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    I've been into soul since junior school in the 60's when I latched onto it as new music, and was just the right age (well, I lied about it by 2 years) to go to Cleethorpes Pier - a mile from where I grew up. In the 70's I went all over the place. I've dabbled with DJ'ing since the 80's, particularly after moving to the North West in the 90's, often in conjunction with the likes of Maurice Jones (Lytham Lions Club), the late John Mills (Farnworth Cricket Club) and Gordon Stone (Horwich RMI Tuesdays). My wife and I used to enjoy Friday nights at the Twisted Wheel when it was in Whitworth Street but the Cleethorpes background means that I am just as happy with later Mecca era and crossover sounds. I despair sometimes that "Northern Soul" and "Wigan Caino" sometimes get mixed up, particularly by TV documentary and film makers, no issues with The Casino at all,  but there was/is so much more to the scene before, during and after the Casino era that I'd like to hear told.

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    Music is most important - but anything mechanical too. Keen amateur industrial archaeologist who drives steam trains, helps work a preserved canal barge, has a Morris Minor and a couple of self-restored old motorbikes. Has never owned a scooter but would if there was more room and money - the usual problems.
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    Rainmaker - The Moods

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  1. How about "Sweether Than The Day Before" - the Valentinos, or "Going To A Go Go" - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. There's so many.......
  2. Well.....we now have "Walking Football", so maybe we can have soul events where we all stand still on the dancefloor and just move our arms a bit. I think it's a case of enjoy it while you can (and spend the next few days walking around stiffly with a bad back).
  3. Bless him, he'll be claiming to have discovered the Frank Wilson record next. Oh...............
  4. Martha Reeves - No One There. But! I'd found a brand new copy of it on Bury market before I'd ever heard of it and risked £3.00 on it. One of the only recods that I've ever sold, several years later it paid for some others that I did like..
  5. I suppose if he was recording it now it would be "we picked up a doner kebab with chilli sauce". However... Back in the 70's I was convinced that the Magnificent 7's "She's Called a Woman" was actually called "Cheesecloth Woman" - but then that was 70's all nighter PA, I didn't know what the record was called and people did still wear chesecloth back then............
  6. and.....she guested in The Muppet Show. I can remember sitting there having my tea one night around the Cleethorpes Pier era - my local venue - and the Muppets came on. I wasn't taking much notice when Kermit said "welcome to theMuppet Show, with our special guest star, Leslie Uggams!" I spluttered on my tea as my Mum and Dad chorused in with the usual "Who? Nobody's ever heard of any of these American guests" etc...........
  7. Memories of one Winter Gardens all-dayer when a group of us including Nev and, I think, Ian Dewhurst, took some time out during the afternoon and walked down the promenade to "Wonderland" where we all went on the dodgems. Mike
  8. There are certainly two issue label variations that I know of, I bought mine second hand back in the mid-70's at Cleethorpes Winter Gardens (£3!) then a good 15 years later I saw one with a label that I can only describe as greener than mine - which sounded like slightly different cut! Anyone else aware of this or know the story? Mike

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