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  1. Wacker

    whole lotta soul at the fed

    Fantastic Guest DJ this month Mr Jez Jones , lovely down to earth guy with a music collection to die for , spinning some of the best Classics , Oldies going , come and treat yourselves to a night of nostalgia at our lovely soul by soul people for soul people.....see you on the floor...xx
  2. Wacker

    Whole Lotta Soul at The Fed

    Looking forward to this one , a good crowd are on their way to visit us....x
  3. Wacker

    Whole Lotta Soul at The Fed

    Its That Time Of the Year Again , That can only mean one thing . It's The Whole Lotta Soul at The Fed Anniversary Night . This Months Guest DJs are Rob Smith and Martin Alsop , who Know their Music and know what the dance floor want's .......a night of Classic Northern Soul Floor fillers delivered to the floor by Monthly Special Guest and in House Resident Djs that are Steve Searcy , Steve Lee and Tony Walker . We have a lovely venue run by people who understand the scene , the people and the music , Come and see us and refresh your soul.....Ample free car park within the perimeter of the venue , A lovely Beech Dance Floor , good bar prices with bar times of 7:30 pm through until 12:15 am .......Music is from 7:30 pm through until 1:00am with Soul for Soul People , Come and give us a try you will not be disappointed .........Claremont Road , Sherwood Rise , Nottingham . NG5 1BH
  4. Wacker

    Whole Lotta Soul at The Fed

    Gonna be a banger this one , Pete's music allways blows me away , one of the best set players going....x
  5. Wacker

    Whole Lotta Soul at The Fed

    This Months Special Guest ... 'Casper' Mr Pete Davis , The Legend Behind Blackhearts Allniters and all round Mr Nice Guy Situated approx 2 miles from the City Center , we a graced with a lovely beech dance floor , great venue with external gardens for a chill out area , ample free car parking within the venue perimeter and great bar staff usually helped by the licensee's Mary and Roman , The Bar time are 7:30pm - 12:15 am . Music is from 7:30 pm - 1:00 am The admission price of £4.00 on the door will be discounted for anyone wishing to go on to Mick H's Boat Club Allniter (we will warm em up fer ya Mick ) Come along and enjoy an evening of Beautiful music that has stood the test of time.......Hosted By Elaine , Carol , Steve L , Steve S and that other
  6. Wacker


    Mick has some wonderful music in his box guys not to be missed
  7. Wacker


    Great guest Dj this month guys .....Micky Boyle
  8. Wacker


    Got some cracking new tunes to spin for our regulars and yourself Gaz......gonna be a a banging night for classic Northern Lovers.....see ya Sat mate
  9. Wacker


    The one and only Mr Soul from Louth .......looking forward to hearing some of your great tunes Gaz
  10. Wacker

    Whole Lotta Soul At The Fed

    The fabulous Casper ....Pete Davis is this Months Special guest ....gonner be a gudden
  11. Wacker

    Whole Lotta Soul At The Fed

    Sat November 25th , 7:30 pm to 1:00 am Approx The Federation Club Nottingham present a night of classic Northern Soul , with resident DJs , Kev Greenwood , Paul Lightly , Steve Searcy and Tony Walker. With our Special Guest DJ ..........Pete Davis ( Casper ) Black Hearts All Niter.......Top Top Top Niter DJ ...........Come and dance your heart out to storming and classic music played at our lovely & friendly Club nonsense Bollotics here at all ...soul for soul people it should be ......Come down and Nourish Your Soul with the sounds of yesteryear , Good feedback from all who visit and our regulars , And at the end of the day your happiness is the only reward we strive for.......A lovely Beech Dance floor , Large ample car park and late bar.....Admission is £4.00 on the door .....give us a try you won't be disappointed Federation House Social Club , Claremont Road , Sherwood , Rise , Nottingham . NG5 1BH
  12. Wacker

    Whole Lotta Soul

    Should be a good crowd at this one folk , getting some good feedback from a lot people
  13. Wacker

    Whole Lotta Soul

    Top People Steve are the North Nott's crew ....allways a pleasure to great them at any venue
  14. Wacker

    Macmillan Motown & Soul Night

    Even though i whole Heartedly support any charity and good causes that are helped through the Northern Soul Scene , i find the setting up of a soul night less than 500yds from an established Soul club absolutely unbelievable , our guest DJs are promoted a year in advance on our flyers with dates included , are you not bothered about other venues in close proximity to this event ......obviously have only just started promoting this event on Social Media this week something that i find strange , has when our Charity nights are set up it is advertised months in advance AND WE CHECK THAT OTHER VENUES WILL NOT BE AFFECTED BY THIS....something that has obviously slipped your minds. We at The Federation Soul Club are not in this for the money , we do it for the love of the music and scene , we mainly operate at breaking even , or at a loss another soul event( even though a charity night ) trying to establish near us we find quite , well unacceptable.....there is a followed etiquette within the niter and soul club scene and most of us adhere to it.......and I Know before anyone says it....we don't own the soul scene and everyone has a freedom of choice....but this is totally disrespectful in every way you look at it ..... . Tony Walker of Whole lotta Soul at The Fed
  15. Wacker

    Whole Lotta Soul

    Allways nice to see the North Nott's Night Owls Crew .........Salt of the Earth People....x