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  1. La Beat 6606

    Gladys Knight no one could love you more

    Hi Ady PM'd you
  2. La Beat 6606

    La Beat 6606

  3. La Beat 6606

    Burscough British Legion Soul and R&B Night

    I'll get my request in now for Joan to bring How/Masqueraders for me and Lisa. See you Saturday
  4. Reads like Frank Elson had writer's block this week. A list of plays and a token description of the night doesn't cut it on the journalistic front (imo). As for Fraud, don't you have to be unwitting in that deception? You only had to look at the blank label spinning on the deck when Richard was at the height of his major cover ups at Wigan. Back then the average soulie was hard pressed to get the money together to go to an allnighte..
  5. La Beat 6606

    Ronnie Forte - on Tarx

    PM'd you