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    Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
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  1. Mr Jay Cee Corp

    The Belgium Popcorn Oldies Top 100 for 2018

    Hi to all here on the Soul Forum. Reply to RC166 : yes that Freddy Houston - Chills and Fever surely qualifies to be a Popcorn tune These kind of tunes were often played in the Belgium Popcorn Dancings. Nowadays the musical favour is more likely split in two major themes. The more sturdy sound and the mellow sounds like the one you posted Anna Valentine -On a Tropical island. What the deejays are searching f..
  2. Mr Jay Cee Corp

    The Belgium Popcorn Oldies Top 100 for 2018

    Hi Russel Gilbert. Thanks for your posting that track. I would try pitching it down minus 4 or so on a pitched controlled turntable. That's the diificulty with pitching, Some tracks loose there athmosphere too much when slowed down or pitched up,? See if the track still has the right feel to it when slowed down? On a Acetate!?! Real rare item then! For some more intresting articles on Popcorn O..
  3. Mr Jay Cee Corp

    The Belgium Popcorn Oldies Top 100 for 2018

    Hi to All in the Soul World! Thanks for all your contributions on Popcorn Oldies. We were able to compile a Great Top 100 with the Belgium Popcorn Oldies for 2018. This new listing honours the new finds into the library, we call Popcorn Oldies. Have a peek at : For all the Artist and Tittle information. There is also a liv..
  4. Mr Jay Cee Corp

    The Belgium Popcorn Oldies Top 100 for 2018

    Hello Music Lovers all around the Globe. Thanks for all your intrest in " Belgium Popcorn Oldies " in general ! I once had a respected Big Northern Soul Collector over from the UK. He found a lot of what we called " Crossover " records in my collection. ( Records that could be played on either a Northern Soul Party or a Belgium Popcorn Event ) Depending on the speed we adjusted the pitch on the Turntables :-) ..
  5. Mr Jay Cee Corp

    The Belgium Popcorn Oldies Top 100 for 2018

    Sorry, Translation was done by Google
  6. The Popcorn Corner TOP-100 2018 is coming. And you can help putting it together. Make a list of your favorite Belgium Popcorn Oldies through the years. And we will do the all the compiling. This is how it works. Make a list of your favorite Popcornoldies with your own nr. 1 on top Send your list to with the subject Popcorn Oldies Top 100 Send in before Sunday 13 May at 24:00. cet time scedule. ..
  7. Mr Jay Cee Corp

    Northern Soul Matinee Party !

    Co-operation with Deejays : Anna Wodka – Out Of Sight – Utrecht Dj Le Blanc – 3 Towers Soul Club – Tilburg Dj Jobbo – 3 Towers Soul Club – Tilburg Dj Jay Cee Corp! – Club Cliché – Duketown More info on :
  8. Mr Jay Cee Corp

    Popcorn Corner - Dj Tbc - Midvliet FM

    Every Sunday Evening on Dutch Radio Station Midvliet a radio program about Belgium Popcorn Oldies. Website is here : From 21:00 till 23:00 cet time scedule There is also a Chatroom open for Comments or remarks about the radio show.
  9. Mr Jay Cee Corp

    Mr Jay Cee Corp

  10. Mr Jay Cee Corp

    Popcorn Oldies Radio Show

    Dutch Popcorn Oldies Radio Show.