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  1. Droylsdonian, it's too bad about your table. I am passing this info along to August and Deneen tonight.
  2. august and deneen

    Around 1973, after returning from Las Vegas, August and Deneen toured as a duet accompanied only by a bass guitarist.
  3. August and Deneen both have blue eyes...
  4. chalky, I spoke with Deneen Wednesday night, the 16th. August was asleep, as it was one o'clock in the morning their time. I guess we're getting old. Anyway, Deneen wants me to proceed with a website I had cooked up a few years back, when there was suppose...
  5. August & Deneen

    Wiganer1, thank you for that little bit of history (the last record spun). I wish I could have seen the place, but I didn't get to England until 1991.
  6. Steve, I would love to take credit for the bass guitar on "We Go Together", but I was the August and Deneen bassist when they appeared LIVE. That track, which was supposed to be released as a B side, was only one of three different tracks recorded during the...
  7. Chalky... Can I get back to you on this? I have been a member here for years and I have been very careful about what personal info I give out about August and Deneen. I still love these folks, even though we are over 3,000 miles apart. Here's some hints: ...
  8. No, they didn't. When I first mentioned "Northern Soul" to them, they hadn't heard a thing about their popularity across the pond. Certainly nothing about reissues since August and Deneen received no royalties. BTW: Cashman, Pistilli, and West were staff w...
  9. August & Deneen

    It amazes me that it is still getting spins. If I can reach Deneen or August this weekend, I'll let them know about this post. I'm sure they'll be amazed also.
  10. August and Deneen were the two people most responsible for my transitioning from a weekend hack bass guitarist to the steady working road professional I became. For some reason, Joe D. wanted to leave the Long Island Sound, which was August and Deneen's back...
  11. august & deneen

  12. Chicago Soul Trip Usa 2009

    Evidently, no. Should have been offered in Vegas...

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