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  1. Who’s the guest DJ for this one - can’t seem to find it on the listing?
  2. Really looking forward to Towngate this Friday - always a friendly welcome and great sounds.
  3. La Beat 6606


    We all asked how do you top the first Wrong Crowd and last night The promoters and DJ’s showed us how. I didn’t know what to expect as the guests were Karl White and Paul Johnson who for some unknown reason I’d not either heard DJ since Morecambe or in the case of Chalky I’d always managed to miss. As you’d expect from both guests, their spots were top notch. Plenty of new tunes for me and a great mix. Well done to the residents Dan, Derek and Simon too - fab spots as usual. And finally to the ladies on the promotion team Debbie and Sharron - Thankyou everyone. Great night, great music and great crowd - here’s to Wrong Crowd 3 x
  4. A really busy night - full of collectors, dj’s and appreciative listeners and dancers. I still continue to come away every time with some new tunes. For once I managed to catch the first spot by John Meredith and wasn’t disappointed. A cosy venue but so friendly with dj’s that are always pushing to broaden our rare soul knowledge across all genres. A little gem of a night.
  5. La Beat 6606


    So looking forward to the 2nd Wrong Crowd - another belter in store and a great buzz about the night. Really intrigued how the DJ's will top last time but am confident they will. A great weekend in store although am sure my feet will be cursing me on Sunday morning - will be worth it though.
  6. Looking forward to Leyland Towngate Collective - a great start to a busy soul weekend.
  7. Great night - and as usual have come away with a few tracks that I’ve not heard before, not heard for a long time or alternative takes or album tracks. Good to hear Peggy Gaines, Timeless Legend,Mark IV to mention only a few. See you all in a fortnight.
  8. Looks set to be another stormin night......
  9. Looking forward to Towngate Soul Collective as always.
    Beltin night at Burscough Legion last night. So many events on last night coupled with two nighters as well so numbers a little down. However, as usual, we got a musical treat from guests Les Harrison, Mick Smith (Southport), Robert Hitchcock and Nige Arkwright and not forgetting Tony Brookes opening and closing, he and lovely Lisa doing all the things that Promoters do in the background to give us punters a great night. Whether you prefer to sit and listen or dance (and dance I did to the point of hobbling this morning) there was something for everyone across all rare soul genres. Plenty of lively banter and a great night from start to finish. Can’t wait for next month’s anniversary....
  10. Great night once again - thanks for the playlist! All of the DJs played a great mix of tunes. Towngate Collective is one of our favourite venues/nights and firmly on the fortnightly calendar.
  11. As always a great night at Leyland Towngate Collective. Really enjoyed the mix of sounds and continue to come away with a few tunes or alternative takes that I’ve never heard before. All the DJ’s played great spots which is saying something when you’ve got a room full of collectors and DJs and those of us that want something more than the mainstream. That, coupled with a friendly social atmosphere - what’s not to like? See you on the 10th May x Pauline
  12. La Beat 6606

    Wrong Crowd

    FAB night doesn’t even come close to how good it was. Busy venue, buzzing atmosphere straight from the off, wonderful dancefloor (no jiggered knees this morning). All the DJs were up for the ‘free reign music policy’ and looked to be having as good a time as the punters. Appreciative crowd with plenty of applause after their sets. I danced and danced and danced - loved it and will be back. Well done to all the organisers and DJ’s xx Pauline
    Couldn’t agree more with Steve Plumbs review - just great to come away from somewhere and you’ve heard something that you’ve never heard before or an alternative take of a track. Great music on the weeks that are run by Ken, Paul etc (every fortnight). I have only been on the Ken Rigby/Paul James weeks which are every fortnight. Hopefully someone will review the other weeks in between.

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