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  1. Personal Taste? People's favourites? Same thing! I was not advocating a debate, simply encouraging variety.........the spice of life!!!
  2. My point exactly!!! You state that you don't want to hear such tunes played out, but that is merely your opinion. There are a great many others that do want to hear them! Some fantastic tunes have been mentioned and they just don't get played out often enough! Surely playing a variety to suit many tastes is preferable?
  3. That statement is utter rubbish!!!
  4. Ms Murray

    City Hall, Sheffield - Allnighter?

    I for one am extremely pleased to see that you are going out in Sheffield Shane! We need to meet up for a rehearsal of 'Happy Birthday'. Are you still going to wear that outfit for the Birthday Boy?! I will if you will!!! Oh and don't forget the talc, it will make it much easier to get into!!! And now folks.........for those of us from over the border in Sunny Lancashire, it would be helpful to know the address and times..
  5. "most people in Lancs never attend events outside the county" Well I'm not most people!!! I spend more time in Sheffield than you do these days mate! I've done so much travelling recently that I've lost count(-ies)!!! By the way castles don't count as venues!!! Touch
  6. Ms Murray

    The Fed March 11

    Hi Kirsty, Nice to meet you too Kirsty. I did have a good journey back thanks, it was very picturesque in parts. Beautiful views of snow laden countryside - I love it! Sad but true. Hope to see you out and about again soon.
  7. Ms Murray

    The Fed March 11

    Goodness me! I thought you of all people would know your Polo from your Golf!!! Must be something to do with your handicap?! Great night on Saturday, with fantastic hospitality! Music not bad either! I certainly appreciated the dance floor to myself!!! Great to hear sounds that we don't hear everywhere else!!! Long may it continue!
  8. Ms Murray

    Reach Out For Me

    I agree with you, the Roy Hamilton version is the best one without a doubt!
  9. Ms Murray

    Favorite Double Sider

    Joann Garrett - Whole New Plan/Stay By My Side
  10. Ms Murray

    Knight In My Neighbourhood

    Imagine my disappointment when I found out this weekend that Gladys Knight had been in my neighbourhood, earlier this year. She performed a gospel show at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), in Chorley. This is only 2 miles from where I live and I pass by it practically every day - little did I know! Apparently her grandson is working in Manchester as a missionary and she has converted to the church,..
  11. Glad YOU think so Shane! I'm just trying to get told off for making inappropriate comments!!!
  12. For a moment there I thought I was going to save a fortune, not having to buy you drinks Mr H!!!
  13. Late entry to this topic I know .....I understand exactly what you are asking Shane! Should I be afraid that I may be on your wavelength?!!! In answer to your questions, without a doubt Mr Gaz Kellet was so ahead of his time, a man with impeccable taste in music and the courage of his convictions. I am sure that there are many who would love to see him back up there! Added to this the gorgeous, hilarious Dave Molloy, also with i..