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  1. I have a landa issue, but seen French vogue pop up a few times
  2. Is the French vogue legitimate to play at a strict ovo event?
  3. Okay I'll stick 15 Ono and see what happens! Cheers guys
  4. so what should i put on it if I'm selling it
  5. so its not near the 200 no? i thought he may have missed a decimal point but its the same on his eBay account as well
  6. hi, after a valuation on this, bought it a couple of years ago thinking it was a cheapie, but then looking through www.rarenorthernsoul.com, seen one for £200. surely this can't be right... can anyone help?
  7. hi do you still have the millionaire?
  8. eejjmm


  9. Would this not have insured postage on it aswell?

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