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    In 1979 at the tender age of 11, a friend called Jeff Bogg, who was a bit older than me and lived across the road and another lad called Trevor Roberts, took me to a nightclub in Lincoln on a Sunday evening and once I heard the music they were playing and saw the way they were dancing, my lifelong (well so far anyway, lol) passion began I was never old enough to travel anywhere although I'd have dearly loved it if the Casino could have stayed open for another few years until I was   As it was, I went to every Northern Soul event in Lincoln I could get into until the mid 1980's when the scene seemed to disappear altogether for a little while (I now know that it was more down to the fact that I didn't know the right people to speak to) Until the middle of last year, I was still mostly under the impression that it was only alive in the likes of Wigan and London etc, until I happened to search on Facebook - I felt like I'd woken up in paradise, and I got to hear SOOOOO many old tracks I'd mostly forgotten about Now I'm attending every local event I can justify spending the money on (I was made redundant almost 2 and half years ago so funds are very tight and recently attended the Lincoln Soul Club All Dayer, at Lincoln Drill Hall which was FANTASTIC!! Now...if only I could get a job to feed my obsession properly, lol KTF guys Andy.

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    Washingborough, UK
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    A Little Togetherness - The Younghearts

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