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    Hi, My Uncle Albert Hamilton just released his book that he has been writing for over 30 years.  The book reveals the true story about how Motown was started.  Buy on Amazon, "Custodians the Hummingbird", by Al Kent.  My father is Bobby Reeco Hamilton.  Thank you in advance for reading about the hard struggles of the "Unsung Heroes and no credit from Barry Gordon. 

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  1. Hello Rob Moss, My name is Tondalaya Hamilton and I am the oldest daughter of Bob Hamilton. Thank you for writing the articles about my family. After receiving Berry Gordy’s signed autograph book from the Publishing Company and after reading it, I knew he had forgotten about the “Unsung Heroes” like my father and uncles. I remember being in Golden World Studio and meeting most of the stars that made Motown. I knew my father was a musical genius and worked hard to get his recognition. He helped so many get their start like Dennis Edward, which I remember seeing him standing at the side of the piano rehearsing with my father. Again, thank you; however, I need to correct the part on how my father passed. That is not true because it denotes that my mother had something to do with it. She passed in 2010 and is not here to represent the truth. I was present during his death at the age of 14 years old and would like to tell you the truth if you are interested. I would like to talk more about it with you in private. Again, thank you for recognizing the Hamilton’s “Unsung Heroes”. Sincerely, Tondalaya Hamilton (Toni)

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