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    who says i dont play oldies? ive got some tunes from the last century
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    i`d think it over-sam fletcher.

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  1. denmac

  2. Groovin' @ Grundy's

    mr kay is out sunning himself and our ruth in zanti this weekind. so your going to enjoy equally the tunes of the above list of dj`s. and on a personal note i will be there with two pens, two notebooks scribbling every thing adie plays.perhaps a cassette recorder might do.
  3. any play list with freddy butler n j r bailey has to be good.. oh boss four, must dig that out for a relisten ( is that a word )?
  4. THE VOICE that shook trentham gardens! that night he had to have a stool to sit on, came on stage with the help of sticks.bad hips i think....he began to sing... i needed the stool and sticks as my legs buckled as he hit them notes. sensational voice. dells a...

    that was one top session in the RR groovin room. great to see & hear djs free from the shackles,shaun like a man posessed pulled out tunes to die for.Dave has a brilliant ability to play the danceable toons that make you go W.T.F. Cliff makes it look easy, tune after tune.even when its early doors..mr kay has thinned out his collection over the last year. loss of quality tunes tunes i hear you ask? not a chance!! august awaits. things can only get better,,,, kevs back
  6. Lorraine Chandler Happy Birthday

    why have i only got words not pics on my screen
  7. Sweetsoul night b4 featuring Den Mac

    awesome tunes!! nothing like pressure then. really looking forward to this.staying over for sat night and CAKE.,.,.,CAKE LotS OF lOVEley CaKE, sorry about that my sugar levels just went mental.
  8. Dave Rimmer, Chris Anderton at SoulinDerby

    really going to try to get to this night, what a forward line to deliver top tunes..
  9. i was at the clouds derby the night the EL


    OH COME ON america get to know,absorbe some of these people.west coast richard temple_ that beatin rhythm.lorraine chandler,,, detroit godess. hb barnum just about the best what ever he puts his mind too.best regards to the organisers of this event.
  11. just read three pages regarding prestatyn !! never saw the word modern once. thats ok. so is prestatyn gonna be the west coast version of skeggy butlins wkenders.nothing wrong with that,skegg sells out all the time
  12. Soul Purpose Summer All Dayer

    kev, what!!! THE old swimming trunks from the baths with laces up the side? one size fits all. or is it your speedo albatross smugglers !!!! (sorry mate did i go over the top ? should i repost with puffins or kittywakes )>>>> anyway have a great time at a great night

    mark & kev, sorry i cant be with you friday but ive got to carry on building aero engines.(bet there is a few people cancel hols after reading that). my dad died from this bloody awful problem so i send my donation via rob. hope you have a great night. denmac
  14. Sussex Soul Club July 2Nd

    ahup gray. over the months seen some great playlists from patching. its obviously the venue that you dared to dream of is doing it !!! ten out of ten to you chris+ steve. top marks iam told for mouldie at willington. .keep on keepin on mate.
  15. Mk Soul, Bishopthorpe, York

    mick,what a great night that was.top tunes all night would have liked to be told what they were some of the time. top tunes = tunes i know and like and tunes i hear that i dont know and like. cheers to charlie mcgarigalle (thats my spelling)for agreat chat an...