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  1. Droylsdonian, it's too bad about your table. I am passing this info along to August and Deneen tonight.
  2. Ratso

    august and deneen

    Around 1973, after returning from Las Vegas, August and Deneen toured as a duet accompanied only by a bass guitarist.
  3. August and Deneen both have blue eyes...
  4. chalky, I spoke with Deneen Wednesday night, the 16th. August was asleep, as it was one o'clock in the morning their time. I guess we're getting old. Anyway, Deneen wants me to proceed with a website I had cooked up a few years back, when there was supposed to be a huge Las Vegas Northern Soul event. At the time, I had the opening page of the site up, but I was really busy trying to negotiate an August and Deneen appearance at that event, so the website sort of faded away. For some time after that, we were kind of disappointed at how the Las Vegas event fell through and we just didn't do anything. Looks like I now have to find some good website help.
  5. Ratso

    August & Deneen

    Wiganer1, thank you for that little bit of history (the last record spun). I wish I could have seen the place, but I didn't get to England until 1991.
  6. Steve, I would love to take credit for the bass guitar on "We Go Together", but I was the August and Deneen bassist when they appeared LIVE. That track, which was supposed to be released as a B side, was only one of three different tracks recorded during the Bell Sound sessions of 1968. I joined up with them at least a year later, maybe two, after the sessions, during their "4 nights a week" period. That would be around 1970 or possibly as early as 1969. I wish I could find my doggone journal, but I moved from Vegas to Monterey 16 months ago and I still have a garage full of moving boxes loaded with stuff. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I can clearly remember my audition with them, but without my journal, I can't get the exact year right. To continue with info I got from Deneen; the members of the Long Island Sound, which was the August and Deneen band, were not even allowed inside the actual recording studio. The tracks were recorded using New York studio musicians. I never met any of the original session players, but that's not unusual because those cats didn't play outside too much. They were just that busy doing studio work. Anyway Steve, the only place I can find any of MY playing on the Internet is, ironically, not even on a soul recording. And not even on bass guitar. I played synthesized strings on "Drink My Blues Away", organ on "Hurricane", and a little vocal refrain ("shine, shine, shine") on "Thirty Dollars", all three of which appeared on the Blackwater 5 CD, "Circles".
  7. Chalky... Can I get back to you on this? I have been a member here for years and I have been very careful about what personal info I give out about August and Deneen. I still love these folks, even though we are over 3,000 miles apart. Here's some hints: Deneen's mom was in show business also and if I gave out her name, some of you Internet sleuths may unravel the whole mystery. Deneen's real birth name is Deneen, but August is just a stage name. We band members referred to him by his real name when off stage and not discussing band business.
  8. No, they didn't. When I first mentioned "Northern Soul" to them, they hadn't heard a thing about their popularity across the pond. Certainly nothing about reissues since August and Deneen received no royalties. BTW: Cashman, Pistilli, and West were staff writers at ABC that August and Deneen kept contact with for years after C,P, & W left ABC. I didn't know that C,P, & W had formed groups of their own.
  9. Ratso

    August & Deneen

    It amazes me that it is still getting spins. If I can reach Deneen or August this weekend, I'll let them know about this post. I'm sure they'll be amazed also.
  10. August and Deneen were the two people most responsible for my transitioning from a weekend hack bass guitarist to the steady working road professional I became. For some reason, Joe D. wanted to leave the Long Island Sound, which was August and Deneen's backup band, so I jumped at the chance to audition for his bass guitarist slot. Without actually laying hands on my journal, I'm going to guess that it was about two years after they recorded We Go Together (and two other tracks) at New York's Bell Studios. If my memory serves me right, the recordings were made in 1968 (Deneen will probably find me and correct me if I'm wrong), so I believe I joined August and Deneen & the Long Island Sound in the fall of 1970. I remember my audition like it was last week; I was that nervous. The audition took place in the late afternoon at the Beachcomber in Wollaston Beach, Massachusetts. The club owner at the time was Jimmy McEttrick. As I recall it was a Thursday afternoon, because August and Deneen would perform there that night and on each of the following three nights. They tested me first with a couple of easy tunes and then threw a toughie at me. It was Sly & the Family Stones' Sing a Simple Song. I had only heard it a few times and had never played it. But, Joe wanted to move on so he coached me right then and there until I had the song's signature bass lick down. After a few minutes, Deneen came back over to us and asked Joe, "Does he have it?", to which he replied, "Yeah, he's got it." That was it... end of audition... I was the new (and as it tuned out, last) bass guitarist of the Long Island Sound. Deneen told me years later that when I joined, that was the 32nd, and last, configuration of the Long Island Sound. When I passed that audition, I became the youngest member of the band. Assuming it was the fall of 1970, I was age 23. Ironically, August and Deneen did not know of their fame within the world of Northern Soul, until I stumbled across an Internet reference to them in 2003. At the time, I was living in Las Vegas, so I phoned them back on the East Coast to let them know. They were so surprised... they hadn't even heard the phrase, "Northern Soul". Maybe some day I'll write about my association with August and Deneen, but for now, until I contact them further, I don't want to divulge any of their personal information. They were wonderful to work with and it was the most exciting couple of years of my life.
  11. Ratso

    august & deneen

  12. Ratso

    Chicago Soul Trip Usa 2009

    Evidently, no. Should have been offered in Vegas...


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