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  1. I'm not sure of the year, but if you read the first page it says they are moving from Arkwright street at the end of march, someone might remember.I have a later catalogue from the canal street address , around 1974 ish
  2. Remember when records were this price? How do I post a picture?
  3. Hi guys I have a copy of secret agents- the olympics on a black mirwood label with silver writing , I believe it a legit issue the matrix numbers match, is it rarer, or worth more or less than the blue copy? thanks yonky
  4. Hi all, I need a bit of advice please , I'm looking for a john e Paul - I wanna know reissue for my mates 60th birthday.. What's a fair price for a vg copy? Yonky
  5. I thought I read somewhere that all the music in the film was true to the year it was set in, obviously not.i can't remember if the year was ever mentioned in the film, but it does start with " brand new key", Melanie which was 1971
  6. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but this is my first time on the forum. can someone explain to me how " love starved heart" was being played in the film, and yet it didn't see the light of day untill the early eighties I believe, or am I wrong? Just curious....

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