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  1. The music will live on forever!
  2. I picked up 2 copies here in Maryland yesterday, and played it on a Technics SL-1200 with a Shure M44G cartridge, into a Pioneer pre-amp and listening through Yamaha HS-50 monitors. The RSD release appears to be a mono mix, which I was hoping for. On my system, this record does not have the overly "digital" high end, compression/limiting or other characteristics of digital mastering. I compared the RSD release to a few other genuine Soul releases from 1965/66, and the Wilson repro is definitely comparable. Not sure if it was done full analog, but in my opinion they did a good job keeping the fidelity authentic for the most part, with a clean mix that is not "too" modern. Of course, this is my subjective opinion, but is based on a lot of vinyl archiving projects I've done on the same system. Funny, but I got to the store on RSD toward the end of the day, figuring this would be sold out, but there were 14 copies of this on the shelf. Few people around here seem to know of this record.
  3. Picked up 2 copies yesterday in Maryland. Played it today, and it sounds like the mono mix! Happy with it, and paid store price of $14 each. Would have preferred it to have the Soul label on it, but the Quality Control does have a neat story behind it.
  4. R.I.P Dennis, and thanks for your music! My father's band played with the Contours a couple of times in D.C. back in the day, and Dennis signed this.
  5. Sorted, thanks!
  6. Still searching for this one.... Anyone recognize the title or have a lead on a copy? Thanks
  7. Unfortunately no original box.... these were found in the back of a record case that had a bunch of other Motown & Tamla records. They were in fantastic condition, and included one of my now favorite Tammi Terrell 45s.. "Come On And See Me".
  8. Resurrecting an old post here... My Grandfather (who just recently passed at the grand age of 95), worked at a candy & tobacco store back in the 1950s-70s, on the east coast here, and Topps was one of their vendors. While going through a bunch of records and other "stuff" a few years ago, I stumbled across this set of 16 Motown Topps Paper Records, all in the original sleeves. I asked him about it and he said that every week another one was available, he would bring the new one home to my mother who was/is a fan of these artists. Great visual/audible piece of history.... these actually sound really good using a larger light tracking spherical stylus. Just thought I'd share this for any Motown fans on the forum
  9. Hey Soul-Source friends! Still on the hunt for this one, ready to work out a purchase if anyone has it. Thanks for checking, and please PM me if you find it.
  10. The collection I have was stored in 45 rpm record cases as they were purchased at various record stores back in the day as the singles were released back in the day. They are all indexed in the order they were bought in, which is chronological. I created a spreadsheet (similar to what others mentioned above) that has taken a long time to complete. It has a separate tab for each case, and each index has Case Number, Record Number, Artist, A Side Title, B Side Title, Label, Catalog Number, Release Date, Notes. For records I add, I have a separate tab for "added records" that are also sorted chronologically. To find any record, I just click [Control] + [F] and type in a piece of data, and it pulls up the location. Additionally, I have recorded the A and B sides to each record and stored a mono-summed WAV (uncompressed) file of each, which I will eventually link to the spreadsheet (or some kind of GUI) so I can click any title to instantly play the song. (of course, spinning the record is MUCH more fulfilling, but sometimes a quick digital fix suffices in lieu of traveling to storage to get the disc) I am fairly new to this forum btw, but REALLY enjoy all of the info and fantastic threads here. Cheers
  11. I agree w/ the "life has scratches" comment, as sometimes it is the imperfections that make something perfect. I listen to the raw and cleaned up versions of tracks depending on the mood or situation, or type of speakers used. (the studio monitors are not very forgiving with anything nasty in the high range, but imperfections are much more settled on home speakers) At the end of the day, it's all music to our ears . Enjoying this thread!
  12. I definitely like playing the 45s. It usually starts with wanting to listen to a single side, but then turns into an hour or more of semi-random plays. I use two turntables with a mixer, which runs out through a recorder... and one thing I always do is hit record before playing the first record. Sometimes it is fun to listen to the set a few weeks later and remember what the thought (or lack of) was behind the various selections. Also, it is fun to mix digital copies of the various tunes sometimes, from both a convenience and avoidance of record wear perspective. I have found that many of tracks on the earlier CD compilations were mixed, re-mastered, and/or re-channeled... and sound quite different than the original 45. A lot of times it seems that a low pass filter was used to remove static and hiss, and unfortunately filters also remove key elements of the sound... especially the treble in cymbals and snares. (not to discount the tremendous effort that was put into making some of those amazing earlier compilations!) When I get new (old) records, I have a gentle multi-step process for cleaning, then I record the first play of the A and B sides. With non destructive editing (manual removal of clicks, pre/post track space, and NO FILTERS), I create a digital copy of the 45, so in cases where I want to play or mix, or just have a random selection in the background, the records can remain safely sleeved. Ultimately, I feel like when I put a record on, I am hearing the actual analog magic that was recorded in the studio many decades ago. Digital certainly has it's advantages, but with the internet much of the music is ubiquitous, and makes playing that obscure or unknown 45 that much more special.
  13. Good question! Could either be the speed adjustment on one of the turntables, or perhaps caused by the file format/conversion. When converting from .wav to .mp3 or video formats, sometimes there are adjustments to bit rate or other codec issues that can change the speed or pitch of the song. Not that the times printed on record labels are always accurate... but one way to test would be to see if the time on the record matches the play time of the file on the website you are viewing/listening on. Even a +/- 1 or 2 % speed difference could seem significant.
  14. Hi Soul-Source Friends! Excited about my first successful find & purchase as a relatively new member on here, so here is another one: I am looking for a copy (VG+ or better preferred) of: Joe Allen & His Alley Cats - Baby, Baby, Baby b/w I Cried Enough (JALO 201) (this is more on the earlier fast RnB tip) Please PM me if you have a copy available, and what you'd be asking for it. Thanks
  15. Hey Friends! Have received a couple of PMs about the wants, but unfortunately have not gotten a hit on this one yet. Anyone have a copy? Thanks!

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