cups in Scotland makes Leicester league win , no bad
  2. Don’t forget she suffered at the hands of James brown before meeting the man with the motorcycle helmet....
  3. So glad I built a workshop in the basement......
  4. Where’s this skip going to be sited.....? Just asking for a friend......
  5. It’s funny how something played backwards can be unsettling without being obvious. There are some movies that do this really well with irreversible being a prime example. Not for watching with children or anyone easily disturbed. Some very disturbing scenes made more disturbing by music in reverse. The shortest time between viewings of this film I have managed is a year. Once you notice the effect of the initial attack and decay it becomes easy to notice backwards music.. I know, backwards posts as well.....
  6. Watched the beans Bowles interviews, very informative and wee snippets that you wouldn’t always pick up on a book. Be dipping into this site again.
  7. Or buy it direct from ace records for £10.68 with free posting..... Geo
  8. Impressed with the de warping in the article, but if there are reports of condition changing ( vg- to vg+) or similar and region of cost , they could end up with their own postal worker as investors flood them with all the poor quality discs they can find... (for investors-billy hunts,lovely dealers,carpet baggers) delete as required
  9. Arrived this morning and delighted with it.well done to all involved.
  10. Bearing in mind mikes comments. heres a mix of underplayed one and unreleased ones that managed to be heard by many prior to release.. previously unreleased growing from Kent’s discoveries to a great source for wannabes that try to avoid just imitation...

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