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  1. Hi Matt, Also sent two PMs on Saturday - about this, and about a previous sale we completed a couple of weeks ago. Would appreciate it if you could get back to me. Many thanks Claire
  2. Cool. Would appreciate it if you remember to ask Kev. And thanks for the tip about the other label - as a Brit, the combination of King Arthur and the St George label appeals to my sense of humour, but also makes me cringe as it's a bit of a cheesy combination :-) And now I'll leave you in peace. Thanks for taking the time to help in the search for quality of music.
  3. And PS, I know the soul world isn't so big, but just eating my breakfast and having a look at Crazy about Crossover and saw your posts. That's me who liked the Lee Shot Williams :-) See you in Europe if you're around - I'm off to Bamberg next month.
  4. Thanks a lot. Appreciate your help. Claire
  5. Thanks so much for the tips, and yes, I think it's a great record! I'll search out Tony, but as I don't live in the UK, I'm definitely not sure how to find Kev Featherstone. I do know people on the soul scene over there - where in the UK does he live as maybe they will know him? Claire
  6. Looking for a copy of I Believe I Love Her on Studio 42. Please PM me if you can help. Many thanks. Claire

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