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    In 1979 at the tender age of 11, a friend called Jeff Bogg, who was a bit older than me and lived across the road and another lad called Trevor Roberts, took me to a nightclub in Lincoln on a Sunday evening and once I heard the music they were playing and saw the way they were dancing, my lifelong (well so far anyway, lol) passion began I was never old enough to travel anywhere although I'd have dearly loved it if the Casino could have stayed open for another few years until I was   As it was, I went to every Northern Soul event in Lincoln I could get into until the mid 1980's when the scene seemed to disappear altogether for a little while (I now know that it was more down to the fact that I didn't know the right people to speak to) Until the middle of last year, I was still mostly under the impression that it was only alive in the likes of Wigan and London etc, until I happened to search on Facebook - I felt like I'd woken up in paradise, and I got to hear SOOOOO many old tracks I'd mostly forgotten about Now I'm attending every local event I can justify spending the money on (I was made redundant almost 2 and half years ago so funds are very tight and recently attended the Lincoln Soul Club All Dayer, at Lincoln Drill Hall which was FANTASTIC!! Now...if only I could get a job to feed my obsession properly, lol KTF guys Andy.

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  1. We recently learned that this will be the LAST All Dayer at Lincoln Drill Hall, It's been cracking for the last two years and I'm looking forward to this one with mixed feelings - Excitement to be spending another day with old friends and making new ones but sad that it won't be happening next year. So if you want a big slice of nostalgia, this will be your last chance to visit the old girl for a 13 hour Northern Soul, Motown and R&B extravaganza. GET YOUR TICKETS BOUGHT AND YOUR DANCING SHOES POLISHED !! Be there or be equiquadrilateral
  2. Don't eat chicken on Sundays just PUSH girl lol - There were a few nice tunes on it and we could never remember it's name so we called it "The Loving You LP" coz of Dee Edwards :-)
  3. Andy Scoffings


    Hi Rachel, Sad to say but I agree with your comment on Colin...to a degree anyway. For someone who has been a DJ on the scene since day-dot, I found his set...disappointing I suppose is the best way to put it. Don't get me wrong, I didn't think it was particularly bad music, just NOT what I expected at a Northern Soul All-Dayer. Another time and place - perhaps a Jazz Funk/Soul/Fusion event - and I'd probably be singing his praises right now but let's put it this way, I won't be rushing to any other Northern Soul events where he's headlining or on the roster. Other people seemed to like it OK and more power to them, different strokes for different folks and all that The rest of the day was excellent though and as far as I'm concerned, Lincoln could stand one of these every week, lol. I suppose to be fair to the promoters and organisers though, perhaps bi-annually? Or EVEN quarterly? KTF Andy

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