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  1. 3rd release. Destination unknown. p&p up from £3 to £4. Some hike.
  2. This label is not about discovering old gems and bringing them to the masses. If it were they wouldn't be limited.. If they pressed 100 with a view to pressing more on demand, would they sell 100. Good marketing ploy..
  3. Sorry Jaco. I meant to say aberaterone. The pred I could do without.
  4. Just thought I would bump this thread to keep the subject in the minds of the guys on here as they tend to be of the age where they should get tested. Hope the prednisalone is still serving you well Jaco. It was amazing for me. Just collected box 45.
  5. Can I just add that the symptoms may be really minor. I was kept waiting at the GPs so I read every poster 10 times. The one listing the symptoms of PC was interesting and I thought I may have had slight signs but no pains, no discomfort, nothing that interfered with life. In fact I almost didn't bother the doc but mentioned it in passing at the end of the appt. The bottom line. I had it and it had metastasized. The point is guys. Just coz it doesn't hurt you have to question changes in your body.
  6. It is exactly as shown BUT as I said. Just below PRODUCED BY PERCEPTION PROD. it has. ARR. BY JERRY VANCE
  7. I have a white copy with Alley full of trash and bottles on the B. What do I have? this copy has ARR. BY JERRY VANCE under the produced by PERCEPTION I have not looked at my vinyl for 30 odd years. First post.

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